GE PGS930SELSS Gas Range Review

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The GE PGS930SELSS model is an advanced and practical gas range with an electric oven. It has received a lot of positive feedback from users regarding its performance, functionality and overall quality.

There are some areas that it doesn’t fare well though like the oven shutting itself off repeatedly during the preheat phase, oven racks that don’t slide out easily and a loud convection fan. So, read on as we take a closer look at it. 

Recommended alternatives:
Frigidaire FGGH3047VF
Samsung NX58K9500WG
KitchenAid KSGG700ESS

Stovetop Performance

GE PGS930SELSS stove top

The GE PGS930SELSS stovetop includes 5 sealed burners that are of different sizes. The consensus as we noted is that all the burners heat up very well. 

Users said the back left burner was quite precise in delivering even and consistent low heat that made it easy to cook delicate foods. They also liked the front left burner for its intense heat output (21,000 BTU) that’s great for searing, sautéing or boiling a big pot of water fast. 

They especially appreciated its tri-ring design since it allowed them to bring the intense heat down to a low heat without having to move the pan to the simmer burner.

What was most impressive to many users though was the dual purpose center burner. It’s a combination of a round burner and two oval burners (at the front and back). It’s controlled by a single knob that has two modes, “Round” mode and “Griddle” mode. 

Users found this design very handy as you can light up the round center section alone (9,500 BTU) to steam some vegetables like broccoli, plus you can adjust its heat from low to high just like a standard burner.

The additional sections light up by turning the knob in the “Griddle” direction whereby they create a large oval burner which users said delivers a large and more even heat (8,000 BTU) that’s ideal for griddling, grilling and cooking using oversized pans. 

There is plenty of space too between all the 5 burners and the grate covering them is large and continuous hence you are able to move cookware easily from burner to burner.

Oven Performance


The performance of the oven of this GE PGS930SELSS model was pretty decent based on what we gathered from the comments of users. A majority agreed that it seems to work very well. It heats up quickly and maintains the temperature allowing food to cook evenly. 

We did, however, noted a good number of complaints that the oven tends to shut itself off repeatedly, particularly during the preheat stage. The affected users say it does heat up but as the temperature rises, it mysteriously turns itself off which makes it unusable. 

Some users also mentioned that the oven fan is louder compared to that of other convection ovens they had. Moreover, they pointed out that the oven and the racks have a non-stick coating which made the racks not to slide very well.

That said, a lot of users were pleased with the multitude of oven speciality functions that GE PGS930SELSS range came with which include regular bake, convection bake, convection roast, proofing, warm mode, timer, multi-rack pizza baking and sabbath function.  

In addition to the stovetop and the oven, the unit also comes with a reversible grill/griddle which users found quite useful as it’s large and offers two ways to cook. 

It has a griddle side that works well for making pancakes and when you flip it over you get a grill side for burgers and hot dogs. Both sides heat evenly on the center burner as pointed out by users thanks to its three-burner design that help distribute the heat uniformly. 

Operating the unit

GE PGS930SELSS feature

Operating this GE range is easy. It’s equipped with push-to-turn knobs for controlling the burners which users said are simple to use and feel sturdy and durable. They are made of stainless steel but do stay cool as they are positioned slightly far from the actual burners.

Controlling the oven is equally easy. The control panel is a touchpad placed between the knobs and users mentioned it responds quickly to touch, only requiring a tap to light up and access the various functions. 

GE has also included a Wi-Fi connect feature on this unit that lets you monitor and control (preheat or turn off) the oven remotely on your smartphone using the GE Appliances app. 

You can get remote notifications too like when the timer is done which users found convenient because there were complaints that the timer alarm on the oven is so low that you can’t hear the alert elsewhere in the house.

Nonetheless, some users found the app not that useful because you must enable the remote connect feature each day by pushing a button on the range before you can use it. They also noted that some settings on the app seem not to work such as the pizza bake.

The unit is however compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for hands-free control but you have to enable this function too on the oven each day for you to use it. 

Besides the Wi-Fi and smart home connectivity, this PGS930SELSS model offers a chef connect function. It’s a feature that allows you to pair the range with a compatible Chef Connect vent hood or microwave installed over the range using BlueTooth technology. 

