GE JGB700SEJSS Gas Range Review

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The GE JGB700SEJSS 30’ gas convection freestanding model has a 5 cu.ft oven capacity with 5 sealed burners – one of which is an 18 000 BTU power-boil burner with noted high-speed abilities. This versatile and affordable range was voted by many as being ‘easy to use’  with great cooking potential and powerful quick-heating burners. There are a couple of unanimous “fails,”  like the lack of an oven-light switch, no user manual, as well as a somewhat flimsy bottom storage drawer. 

  • Dishwasher safe grates
  • Edge-to-edge cooking with large seamless cooktop providing extra for different sized cookware
  • Non-stick griddle in stainless steel
  • Self-cleaning with steam-clean option
  • Automatic pilotless ignition (electronic ignition)
  • LP conversion kit included to convert to Liquid Propane if desired
  • Convection capabilities
  • No oven light switch, or separate way to control oven light
  • Flimsy, unlevel storage drawer with no handle
  • Timer  too soft
  • Central griddles non-stick finish easily comes off 
  • Difficulty setting clock and oven timer
  • No users manual 
  • Not ADA compliant for those with disabilities
  • Cooking grate for central burner not included must be purchased separately as an extra accessory 
Recommended alternatives:
Samsung NX58K7850SS

Stovetop Performance

GE JGB700SEJSS stovetop

Cooktop performance was rated well among users who said that they enjoyed the sensitivity of the burners. Meaning – one small adjustment went a long way to control the heat, so there was lots of flexibility with the burners in terms of cooking temperatures. Great for the precise cook who likes everything to be ‘just right.’

A front Power Boil burner with an 18 000 BTU output, perfect for rapid boiling of just about anything. Some commented that they would’ve preferred to have this power burner at the rear of the stovetop, and not as easily accessible near the front –  a valid concern and safety issue for moms with small kids. Speaking of rear though, the precise rear simmer burner emitted a nice gradual 140 degrees of heat to gently simmer all kinds of delicate foods and creamy sauces to perfection.

Despite being disappointed that the central burner grate was not standard, consumers liked all 5 burners’ speedy ability to heat so quickly, and also the well-spaced cooktop that easily accommodated many different sized pots and pans. The middle burner and griddle were said to be a bit narrow for things like tasty Mexican quesadillas, but perfectly useful for pancakes, frying eggs or bacon and the likes thereof.

Some mentioned that the flame output of this model was very high compared to similar, previously owned gas stoves.

Oven Performance


The oven has a 5 cu.ft oven capacity with two oven racks which can easily be maneuvered into six different rack positions for optimal cooking and baking potential.

Most were more than satisfied with the ovens’ performance and convection ovens’ ability to circulate heat for evenly cooked food and baking. 

Users commented on the timer being too soft, and would have liked to have been able to control the volume to be able to hear the ovens signals for preheat and/or finish. People ended up using their microwave timer or cell phone stopwatch instead.

The ball was really dropped by GE with the oven light. How? This may seem minor, but the inability to be able to turn the oven light on without opening the oven door, was a solid fail for many. Users complained that by opening the door, it let valuable heat out. This was a problem,   especially for avid bakers. The large viewing window seems a bit pointless if there is no oven light to see the interior of the oven and how things are cooking in there – without opening the actual door. 


GE JGB700SEJSS feature

Star-K certified with Sabbath mode

Sabbath mode; An almost essential mode for Jewish customers that disables additional features and some functionality so that one is still able to use the basic features of the stove during Shabbat or other Jewish holidays.

Self-clean with steam clean option

A self-cleaning oven that is perfect for the busy individual, with a steam-clean option that helps loosen and soften grim in the oven.

Electronic ignition

The automatic pilotless ignition eliminates the need to light the burners as electric igniters will light the surface burners when the control knobs are turned to the ignite position. This saves money by using less gas than a standing pilot range.

Integrated griddle

In between the 4 round burners on the stovetop is a large center burner with an integrated griddle that’s large enough to cook 6 grilled toasted sandwiches at all once. Yum!

LP conversion kit

This model comes with an LP conversion kit so that users have the option of converting to Liquid Propane. There are pros and cons to both gas and liquid propane, for example;  Each unit of propane contains twice as much energy per unit as natural gas. So – you will need half the amount of propane to heat to the same extent as natural gas. However, the propane price for the same amount as gas is double. With Liquid propane, however,  you are not tied into a utility company and you have your own personal tank, so ultimately you have control of when or how you buy your propane, and can perhaps look for the most cost-effective deals to save money.

Cleaning and Build Quality

This unobtrusive range did a consistently good job in cooking and quality control tests except for a few misdemeanors;

The non-stick finish on the grates reportedly was not very durable and  came off easily.

Complaints came in with regards to the cheaply constructed storage drawer. Some users called the storage drawer ‘flimsy’, and others commented on how difficult it was to slide it open or closed, due to its inability to stay on its track. No handle either for the drawer, only an indent for your fingers to ‘grip.’
The clock seemed difficult to set as well as the oven temperature especially since this model doesn’t come with a user manual. If you want a manual, then you would have to download it from the GE website, or google any questions that you have about this appliance and search for those answers online.

Is GE JGB700SEJSS good value for money?

Despite the GE JGB700SEJSS misdemeanors in the user manual (or lack thereof we should say), and the limited interior oven light control and  flimsy bottom storage drawer, there were still those customers who overlooked these issues and went on to really enjoy their GE JGB700SEJSS stove’s capabilities and functionality. Ultimately – if you’re not an avid baker or professional chef then these issues may not bother you, and it’s still a reasonably priced and relatively stylish stove that performs its primary task, of actually cooking food, quite well. There weren’t too many technical issues reported, even though its build quality is arguably not quite as good as some of its predecessors. The GE JGB700SEJSS comes in 5 different color options, great for the home decor enthusiast who likes all their appliances to match.


Cheaper model

A cheaper alternative could be the GE JGB660SEJSS, also a 30’ freestanding all gas range with a 5 cu.ft oven and 16 000 oven BTU, but unlike the GE JGB700SEJSS, there are no convection capabilities on this model and also no griddle.

Oven control features include all the usuals: auto self-clean, ‘audible’ preheat signal (not sure about that judging by how soft all the timers seem to be), control lock and delay bake option, and this model is advertised as having an oven light, whereas the GE JGB700SEJSS is not – the light only comes on when you open the oven door.

Similar price

This 30’ freestanding all gas range offering from LG is around the same  price as the GE JGB700SEJSS, and offers a brilliantly blue lit interior when you open the oven, as well as a convenient 8 cu.ft storage drawer to store all your baking sheets and trays. Convection capabilities circulate heat through a 7 racked, 5.4 cu.ft oven, which offers modes like bake, broil, Easyclean and Convection bake. 

It has a unique ‘SmartDiagnosis’ feature which helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone or with an app downloaded to your smartphone. 

There are no steam-clean or delay-bake options on this model.

Samsung NX58K7850SS

The ‘Smart’ Samsung NX58K7850SS 30’ inch freestanding has a 5.8 cu.ft double oven capacity, allowing you to cook two separate meals at different temperatures simultaneously. It also boasts wifi connectivity and a soft close dual oven door. Gently cook and open just the top section if you’re making a meal for just yourself, or access the entire oven cavity for a larger meal for the whole family and friends. 

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