LG LFCC22426S Refrigerator Review

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The LFCC22426S is a mid-priced refrigerator that prides on its extended storage space and the ability to retain the freshness of your stored items for a longer period of time.  Its counter-depth design allows an easy fit for your kitchen with an easy-pull freezer handle.

  • Comes in a spacious 23ft design
  • Smart Cooling® system for an excellent cooling performance
  • Door Cooling+ ensures ultra-coolness at refrigerator door  
  • Smart Pull® handle for an easy glide of your freezer door 
  • PrintProof™ stainless steel for a sleeker surface
  • Counter-depth design for a compact kitchen fit 
  • No smart features 
  • No humidity control or odor management 
  • No fast-freeze feature or flexible temperature control 
  • No water dispenser
Recommended alternatives:
Samsung RF220NCTASR


LFCC22426S design

With its usual LG trademark sleek design, the LFCC22426S is easy to clean with its PrintProof™ stainless steel surface. While it fits seamlessly into your kitchen area with its counter-depth design, this model is more compatible for medium – larger sized kitchens, given its spaciousness. It is definitely not recommended for studio sized apartments or smaller households. It’s PrintProof™ stainless steel surface is mainly beneficial for families with kids or toddlers as it reduces the amount of surface wiping.  


LFCC22426S storage

Designed in a spacious 23 cubic feet, which is larger than competitive models at similar ranging prices, it does minimize the number of grocery runs required for the additional storage space it provides. Comes in the standard 6-bin organization, of which 2 are adjustable, you might one to look into having additional beer or wine holders at the spacious refrigerator door to manage clutter.   


LFCC22426S drawer

Best known for its Smart Cooling® system, this model ensures a cooling performance for all items in every nook and cranny of your fridge. Complete with a Door Cooling+ feature at the refrigerator door, this feature aims to seal in the freshness of all often neglected items at your doorway, which most basic or lower priced models lack. 

Essentials aside, you’d however lack more advanced features of fast freeze, flexible temperature and humidity control found in pricer models, since this model solely focuses on freshness and spaciousness.

What sealed the deal for this model was the Smart Pull® handle, designated to give you an easy tug and slide mechanism for an otherwise heavy freezer door. 


You can save a few bucks with the energy conservation technology for this model. An efficient choice for maintaining the ultimate freshness of your items for longer periods of time with its powerful and evenly distributed cooling performance. It is relatively peaceful without the loud standard hums of a refrigerator. Lacks the convenience of a water/ice dispenser, automatic defrost and freeze feature and the efficiency of smart remote features however. 

Should you buy the LFCC22426S?

If you’re looking to save time and bulk up on your storage space while upkeeping its freshness for a longer period of time, this refrigerator is for you. It is not too pricey yet offers a powerpack combination of space and performance. If you’re however looking for something a little more advanced or lower priced, do consider our alternatives. 


Cheaper model
Samsung RF220NCTASR

If space is all you need, this model is value for money as you’d get almost the same amount of space, design and layout. Comes with 3 standard designs with an automatic defrost feature. You’d be foregoing the advanced cooling system and print proof surface. 

Similar price

For a similar price, this model offers almost the same amount of storage space, design and energy saving features. It comes with an automatic defrost function as well, with the option of fingerprint proof stainless steel surface. Offers all the essentials without the power packed cooling system.


For the additional price hike, you’d be embarking on a larger capacity of space, an external water dispenser for convenience and an instant door on view. This LG based model also allows you to adjust your refrigerator settings via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with your voice. 

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