LG LRFDS3006S Refrigerator Review

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The LG LRFDS3006S is a high-end French door refrigerator that’s functional, versatile and packed with a ton of great features like door-in-door storage, air filter, water filter, dual ice maker, dispenser and much more. It’s a large unit that a majority of users really liked and were impressed by its performance and build quality. 

  • Fridge and freezer have large storage capacities 
  • Dual icemaker provides plenty of ice 
  • Water and ice dispenser with water measure fill function
  • Effective water filtration and air filtration systems
  • Smart diagnosis and smart home enabled
  • Door alarm and reliable interior LED lighting
  • Fingerprint and smudge-proof finishing
  • Might stick out pas the cabinets
  • Hard to access things in the back of the top shelf
  • The freezer ice maker is rather loud 
  • Water comes out warm and at a slow rate
  • The dispenser area has no drip tray and lighting
Recommended alternatives:
Samsung RF28R6202WW


LG LRFDS3006S design

The LG LRFDS3006S is an attractive three-door refrigerator that sports a modern design and look that would match pretty well with most contemporary kitchen décor. 

It’s available in two colors, stainless steel (LG LRFDS3006S) and black stainless steel (LG LRFDS3006D). Only the finishing of the 3 doors of the LG LRFDS3006S model is stainless steel though. The sides have a textured finish painted with a medium gray color. 

The unit is quite large (36” wide) plus it’s a standard depth model, so it’s going to stick out into your kitchen by over a foot past the cabinets. However, it’s on wheels which makes it really simple to move compared to refrigerators that have fixed feet. 

Its entire exterior including the dispenser has LG’s PrintProofTM coating that’s fingerprint and smudge resistant hence keeping it clean won’t be a challenge plus the fridge shelves are spill-proof.

Score: 3.5/5


LG LRFDS3006S storage

One of the very impressive things to many users about this LG LRFDS3006S unit is the massive amount of usable space (29.7 cu. ft.) it offers. It has a lot of versatile and functional compartments to facilitate a better organization of food.

Fridge Section

The fridge section has a large capacity (19.3 cu. ft.) featuring 4 adjustable glass shelves. The space between them is limited, even the vertical slot positions for adjusting them but they are very deep as users pointed out hence they are able to hold plenty of food items.

Moreover, one of the shelves has a half-shelf design where half of it can slide back which is a feature that users liked since it creates room for tall items that can’t fit in the other shelves.

Several users mentioned though that it’s hard to reach things placed in the back of the shelves especially the top one due to its depth. So, if you are short, this might not be the ideal fridge for you.

Below the shelves are two humidity-controlled crispers for vegetables and fruits, and a full-width pantry drawer both of which users said are very spacious and easy to access.

Door-in-Door Storage

The right door of the LG refrigerator has a door-in-door feature that users found very convenient as it provides plenty of extra space for storing frequently-used items that need quick access like snacks and beverages.

You can access them without opening the entire door which not only helps maintain the fridge’s temperature but also saves energy.

The left door also has bins for additional storage but some users said they are not as wide as those in the right door which makes them not that useful.

Freezer Section

Users were equally pleased with the capacity (10.4 cu. ft.) of the freezer. The ice basket in the top section has enough space to hold a large quantity of ice and there’s also a drawer for frozen items which is fairly spacious too. There’s as well one huge tub with a divider at the bottom part which users said offers plenty of room for storing more frozen items.

They also liked that the pull handle of the freezer door is equipped with a latch that facilitates quick and easy opening and closing of the freezer. You only need to simply lift the handle to access the freezer instead of pulling hard on it like in other models.

Score: 4/5


LG LRFDS3006S ice

Dual Icemaker

The LG LRFDS3006S features two ice makers (in-door icemaker and freezer icemaker) that users found so convenient because you can get plenty of ice whenever you need it. 

They particularly liked the in-door ice maker due to its quick performance. It’s able to provide 6 to 8 glasses of ice in every cycle or 70 to 182 cubes per day. It as well has an Ice Plus function which increases both the ice production and freezing capabilities.

The freezer ice maker is a bit slow though according to comments from several users. Nonetheless, users liked the fact that it can produce large amounts of ice (12 cubes at a time) and that it has a huge storage bin which is great when you need a lot of ice. 

Moreover, the two ice makers can make cubed or crushed ice and they can be turned off independently. There were some complaints, however, that the bottom ice maker is rather loud when dropping ice and filling up with water but the fridge is very quiet.

Water and Ice Dispenser

The LG LRFDS3006S model is equipped with external water and ice dispenser which seems to work fine especially for dispensing crushed or cubed ice based on the general consensus. Users said it takes around 10 to 15 seconds to dispense a good amount of ice. 