When paired, the clocks on each appliance are automatically synched hence setting or changing the time on one device automatically sets the other. 

Furthermore, it syncs the stovetop burners with the microwave’s and vent’s surface light and fans such that when you turn on a burner, they also come on automatically.  

It’s a useful feature that eliminates minor inconveniences in the kitchen like flipping switches to turn on the light and fan as well as setting all the clocks for your appliance to show the same time. It helps keep greasy handprints off your microwave and hood. The unit also includes a temperature probe and a lock control function. 

Cleaning and Build Quality

The clean up of the oven is a breeze since it has self-cleaning and steam clean functions which simplify the cleaning process. 

The stovetop cleans up easily too same to the grates but users pointed out that the stainless steel surface of the cooktop is pretty sensitive. It can get scratched easily by the griddle/grill or the grates when removing or putting them on. 

As for the build quality, the unit is really solid and durable as most users attested, and it comes with a lower storage drawer that’s spacious. All the four legs are adjustable which is good in case your kitchen floor is uneven.

To sum it all, the GE PGS930SELSS is a reliable range in terms of performance of both the stovetop and oven. It also offers a multitude of features and functions that are no doubt very useful. However, it does have glitches that need taking into consideration if you are thinking of getting it. Overall, it’s a decent range that can suit any enthusiastic home cook.


The GE PGS930SELSS range is no doubt a good value for its impressive performance and several useful features it offers. However, it’s not the only one. There are alternative ranges in the same category that you can consider if you are looking to explore your options.  

Cheaper model
Frigidaire FGGH3047VF

The Frigidaire FGGH3047VF range is one great alternative option that we found worth a look if you want a decent and affordable slide-in gas range. 

It’s a nice model with good reviews although its specs are pretty standard compared to the other models in this category. For instance, the heat output of its power burner is 18,000 BTU which is fine but a little lower than the 21,000 BTU of the GE PGS930SELSS range. 

Being a cheaper range, this Frigidaire range is also not Wi-Fi compatible and can’t work with Alexa or Google Home. You will also miss out on some features like proofing, delay bake, temperature probe and multi-rack pizza baking which are present in the GE PGS930SELSS.

What makes it stand out though is the air fry option which is rare on most ranges. It’s a feature that many users were thrilled about as it bakes/fries foods much faster with better results than a traditional convection oven.

The unit is as well made using smudge-proof stainless steel which resists fingerprints and cleans up easily. You equally get a griddle pan with this unit along with other extra features like hidden bake element, keep warm mode, steam clean, timer and sabbath mode.

Similar price
Samsung NX58K9500WG

Another fine option to consider is the Samsung NX58K9500WG model. This one comes at the same price as the GE PGS930SELSS range. Its performance is impressive but like the Frigidaire FGGH3047VF range, the power output of its rapid boil burner is slightly low at 18,000 BTU. 

It lacks the steam clean function too and it’s not equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity like the GE PGS930SELSS range. However, it has most of the other useful extra features including a reversible griddle, temperature probe, proofing and delay bake function. 

Unlike both the GE PGS930SELSS and Frigidaire FGGH3047VF models, this Samsung range comes with a warming drawer instead of a storage drawer which is good as it lacks a warm mode. 

Moreover, its oven door is removable unlike the other two models and it features a specially designed Wok grate which is a nice addition as it provides adequate stability to allow you cook more efficiently and safely using a wok. You also get a slightly larger oven capacity (5.8 cu. ft.) – the GE PGS930SELSS and Frigidaire FGGH3047VF models offer 5.6 cu. ft. capacity.

KitchenAid KSGG700ESS

If you are willing to spend a little more on a better, heavier-duty range but don’t want to go all the way up to a premium or luxury model, then the KitchenAid KSGG700ESS range might fit you well. 

It’s considerably pricier than the GE PGS930SELSS model, but from our evaluation, it’s the most reliable and durable gas range you will get for the price. The oven has a capacity of 5.8 cu ft. which is large enough for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously. 

It also includes a better convection cooking process in this category, the Even-Heat™ True Convection which combines a unique bow-tie design with convection fan to ensure the interior of the entire oven is evenly heated and the temperature remains consistent. 

The range as well comes with a steam bake function that works with a steam rack to release additional moisture inside the oven cavity during baking which enhances cooking results.

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