Samsung NE59M4320SS Electric Range Review

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The Samsung NE59M4320SS is an electric range that’s equipped with a convection oven. It seems pretty straightforward but it offers as much capacity in the oven section and versatility on the stovetop as any electric range in this category. 

It’s also backed up by all the basic functions and features that most cooks will need. Critics and users alike were satisfied with its performance and functionality although there are a lot of divergent views regarding its build quality.

Moreover, it has several glitches that users pointed out like temperature fluctuation in the oven, bubbles appearing under the cooktop’s surface and the paint chipping off quicker than expected. 

Recommended alternatives:
Whirlpool WFE525S0HS
Frigidaire GCRE3060AF

Stovetop Performance

Samsung NE59M4320SS stovetop

The Samsung NE59M4320SS stovetop has 5 separate elements hidden behind a sturdy glass top. Many users agreed that all the elements heat up quickly to full power and that temperature adjusts significantly faster compared to the older electric ranges they had.

They liked the two front burners/elements as they heat up super fast than the rest and provide intense heat for rapid boiling of water. One is very large suitable for larger pans or pots and the other is fairly large which is ideal for medium-sized cookware. 

Another unique thing that users loved about these two front elements is that each is equipped with two zones – a middle zone and an outer zone. 

You can choose to only turn on the middle part when using a smaller skillet/pot or heat up the entire large size element when using larger items. It’s a great energy-saving design especially when you just want to boil a small amount of water faster in a small pot – you won’t need to turn on the entire large outer element. 

Users were equally impressed by the smaller center element in the back because it’s purposely designed to serve as a warming zone which they found really useful for keeping cooked food warm before serving. It gets hot but not too hot to overcook the food. 

However, the spacing between the elements seems not that adequate as some users mentioned that the small back elements can’t be used when you have large pots or pans in the front elements. Therefore, preparing multiple dishes at the same time might be a problem especially if you need to use at least three elements and you have large cookware.

Oven Performance

Samsung NE59M4320SS oven

The oven of the Samsung NE59M4320SS is quite large (5.9 cu ft.) which users liked since it has plenty of room to cook multiple dishes or larger items at once. They agreed that it preheats fast and the heat is distributed well hence allowing food to bake evenly.

They also appreciated the convection and regular baking options that the oven offered with a majority saying that the convection option performs really well as it cooks much quicker and food always come out more evenly cooked. 

Despite the good performance, there was a complaint from a user that the temperature in the oven tends to fluctuate either 20 oF up or 20 oF down from the set temperature hence requiring one to constantly monitor the oven to keep the temperature consistent.

The unit as well makes a ticking noise while preheating the oven which several users found it pleasant while others said it was annoying because it ticks continuously throughout the preheating process until you stop it manually. 

The fan is equally noisy plus you have to turn on the oven light each time you open its door as some users pointed out. Nonetheless, a lot of users were pleased with the oven speciality features that the range has which includes delay bake, delay start, sabbath mode, slow cook, bread proof and dehydrate mode.  

Operating the unit

Samsung NE59M4320SS stove

Samsung has placed the knobs for the heating elements and digital controls for the oven on the upper part of this range which is a safety precaution that users liked because they are out of reach of kids or pets. 

The knobs are simple to use as well as the touchpad controls which users said are easy to understand and do respond quickly to the touch. The unit also comes with a couple of useful extra features like an indicator light when a heating element is on, control lockout and a hot surface indicator light. It does lack a temperature probe though.

Cleaning and Build Quality

The oven of the Samsung NE59M4320SS cleans easily. It has a steam clean function for performing quick clean up and a self-clean function as well for a more thorough cleaning. 

The same doesn’t apply to the cooktop, however. The glass top is a bit difficult to keep clean according to comments from many users because it shows smudges and gets stained easily by oils and water that splatter on it which can be difficult to remove. 

Besides that, there were many complaints from users that bubbles start appearing under the surface of the glass top especially in case of a boil over. They said that the stainless steel body shows fingerprints too but they come off easily when wiped with a damp towel.  

Below the oven is a storage drawer that’s spacious enough to accommodate several pots and pans as mentioned by users. It glides smoothly but some said it seems pretty lightweight.

Now one of the major concerns that many users had is the build quality and how durable this range is. A large percentage of them said it doesn’t feel sturdy. The panel where the knobs are also not solid as it moves under pressure when pushing a button on the display.