However, the same can’t be said for the water dispenser. Users pointed out that the reservoir is undersized as you are only able to dispense about 6 oz. of water at a time. So, it may not be an ideal option if you need to dispense a large amount of water frequently. 

Besides that, a significant number of users mentioned that the water comes out warm (at or above room temperature) hence requiring you to add ice to make it cold. 

The other issue users raised is that the spout does continue to drip a little after finishing dispensing ice/water and there’s no tray below it to catch the drip. 

Some of the users were also frustrated that you can’t switch immediately from the ice function to water while the cup/glass is still pressed on the paddle in case you want to fill it with water too. 

You have to push the button, pull back the cup and then press it back again on the paddle. The other thing they found annoying is that the water/ice functions shut off when the right door is opened instead of only when the left door is opened.

That said, the filling area of the dispenser is large (measuring 12.6 inches tall) which users liked as it can accommodate sports bottles, pitchers and other tall containers.  

They also found the measure fill feature of the dispenser handy because it allows you to dispense the exact amount of water you desire, so no need of a measuring cup.

Water Filtration System

A built-in water filter is included in this LG LRFDS3006S refrigerator too which is another plus since it ensures both the ice and water you get from the unit are clean, safe and have much better taste compared to units that have no filter system.

The unit uses the LG LT1000P filter which is made up of coconut carbon shell media that helps to remove chlorine, odors, unpleasant tastes and other contaminants that might be present in the water that goes into the refrigerator. 

The filter needs replacing every 6 months but there’s an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to replace it which users appreciated as it eliminates guesswork allowing you to replace the filter on time. 

They also liked the fact that you don’t need to dig in the back to access the filter since it’s located close by (behind the left door) which makes replacing it easy.  

LG LRFDS3006S feature

Smart Cooling PlusTM System

This LG model comes with a Smart Cooling Plus technology which is a triple cooling system comprising of a linear compressor and two evaporators.

According to a majority of users, the unit does so well in maintaining optimum temperature in both the fridge and freezer sections. The cooling system reacts quickly to temperature and humidity changes which help keep food in both sections fresher, longer. 

The unit also has vents that are strategically placed in every section to help surround food with cool, fresh air regardless of where you put it. 

Moreover, the door-in-door design plus the CoolGuardTM stainless steel panel that makes up the interior wall of the unit act as a barrier hence reduce cold air loss which helps to keep internal temperatures constant even with large fluctuations in room temperature. 

Fresh Air Filter 

Another useful feature you get with this LG unit is a Fresh Air Filter which comes with a dedicated fan that circulates fresh air all over the fridge. 

It helps keep the air surrounding your food from getting stale and users did attest that it does work effectively. There’s no transfer of smell to the water or ice whatsoever even with fish or other food with strong scent stored in the fridge or freezer. 

The only downside noted by users is replacing the Air filter. It’s in the far back of the top section of the fridge which makes it hard to reach plus its front part is tightly fixed such that it’s difficult to get off. 

Smart Diagnosis and Smart Home Enabled

The LRFDS3006S is Wi-Fi enabled which allows you to use the LG SmartThinQ app on your smartphone to operate and as well troubleshoot or diagnose the unit should you experience any problems with it. You can also activate some features of the fridge through the app. 

One of those features is the smart grid mode which users found very useful as it controls energy usage by delaying some functions in order to save energy during the peak usage periods. The unit works too with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which allows you to operate some of the smart features with your voice. 

Door Alarm and Interior Lighting 

This LG unit has a door alarm, so it will alert you if the door is left open for long. The best part is that you will also be able to get smartphone notification if someone leaves the door open. 

Both the fridge and freezer sections have LED light type which users said light up nicely such that you can see clearly up to the back of the shelves. One caveat that users pointed out though is that there isn’t a light at all on the dispenser area hence dispensing water/ice during the night can be messy.  

The other useful features that the LRFDS3006S model offers are auto/cycle defrost, child lock and Sabbath mode. 

Score: 3.5/5


So far, the LG LRFDS3006S refrigerator seems pretty impressive to most users as far as functionality, features and storage capacity are concerned, although there are a few notable design glitches that aren’t quite appealing.  

All in all, it’s hard to get a product that’s 100% perfect and the several complaints raised by users about this LG model demonstrate that. 

However, in terms of overall performance and reliability, it does dodge the bullet because there are far fewer complaints or negative reviews in comparison to similar refrigerators (with dual ice makers and a dispenser) in this category. 

