LG LRFXC2406S Refrigerator Review

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The LG LRFXC2406S is a mid to high priced, French door refrigerator that’s chocked full of features. It’s a decent size making it a good choice for families, while its counter-depth design ensures a smooth built-in look.

  • Counter-depth for a better kitchen fit
  • Dual Icemakers with Slim Space+ technology
  • Cool Guard interior panel to maintain cool air and present a more high-end feel
  • LED lighting
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, also compatible with Alexa & Google Home
  • Door alarm that signals fridge has been left open
  • Less storage space than similar models
  • Air & Water filters for the dispenser/ice maker need changing   every 6 months
  • Potential compressor issues
  • A little noisy
Recommended alternatives:
Bosch B36CL80ENS
KitchenAid KRMF706EBS


LG LRFXC2406S design

Finished with the now-standard “print proof” stainless steel exterior, the LRFXC2406S is an attractive enough appliance, but next to some of the prettier, similarly priced models it does look a little bland. However, it’s counter-depth size makes it slot seamlessly into kitchens, which ensures it looks like it belongs rather than it just being left there.


LG LRFXC2406S inside

With only 24 cubic feet of space, the refrigerator is slightly smaller than you would expect from an appliance of this cost. The fridge owns 15.40 cu.ft of that real estate leaving the freezer with 8.10 cu.ft, giving it a balanced feel between fresh and frozen goods.

The LG LRFXC2406S isn’t a massive unit (H 70 inches x W 36 inches x D 24 inches) meaning it will fit nicely into most kitchens.

Housing 2 shelves, 2 humidity-controlled crispers, and a “slide pantry” (a rebranded deli drawer), there is an adequate amount of storage in the main body of the fridge. Thanks to the slim space ice maker there are tons of storage space in the doors that have 8 door bins.


LG LRFXC2406S ice

Water & Ice Dispenser

Going hand in hand with the dual ice maker, the water and ice dispenser makes it quick and easy to get a refreshing glass of water or some ice for your drink (crushed or cubed). The large design means you can get even the largest glass under the nozzle. The only thing missing is a drip tray that can lead to water dripping down the front of your appliance if you’re not steady of hand.

ThinQ technology and Wi-Fi connectivity

LG has installed its trademarked ThinQ smart technology in this appliance. Not only can you connect your fridge to your phone, giving you the ability to monitor your power usage and control temperature settings, you can also connect it to your Alexa or Google home device for voice-activated control.

LG LRFXC2406S drawer

Cool Guard Interior Panel

The ‘Cool Guard’ interior panel is fixed to the rear of the fridge to help maintain cool air for a consistent temperature within the appliance. It also adds a look akin to something you would find in a professional kitchen.

Dual Ice Maker with Slim Space+

Fitted with dual ice makers using ‘Slim Space+’ technology, the ice maker fits neatly inside the fridge door without compromising any of the interior storage space of the refrigerator, however, some of the freezer space has been lost thanks to the extra ice storage.

LED Lighting

Both the fridge and freezer come with LED lighting to ensure full visibility when accessing your food.


The energy guide for this appliance suggests it will use around 682 kWh per year, which adds up to around $90 per year in 2020 energy prices.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding LG refrigerators over recent years due to the ongoing problems with their linear compressors. Class action lawsuits have been filed and there are customer complaints and bad online reviews across the board. While the LRFXC2406S is not immune to this, it does appear that the number of consumers having trouble with this particular model is at the lower end of the scale.

The product does come with a warranty that covers parts and labor for 5 years & a 10-year warranty for parts only.

Should you buy the LG LRFXC2406S?

If you’re looking for a feature-packed, semi-stylish, French door refrigerator that keeps your food cool and your drinks cooler, then this could be for you. This is an especially attractive option for those people with a little less kitchen space or wants their appliances to sit flush with their work surfaces. In this case, less is literally more.


So, if the LG LRFXC2406S isn’t for you, what are your options?

Cheaper model

The LFXC22526S is also from LG. Though it is slightly smaller (22 cubic feet, losing 1 cu.ft from both fridge and freezer) it still offers many of the same features.

Also a counter-depth product, it is easy to see why consumers might choose this model over the LRFXC2406S considering its cheaper price-point.

Similar price
Bosch B36CL80ENS

If you absolutely need a French door refrigerator but are concerned about LG’s reliability issues you might want to look to another brand.

The Bosch B36CL80ENS comes highly rated amongst consumers. It is a little smaller but is also counter-depth. There is an interior water/ice dispenser though and an ice maker that produces fancy pyramid-shaped ‘cubes’. The price-point is are the same.

KitchenAid KRMF706EBS

This 25.6 cubic foot behemoth is the very definition of high-end. With a beautifully crafty exterior, 5 doors (1 freezer, 2 French doors, and 2 separate drawers with dedicated climate control for fresh produce). The soft-close doors, professionally inspired handles, and an interior LED light system that looks like it belongs in a Broadway theatre show you exactly where that extra money went.

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