LG LFCS22520S Refrigerator Review

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The LG LFCS22520S is more of an entry-level French door refrigerator but it offers a couple of perks like an efficient linear compressor, internal ice maker, smart diagnosis technology and a door alarm. It’s a fine pick if you are working with a limited budget or have a small kitchen space but still want the functionality and look of a French door refrigerator. 

  • Small footprint ideal for small kitchens
  • Fridge and freezer maintain set temperature well
  • Sufficient storage space both in the fridge and freezer
  • Ice maker produces plenty of ice within a short time
  • Smart Diagnosis Technology 
  • Door alarm to alert you when the fridge door is left open
  • Bright LED lighting in both the fridge and freezer
  • Shelves adjustability is limited and fitting tall items is hard
  • The stainless steel finish is not fingerprint or smudge-proof
  • Potential ice maker issues as reported by several users
  • The front of the unit is not magnetic
Recommended alternatives:
Forno FFFFD195030S
Whirlpool WRF560SMHZ
KitchenAid KRFF300ESS


LG LFCS22520S design

The LG LFCS22520S model features a sleek and modern design with a Stainless Steel finish that users liked a lot. There’s also a similar version of the model, the LG LFC22520D which has a black stainless steel finish. Both models would indeed look great in any kitchen. 

However, the black stainless steel finish of the LG LFC22520D is fingerprint-resistant while that of the LG LFCS22520S model is not. It’s very susceptible to fingerprints and smudges as users mentioned which means you will be cleaning it quite often.

The good thing though is that it’s compact (30 in. wide) enough to easily fit narrow and small kitchen spaces (same as the LG LFC22520D). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a counter-depth design, so it sticks out a bit past the length of the counter as users pointed out.

Score: 3/5


LG LFCS22520S storage

Although it’s compact, many users did say that the LG LFCS22520S provides lots of storage space and compartments both inside the fridge and the freezer to keep food items well organized. 

The main body of the fridge (14.5 cu. ft. capacity) features 4 split shelves that are adjustable and offer sufficient space to fit a variety of items. 

However, according to users’ comments, big or tall items like a milk jug or pitcher will not fit upright in the shelves plus their adjustability is limited because there are only 4 vertical slot positions. 

You have to completely remove one of the shelves to fit taller items. Nonetheless, they are made of spill-proof tempered glass which users said does prevent leaks/spills from food very well.

There are also 2 crisper drawers in the fridge section which users found to be a little small but adequate for fruits and vegetables. Below the crisper drawers is a full-width pantry drawer. Users loved it since it’s large and slides out smoothly to facilitate easy access. 

On each door are 3 adjustable gallon-sized bins (clear) that add extra space and users found them useful for storing tall items. Their width is limited to that of the doors though hence they hold less requiring you to put similar food items in a second bin. 

The bottom pull-out freezer (7.1 cu. ft. capacity) is spacious and has two drawers – top and bottom. Users were particularly pleased with the huge ice cube bin on the top drawer which also includes a bin for frozen items that are used often although users said it’s quite small. The bottom drawer has plenty of space though for storing additional frozen items. 

Score: 3.5/5


LG LFCS22520S drawer

Being an entry-level refrigerator, the LG LFCS22520S doesn’t offer much in terms of advanced features but even so, you do get several useful features that make it a worthy option.

Smart Cooling System

A majority of users seemed to agree that both the fridge and freezer sections of this LG refrigerator maintain the set temperature pretty well.

It’s equipped with a smart cooling system that utilizes a linear compressor that users said reacts to temperature fluctuations faster which helps keep the food fresher longer.

The smart cooling system also features a Multi-Air Flow technology that includes a variety of digital sensors and strategically-placed vents on each section to facilitate a more uniform distribution of cool air throughout the refrigerator.

It’s a cooling method that ensures optimal storage conditions since it helps reduce the temperature gap between the different compartments hence keeping food items in all sections of the refrigerator under a consistent temperature.

Internal Single Ice Maker

With a single internal icemaker, the LG LFCS22520S eliminates manual water filling into an ice tray as it connects directly to a home’s water line and makes ice automatically.

Most users were impressed by its ice maker performance saying that it works as expected and produces plenty of ice within a short time. It’s basically able to generate around 12 cubes per cycle or up to 120 cubes per day.

We noted several complaints though from users that the ice maker stopped working after just a few months of using the unit. Many of the users as well mentioned that it does make a loud noise when refilling water and dropping the ice which can be annoying. Besides that, the unit has no dispenser, so you have to retrieve the ice manually from the bin.

Humidity-Controlled Crispers

The two crisper drawers of this LG refrigerator are designed to provide different levels of humidity to help prolong the freshness of stored fruits and vegetables.

The pantry drawer right below them equally has different temperature settings which allow you to keep the compartment colder than the rest of the refrigerator which users found convenient for storing foods to be cooked like meat or sandwiches at the right temperature.

Smart Diagnosis Technology

The LG LFCS22520S comes with a Smart Diagnosis technology that has the capability to send data on how the refrigerator is functioning to LG service center.

