GE JGS760SELSS Gas Range Review

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The GE JGS760SELSS 30’ slide-in gas convection range offers a guaranteed fit, and is ADA-compliant and Star-K certified. This stove has a black porcelain interior, large black glass viewing window and reportedly great ergonomics and fast cooking and heating capabilities.

  • GE appliances “Fit guarantee”
  • Extra large integrated non-stick griddle 
  • Deeper storage drawer
  • Location of controls makes it difficult for kids to access – good safety aspect
  • Heavy duty, dishwasher safe grates
  • Self-clean with steam clean option
  • Large edge-to edge cooktop to easily slide pans off heat
  • LP conversion kit to connect to Liquid Propane if desired
  • Sealed burners on cooktop; helpful to contain spills
  • Limited central griddle cooking options – open grate to be purchased separately as an extra accessory
  • Some reported this slide in did not cover space between stove and countertops
  • Potential for oil or grease from central griddle to overflow onto burners
  • No cooking modes for novice cooks
Recommended alternatives:
Samsung NX58R9421SS
Frigidaire FGGH3047VF

Stovetop Performance

GE JGS760SELSS stovetop

The stovetop was reportedly impressive with a powerful front burner heat output of 18,000 BTU and a left rear burner with a steady 5, 000 BTU for precise simmering, and low, even heat distribution. Users enjoyed using this low burner for melting chocolate and cooking delicate foods. 

The 10,000 BTU integrated non-stick oval burner in the center of the stove top was enjoyed by most who said it was faster and easier than using a pan. This model’s griddle is one of the industries largest, and allows for 6 toasted sandwiches to be grilled all at once, great for holiday cooking in full houses. Also ideal for things like pancakes and some users enjoyed toasting quesadillas on it due to its generous size.

Some expressed dismay when cooking foods that produced lots of liquid or grease, due to the likelihood of liquids overflowing onto the other burners which would be difficult to clean.

Oven Performance


Users were impressed with the easy usability and great functionality of the GE JGS760SELSS’  5.6 cu.ft capacity oven and it’s offering of 5 different oven rack positions. The ovens capabilities performed impressively in numerous baking tests, and produced evenly baked biscuits when using different levels and racks.

Some commented that the convection oven feature sped up the cooking process so there was a need to adjust cooking times and temperatures accordingly.

There were good reports for in-oven broiling and heat searing and it performed well in tastily browning a tray of succulent burgers to perfection. Other oven control features include audible preheat signal, auto recipe conversion, control lock capability, dual broil and an electronic clock and kitchen timer.

The GE JGS760SELSS does not, unfortunately, offer any cooking modes like ‘delay bake’ or ‘healthy cook’  for the amateur cook as some of the more expensive models would. 

Users loved a nifty feature on the electronic touch control pad that tells you the temperature of the oven as it is rising, so you know how far along you are in the preheating stage.


GE JGS760SELSS drawer

GE appliances “Fit guarantee”

Although subject to terms and conditions, there is a “Fit guarantee” on slide-in models such as GE JGS760SELSS, so if your stove doesn’t fit, then they will carry some accountability with a $300 contribution towards modifying countertops. 

Self clean with a ‘steam clean’ option

This model is self-cleaning and features a ‘steam clean’ option which works well for quick cleaning of minor food spills at lower temperatures than the standard self-clean feature. The grates are not difficult to keep clean, and one can simply place them in the bottom of your self-clean oven, or easily and safely wash them in your dishwasher.

Front controls

Families with kids remarked they enjoyed having the controls in front. So to be clear; the controls and knobs are on the actual stove top below the central  burner. This makes it very difficult for small kids to access,  which was a plus for families with young busy toddlers who enjoyed this safety feature.

Smooth glide storage drawer

A helpful additional storage option,  this deep bottom drawer was appreciated by users who said it worked well to store baking trays and other cooking utensils. The drawer comes with a wide handle parallel to the oven door handle above, making the drawer easy to open and close and thus allowing quick and effortless access.

Sabbath mode

Star-K Kosher certified for use on religious holidays and particularly on the Jewish Sabbath.

Cleaning and Build Quality

Most were satisfied with the electronic ignition system and convection oven’s cooking capabilities as well as the 5 sealed cooktop burners in stainless steel. The electric touch control pad reportedly worked well and most said the GE JGS760SELSS was good value for money and that the build quality was great for a stove in this price range.

Is GE JGS760SELSS good value for money?

Most consumers agreed that they were getting their money’s worth with the GE JGS760SELSS slide in gas convection range. Many commented how easy this model was to use (this is probably because it’s more basic than other more expensive ‘smart’  stoves) and they were happy with the price and quality of this stove. Some remarked on this model’s efficiency to heat up really fast, and some users went as far as to say that it was faster to heat up than its competitors. Although users weren’t happy with having to purchase additional accessories for different central griddle cooking options, they still enjoyed this feature. Overall, the GE JGS760SELSS was rated as a handsome, easy to clean the appliance with great functionality as a convection oven. It comes in 6 color variations, and it’s interesting to note for any that appreciate a shiny and polished appliance, that the colors slate, black and black slate in the range were marked as ‘fingerprint-resistant’.


Cheaper model

Sleek design with a spacious stovetop, the GE JGSS66SELSS 30′ slide-in gas oven with 5.3 cu.ft oven capacity offers a roomy storage drawer, ‘steam clean’  cleaning option and 5 sealed burners with highest burner output of 15,000 BTU. The proverbial large griddle takes center stage on the continuous stovetop.  Users were amazed to find this, albeit basic, 5 burner stove for this price point, and commented positively on the various levels of heat on the burners which they said worked well for cooking different types of food. Although some missed the ‘bells and whistles’  of the more expensive options, most agreed that this was great value for money in this price bracket and was reportedly impressed by the oven’s ability to heat up really quickly, although the oven does not offer convection oven capabilities.

Similar price
Samsung NX58R9421SS

The Samsung 30’ Stainless steel slide-in gas convection range offers a 5.8 cu.ft oven, ideal for cooking multiple dishes at once, and wi-fi connectivity to control your stove from anywhere in the house. Other features include, self cleaning option, storage drawer, sealed burners with highest burner output of 17,000 BTU, large middle griddle and fan convection cooking. The glass touch controls provide easy control and visibility of the oven and clock settings. Users enjoyed the nice clean finish and modern design and remarked that it was easy to clean and that the oven heated up quickly.

Frigidaire FGGH3047VF

For an upgrade option to the GE JGS760SELSS model, the Frigidaire FGGH3047VF offers something a little different with its unique air-fry oven option, reportedly the first range on the market to offer this novel cooking option in a stove. It comes with a rear filler kit to help fill any gap between the back of the range and your backsplash.

Offering many of the same capabilities that the GE JGS760SELSS does, like the central oval burner, fast steam cleaning options,  quick boil burner of 18, 000 BTU, oven capacity of  5.6 cu.ft and true convection capabilities. Manufacturers promise that the smudge-proof stainless finish resists fingerprints and is easy to keep shiny and clean.

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