Additionally, users said that the aluminum border on the stovetop seemed inadequate to protect the glass top.  Another issue that was pointed out is the fact that the oven door is 90% glass yet it doesn’t have any protection on its sides. 

The bottom drawer is the only thing that protects it against cabinet doors smashing into it mainly because it sticks out a little further (by 1/16”) than the glass door. 

There were as well those who pointed out that the paint of the unit chips off very quickly and that the glass top surface not only catches dirt easily but also scratches super easily. You have to use only smooth cookware on it or otherwise it will get damaged quickly. 

Nonetheless, one extra item that was of interest to users was the anti-tip feature. It’s a special bracket that you screw on a wall or down to the floor so that one rear foot of the range slides into it. Users said it works well in preventing the range from tipping over particularly when someone opens the oven door and presses down on it. 

Overall, when you consider only performance and functionality, the Samsung NE59M4320SS is a decent option for an electric range. The same can’t be said for the build quality though. However, it’s reasonably priced which makes it much suitable for anyone who wants a good electric range without breaking the bank.


If you are uncertain about the Samsung NE59M4320SS range or you just prefer a different brand, we’ve included a couple of alternative options below that you can check out. They fall in the same category as the Samsung NE59M4320SS and also offer great features for the money. 

Cheaper model

If you are not looking to spend a considerable amount on a new electric range, then the LG LRE3060ST range might be ideal for you. It’s a much cheaper option and has a few minor advantages over the Samsung NE59M4320SS range. 

Its oven is quite large providing plenty of space for baking multiple dishes. The downside though is that it isn’t equipped with a convection cooking option. Its main rapid boil element (3200W) is stronger but the second one (2500W) is not as strong as the Samsung’s. 

Both power elements are also a bit smaller. The largest is only 9”, down from 12” on the NE59M4320SS. The second one is only 7”, so wider pans and pots won’t get direct heat up to the edges.  

That said, this LG LRE3060ST model is easier to operate as it uses touchpad controls for both the cooktop and oven. Moreover, it has a SmartDiagnosis™ feature which uses Wi-Fi to transmit data to the LG service center via your phone or app on your smartphone so that they can provide a fast diagnosis if you encounter any problems with the appliance. 

You will, however, miss a handful of features like the delay bake, hidden bake element, temperature probe, sabbath mode and the 3 cook preset options (slow cook, dehydrate, bread proof). 

It as well lacks the self and steam clean functions for the oven but does come with an EasyClean feature. You will have to do some additional scrubbing though after running the EasyClean cycle.

Similar price
Whirlpool WFE525S0HS

The Whirlpool WFE525S0HS range is quite similar to the Samsung NE59M4320SS. It comes at the same price and the smooth-top stovetop is laid out similarly.

However, like the LG LRE3060ST model, the largest element on its stovetop is only 9” in diameter but all the 5 elements are well spaced than those of the Samsung NE59M4320SS.

Its oven has no convection cooking option and its capacity (5.3 cu. ft.) is a bit small. The good thing though is that it comes with a couple of additional features like the Frozen Bake™ technology, a broiling temperature management system, stop time, keep warm setting, automatic door latch, and cook and hold function.

It lacks the steam clean function but it has an adjustable-self cleaning technology that allows you to preprogram the self-cleaning cycle as you wish.

Moreover, the cooktop has raised edges that help contain spills which make wiping them up to simple. The knobs are removable and dishwasher-safe too for easier cleaning. It does lack the proofing mode and the temperature probe.

Frigidaire GCRE3060AF

The Frigidaire GCRE3060AF is a much pricier option compared to the others but it has the best all-around specs and is far better in terms of build quality and durability.

One advantage it has is that its largest rapid boil element has three heating zones while that of the Samsung’s has only two. Its oven also features a true convection cooking option that includes a third heating element to facilitate faster and more even circulation of hot air throughout the oven. You also get an Air Fry cooking option with this Frigidaire model.

Another advantage is that it’s built using smudge proof stainless steel which resists fingerprints and doesn’t catch stains easily. What sets it apart though is the fact that it’s very solid and durable. 

We couldn’t find any evidence of widespread problems like the case of the Samsung NE59M4320SS model, so we’re quite confident in its quality and reliability. It only misses the proofing function but does come with a temperature probe.

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