This way their technicians are able to troubleshoot any problems you might be having with the refrigerator. You can get free expert advice right over the phone or even diagnose the problem yourself using LG’s SmartThinQ app on your smartphone.

Door Alarm

LG has installed a door alarm function in this refrigerator which is a handy feature that lets you know when the door is left open so that you can shut it. The alarm goes off when the refrigerator door or freezer drawer remains open for more than 60 seconds and it produces warning sounds at 30-second intervals.

LED Lighting

The fridge and freezer sections of the LG LFCS22520S model are equipped with ceiling lighting and based on what users said, both are very bright such that even items that are on the back of the shelves get illuminated pretty well.

LG has as well placed the interior controls at the front part of the refrigerator which makes temperature management easy. This model also has an automatic defrost function and a LoDecibel™ Operation that makes sure it remains quiet when the compressor is running.

Score: 3/5


Like most LG models, the LG LFCS22520S is designed to be energy efficient. It is Energy Star certified which means it’s able to save energy without sacrificing functionality or features.

According to the energy guide provided by LG for this unit, it will use about 587 kWh per year. That’s around 77$ per year based on 2020 energy prices. So, it’s indeed energy efficient considering that comparable units that are not Energy Star certified can cost you more than 100$ per year in electricity bills. 

LG refrigerators have been under a lot of scrutinies over the years due to performance issues relating to their linear compressors and there are many customer complaints online about the same. Even so, the LFCS22520S model seems to fare well as a large percentage of users attested that it performed as expected and there was no issue with its compressor.

Another good thing is that LG has backed the compressor of this unit with a 10-year warranty. Parts/Labor is covered too with a 1-year warranty while the sealed system has a 7-year warranty. 

Score: 3.5/5

Should you buy the LG LFCS22520S?

If you are after a French door refrigerator that’s reliable and won’t break the bank, then LG LFCS22520S is an option you can consider. It’s equally an option that can serve your interest in satisfaction if you have limited kitchen space. It has a small footprint but does offer so much storage space.  

What you will be missing out though is a built-in water filter system and dispenser. The front of the unit is as well not magnetic, although the sides are. 

Overall Score: 13/20


In case you are looking to explore your options, there are several models that you can also check out.

Cheaper model
Forno FFFFD195030S

The Forno FFFFD195030S is a good option if you are looking for a much cheaper French door refrigerator. It’s about the same size as the LG LFCS22520S (31 in. wide) but features a 4 door design which gives you easy access to both the fridge and freezer sections. 

However, it’s on the lower end when it comes to the storage space. The fridge offers only 9.8 cu. ft. capacity. It has only two adjustable glass shelves and lacks a pantry drawer. 

The freezer capacity is also small (5.1 cu. ft.) but the good thing is that it has 3 pull out bins, one adjustable shelf and 2 extra storage compartments. 

The unit’s cooling system comprises of an inverter compressor (has 4 friction points) which works fine but it’s not as energy efficient as a linear compressor (has just 1 friction point). 

With this unit though, you get a fast-freezing function, Sabbath mode and child lock function which helps prevent the refrigerator from being accidentally switched on. 

Unfortunately, you will miss out on the ice maker as it has none and also the door alarm. Moreover, the fridge shelves are not spill-proof and there’s no smart diagnosis technology.

Similar price
Whirlpool WRF560SMHZ

The Whirlpool WRF560SMHZ model has the same price as the LG LFCS22520S refrigerator and it’s very identical to it both in terms of design and features.

The only difference is that its capacity is a little small – the fridge capacity is 13.34 cu. ft. while that of the freezer is 6.34 cu. ft. Nonetheless, the fridge section has a tuck shelf with a front part that adjusts and slides out to create space for tall items. 

What really stands out in this Whirlpool unit though is the fact that it comes with a built-in air filter (FreshFlow™ Air Filter) besides having an ice maker which is a nice bonus that helps to effectively reduce common food odors.

It as well has an adaptive defrost function which only defrosts when it’s necessary unlike the automatic defrost which defrost automatically either on usage-based or time-based system. 

The stainless steel finish of the unit is also fingerprint-resistant. What you will not get, however, is a door alarm and the smart diagnosis technology.

KitchenAid KRFF300ESS

If you want to upgrade to a French door refrigerator that offers much more function and features, then the KitchenAid KRFF300ESS model would be right for you. 

The advantage of having this refrigerator is that you get a water dispenser that’s built on the inside of its door. Additionally, it’s equipped with a water filtration system, so you will get to dispense filtered water plus the ice you get is equally made from filtered water.  

This unit also comes with an in-built air filter to help reduce the build-up of odors. The other extra feature you will get is the Sabbath mode. 

However, you will miss out the smart diagnosis technology which the LG LFCS22520S refrigerator offers. Moreover, the storage capacity of the KitchenAid KRFF300ESS is slightly small as the fridge offers 13.34 cu. ft. storage capacity and the freezer 6.34 cu. ft.

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