GE GWE19JSLSS Refrigerator Review

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The GE GWE19JSLSS is a roomy French door refrigerator that comes with lots of convenient features. The fridge has lots of room for any family’s storage needs. It looks classy and the French doors allow easy access to your food. However, the customers’ reviews show an alarming number of complaints.

  • Clear LED lighting to find everything quickly and easily.
  • Humidity controlled drawers to keep the fruits fresh longer.
  • 18 cu ft. capacity to easily store every item.
  • Door alarm that lets you know if you’ve forgotten to close the door.
  • Potential issues with the ice maker.
  • Potential issues with temperature control.
  • Difficult to move. Can cause damage to the floor.
Recommended alternatives:


GE gwe19jslss design

The counter depth design blends the machine in with your other appliances. It makes the fridge look like a wholesome part of the kitchen. The overall design is kept minimal and simple, which will fit nicely with most kitchens. As for colors, you have a few options. The fridge comes in white or stainless steel color. And here’s the best part: you can get the machine in slate finish and with handles of brushed stainless steel. The slate finish does not only look cool but it actually does what is promised and keeps off the horrid fingerprints.
One thing you should know before moving the fridge into your kitchen is that it has no wheels. Be careful when sliding the fridge, as it can tear large rips on your new vinyl. It’s best to put something underneath when moving it.


GE gwe19jslss inside

The GE gwe19jslss refrigerator has a capacity of 18.6 cubic feet. That’s a lot of room and should be able to store even a bigger family’s all items. Luckily, the access to this huge space is not provided by a single huge door. No. This refrigerator comes with double French doors. You can comfortably open up only this half of the fridge, where the wanted food is.

But the big capacity means that the refrigerator is also big from the outside. The 33″ (width 32 3/4 inches, height 69 7/8 inches) makes the machine a bit too big for most kitchens. So make sure to measure your room properly before buying it. You wouldn’t want to discover that it doesn’t fit under your cabinets after unpacking the machine.


GE gwe19jslss water

Humidity Control in Drawers

Controlled humidity allows you to keep the vegetables and fruit fresh for longer periods of time. No more prematurely rotting tomatoes or oranges. The drawers let out just the right amount of gas to keep everything edible for a long time.

GE gwe19jslss ice


This refrigerator comes with an automatic ice maker, which is a great tool for hot summer days or fun coctail parties. The manual says that the ice maker should come with a filter. This is good news as ice cubes from unfiltered water don’t taste that good. However, according to one customer’s complaint, the machine features no filter for the ice.
You should also know that for a large number of GE gwe19jslss owners the ice maker has broken down at some point. Fixing a faulty ice maker is not something you’d want to deal within the middle of a party or get-together.

LED Lighting

Bright and crisp LED lighting gives you full visibility of everything that’s in the fridge. This is especially convenient if you need to get something from the ice box in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn the kitchen light on.


The warranty covers the parts and labor for only one year. The good news is that if anything should go wrong with the refrigerator, then it should be very easy for Americans to obtain spare parts since the machine’s made in the USA, Canada, or Mexico.
But a word of caution, when calling for GE’s staff: most GE fridge owners complain about the terrible customer service. This is a major problem since most likely you will have to contact them at some point.

Should you buy the GE GWE19JSLSS?

To sum it up, I’d say that this fridge does not seem like a good buy. Why is this so? It’s simple. Yes, the fridge has a pleasant design and it will look good in any kitchen. It comes with crisp LED lighting to clearly illuminate all the corners of its large storage space. And the overall design looks pleasant in any kitchen. But at the same time you could get a similarly priced LG machine with extra features like an outer ice dispenser and a WIFI connection. And let’s be honest, the numerous probable technical problems make the GE GWE19JSLSS risky buy.


Cheaper model

A cheaper model, like the Samsung RF20HFENBSR has smaller shelves on the sides, as the main freezer has about 1 cu ft. less room than GE. Storing bigger containers can be difficult. What’s more, the Samsung lacks the Sabbath mode, which is a handy feature for any Shabbat-observant Jewish person. But other than that, the refrigerator has mostly the same features as the GE gwe19jslss, including French doors, LED lighting, an ice maker, and a door alarm. It also has a pleasant design, making it a good option for someone looking to spend less.

Similar price

A similarly priced LG LRFXS2503 has almost 3 cu ft. of more space inside. That’s a lot of capacity for any family’s storage needs. The machine comes with similar features to GE gwe19jslss, including the humidity control in drawers. In addition to that, it has an integrated ice dispenser conveniently on the door. That’s right, no need to open any door to get some fresh ice in your drink. Just put your cup under the dispenser and fill it up.
And here’s the best part: The LG LRFXS2503 allows you to control the machine through the Internet via WIFI. How cool is that?


A more expensive Samsung RF25HMEDBSR comes with an extra middle drawer. If you’re wondering what to use it for, then get this: it’s perfect for kids’ snacks. Put the yogurt and juice boxes all there and the children can easily help themselves without pulling open the bigger doors.
Obviously, for that extra money you can also get more room as the refrigerator’ capacity is a whopping 7.32 Cu. Ft.
Surprisingly, this machine doesn’t feature the Sabbath mode, which could be expected from a high-end fridge.

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