Even so, we noted mixed reviews on the compressor with one or two users mentioning that the compressor of their units failed after just a few years. Therefore, longevity remains a question which is something you would want to keep in mind. 

With regards to energy consumption, the LRFDS3006S is an Energy Star certified refrigerator, so it’s fairly efficient and LG has equipped it with a couple of energy-saving features like the smart grid mode. It’s estimated to use around 730 kWh per year which equates to around $95 annually. 

On top of that, LG backs the compressor of this unit with a 10-year warranty while the sealed system is covered under a 5-year warranty. Parts and Labor come with a one year warranty.  

Score: 3.5/5

Should you buy the LG LRFDS3006S?

Based on the high positive ratings and reviews that the LG LRFDS3006S has received, it’s a decent option that you can consider especially if you want a large-sized French-door refrigerator that will give you lots of storage space and ice. 

It’s a good option if you have a large family too and the inclusion of a water filter and external dispenser also makes it an ideal choice for those who want filtered water and ice. I’d give it a miss though if you want something that’s able to give you a large amount of filtered water. 

Alternative Options

While the LG LRFDS3006S is a fine unit, there are several other options you can look at if you are not certain about it. Some good examples are:

Cheaper model
Samsung RF28R6202WW

If you are after a budget French door refrigerator in this mid-range category, then you may want to check out the Samsung RF28R6202WW model. 

It has a bland look but offers so much more in terms of features despite its less price. It has 5 tempered glass shelves and comes with Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus system which gives you independent fridge and freezer controls. 

Another notable thing about it is the CoolSelect Pantry which features three temperature control settings (Chilled (320F), Fresh (380F) and Deli (410F)). 

The unit is also Wi-Fi and Bixby enabled which allows you to monitor and control the fridge’s temperature remotely using your smartphone. 

There are features you will miss out on though like the air filter, SmartDiagnosis, measure fill and door-in-door storage. Moreover, its freezer capacity (8.9 cu. ft.) is a little small same as the ice bin (can store only up to 4.2 lbs of ice) – the LG LRFDS3006S model ice bin can hold up to 5.5 lbs.

Similar price

Priced the same as the LG LRFDS3006S model, the GE Profile PVD28BYNFS refrigerator is yet another great alternative option that you can consider. 

It’s almost identical to the LG LRFDS3006S in terms of design and functionality but it does come with some improvements that make it stand out. For instance, its door-in-door storage has rotating door bins instead of the standard adjustable bins.

The unit also includes an adjustable temperature drawer that features a removable bin caddy. It’s quipped with TwinChill evaporators too which like the Samsung RF28R6202WW model allows you to maintain separate temperatures in the fridge and freezer sections. 

The other advantage is that it’s equipped with LED light tower (the entire back wall is fitted with LEDs). Thereby, the whole interior of the unit is so well illuminated compared to units with ceiling LED lightings.

You will as well get a turbo freeze function with this unit which can be enabled via the GE app on your smartphone. If there are any downsides to point out it would be the fact that it has no air filter and the fill area of the dispenser is quite small. 

You will also get only one type of ice (crushed) from this unit and it lacks the measure fill feature. GE seems to cover that though with the inclusion of the Autofill feature that allows the dispenser to automatically fill your container with water which is pretty convenient. Plus there’s LED lighting at the ceiling of the dispenser which the LG LRFDS3006S doesn’t have.


Jenn-Air JFFCC72EHL is a more expensive option but what you get is a highly functional, elegant-looking refrigerator that’s solidly built and comes with a multitude of useful features.  

It’s equipped with a Twin Fresh climate control system (fridge and freezer sections have separate evaporators) to maintain optimal storage conditions in the fridge and freezer.  

Besides the Measured fill function, its dispenser features a Favorite fill function that allows you to set and save a preferred amount of water for favourite items that you often fill like a water bottle, coffee pot or teapot.

There’s also a Max Cool (make temperatures colder in the fridge) and Max Ice (increase ice production) functions.  

Despite these nice features, the capacity of the fridge (17.5 cu. ft.) and the freezer (6.3 cu. ft.) is on the low end. It doesn’t come with door-in-door storage too and its shelves are not spill-proof. It as well lacks a smart-diagnosis feature.

Jenn-Air has tried to make up for those few shortcomings though by including extra special storage compartments and features like the herb tender container, wine rack, pull-out platter, soft, auto-close drawer design, power outage indicator, and energy saver mode. 

Other impressive features you will get from this refrigerator are dispenser drip tray, dispenser light and the dispenser lock function to avoid unintentional dispensing by either small children or pets. 

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