LG LFXS28968S Refrigerator Review

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The LG LFXS28968S is an enormous French door appliance, with a stainless-steel ‘fingerprint-resistant’ exterior and a water and ice dispenser featuring ‘Slim Space+” technology. 

It looks great, has tons of features, more space than you need (unless you have a family of six), but being an LG model it’s susceptible to performance issues. 

  • ThinQ Technology with Proactive Customer Care
  • ‘Slim Space+’ Technology for Better Storage
  • Auto Door Closing, Door Alarm & Child Lock
  • Humidity-Controlled Crispers
  • Ice Maker & Water Dispenser
  • Reliability Issues
  • Exterior Dents Easily
  • Loud/Leaky Dispenser
Recommended alternatives:
Samsung RF28R6301SR
Café CFE28TP2MS1


LG LFXS28968S design

A decent looking appliance, the LG LFXS28968S would complement most kitchens. Available in stainless-steel silver (model LFXS28968S) and stainless-steel black (model LFXS28968D, slightly more expensive), the attractive exterior is hampered by customers reporting that the fingerprint-resistant finish scratches and dents easily meaning people who buy this appliance will need to be careful during installation and everyday use.

The interior is organized and symmetrical for a well-rounded look. The LG branding can be found throughout the appliance giving it a professional appearance that’s pleasing to the eye.

Score: 3.5/5


LG LFXS28968S storage

When it comes to storage, few appliances offer more storage space than the LFXS28968S. With an enormous 28 cubic feet of storage space split between the fridge (18.6 cu.ft) and the freezer (9.3 cu.ft), this refrigerator has more than enough capacity for almost every family.

While the freezer is a simple single drawer design that is split into two separate tiers, each with two compartments for better storage, the fridge has a beautifully crafted symmetrical organizational system.

The ‘Slim Space+’ technology used in the ice maker/dispenser frees up even more space for food storage, giving the door room enough for six bins (two of which are adjustable to hold gallon jugs). It also has four shelves, three and in a fixed position and one is foldable to enable storage of taller items.

With additional temperature-controlled storage capabilities thanks to the humidity-controlled crispers and the ‘Glide n Serve’ deli drawer, the LFXS28968S has one of the most comprehensive storage systems on the market.

Score: 4.5/5


LG LFXS28968S drawer

ThinQ technology and Wi-Fi connectivity

LG has installed its trademarked ThinQ smart technology in this appliance. Not only can you connect your fridge to your phone, giving you the ability to monitor your power usage and control temperature settings, you can also connect it to your Alexa or Google home device for voice-activated control and power management.

The proactive customer care feature will let you know of any issues (both current and potential) and offer tips on care and maintenance to get the most of your appliance.

Water/Ice Dispenser with ‘SlimSpace+’ Technology

Ice and water dispensers are a staple of this kind of appliance and very popular amongst customers. LG’s ‘SlimSpace+’ technology means having this feature doesn’t take up massive amounts of space. 

As with most appliances, several consumers report issues of loud noises coming from the ice maker and dripping/leaky dispensers. It’s not ideal but you will be hard pushed to find any refrigerator with a dispenser that doesn’t have the same issues.

‘Glide n Serve’ Deli Drawer & Humidity-Controlled Crispers

If fresh produce is your thing, then you’ll need various options for storage. The ‘Glide n Serve’ deli drawer and crispers give consumers the ability to store meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables at different temperatures to ensure maximum longevity. 

Auto Closing Door, Child Lock & Door Alarm

The auto-closing door will ensure your refrigerator door closes properly maintaining the integrity of the owner’s shopping, if that fails the door alarm will sound to let them know the door needs to be manually closed, while the child-lock will make sure any little hands keep away from tasty treats.

Score: 4/5


Because the LFXS28968S is such a large refrigerator it requires more power to run than a smaller appliance. Using 726 kWh annually this LG model costs around $100 per year to run in 2020 money.

The hefty energy bill is the least of the LFXS28968S’s problems. Anyone who has done even the smallest amount of research before buying an LG product will know of the ongoing reliability issues, indeed anyone who has read any of our LG reviews knows of the class-action lawsuits following a whole host of unit failures.

LG themselves have acknowledged the situation and they have issued a 10-year parts warranty for their refrigerators that use the linear compressor. However, consumers still run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars worth of shopping, the inconvenience of being without a fridge, and also the possibility of having to pay for labor for any repairs that may be required.

Score: 2.5/5

Should you buy the LG LFXS28968S?

Usually, it’s simple to shy away from recommending an LG French door refrigerator, but it’s not so easy with this one. The massive amount of storage space and a ton of features means this has the potential to be a great appliance if it weren’t for LG’s pesky reliability issues. Could it be worth the risk? That’s for the consumer to decide.

Overall Score: 14.5/50


Cheaper model

This model is considerably cheaper than the LG but has only marginally less storage space. It has an internal water/ice dispenser and ice maker, and a multitude of different features, making this a great alternative to the LFXS28968S.

Similar price
Samsung RF28R6301SR

If you’re not willing to risk your hard-earned cash on an LG appliance, then Samsung has a similarly priced refrigerator with comparable storage space and features. With the added bonus of the stylish ‘Food Showcase’ door-in-door for checking out your products without opening the appliance door.

Café CFE28TP2MS1

Café refrigerators are some of the most stylish appliances available. They’re not cheap but the quality is excellent. The CFE28TP2MS1 has a ton of charisma and functional options. There are also plenty of adjustable features for optimal food storage.

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