Samsung NX58K9850SS Range Review

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An initial impression of the Samsung NX58K9850SS range by one user was, “Wow, this one’s a real looker,”  and this 30’ inch slide-in ‘smart’  gas range is certainly that, although some cosmetic issues experienced by others down the line seem to taunt that first impression. Loaded with high-tech features, intuitive touch controls and premium design, this appliance is ADA Compliant with 5 sealed burners, a flex duo oven with a total of 5.8 cu.ft oven capacity (split between two cavities), and wi-fi enabled to operate your oven from anywhere in your house with your smartphone.

  • Wi-fi enabled remote oven control
  • Reversible griddle and well sized central oval burner
  • Flex duo oven with double cavity
  • Soft close dual door
  • Dual convection
  • Lots of accessories
  • Strong 22k BTU burner
  • Blue led illuminated knobs to alert when stove is on; great safety feature
  • Self cleaning
  • Sabbath mode
  • Auto cooking modes for novice cooks
  • Oval burner could have higher BTU as not hot enough for some to sear steak
  • Oven temperature issues noted by some users
  • Timer too soft
  • Warming drawer not very deep
  • Range knobs accidentally turn on cooktop too easily
  • Some cosmetic issues eg; paint peeling and chipping reported
  • Some reported issues with customer service/support when parts malfunctioned
Recommended alternatives:
Whirlpool WEGA25H0HZ
Cafe CGS700P2MS1
GE Profile PGS930SELSS

Stovetop Performance

Stovetop boasts a total power output of 61K BTU and stainless steel five burner cooktop, the right front burner bringing a whopping 22K BTU to the party.

Some complaints about the middle burner temperature as it was deemed not hot enough for users to successfully sear meat. 

The stabilizing wok grate that comes with this appliance makes frying a quick stir-fry a breeze.

Oven Performance

The oven has a 5 cu.ft oven capacity with two oven racks which can easily be maneuvered into six different rack positions for optimal cooking and baking potential.

Most were more than satisfied with the ovens’ performance and convection ovens’ ability to circulate heat for evenly cooked food and baking. 

Users commented on the timer being too soft, and would have liked to have been able to control the volume to be able to hear the ovens signals for preheat and/or finish. People ended up using their microwave timer or cell phone stopwatch instead.

The ball was really dropped by GE with the oven light. How? This may seem minor, but the inability to be able to turn the oven light on without opening the oven door, was a solid fail for many. Users complained that by opening the door, it let valuable heat out. This was a problem,   especially for avid bakers. The large viewing window seems a bit pointless if there is no oven light to see the interior of the oven and how things are cooking in there – without opening the actual door. 


Flex duo with dual door

Double capacity oven, with an adjustable oven door for use of the top or bottom section independently.

Dual convection

The Samsung NX58K9850SS uses two fans to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven.

22K BTU true dual power burner

Powerful and adaptable burner offering two independent heating elements to take you easily from the highest heat, all the way down to a low simmer of 900 BTU.

Central oval burner

Middle burner with reversible griddle; great for pancakes or bacon.

Wifi connectivity

Operate your stove remotely with your smartphone. 

Auto cooking modes

Auto cooking modes for the lazy chef ranging from a delay start option to ‘Favorite Cook’  options as well as 6 ‘healthy cook’  presets for the health connoisseur or fitness junkie.

Build quality and design

State-of-the-art design, fingerprint resistant black stainless steel with a cool ice-blue display colour and stainless steel handle.

Some reported  that their appliance started to peel shortly after purchasing it, while others commented that whilst cooking something in the oven, they accidentally ended up turning the oven off  when they leaned on it to get to the back burners on the stovetop due to sensitivity and placement of controls.

The general view was that despite the small size of the storage drawer, it was still useful. Other dual ovens tended to remove the storage drawer to save space, but the storage drawer assists accessibility to the bottom oven. For example; when lifting heavy roasts out of the lower oven, the oven section is slightly elevated due to the drawer, and not almost on the kitchen floor.

Users commented that because of the increased clearance of the burner and base grate, the flame rose to the vessel rather than spreading out over the perimeter of pots and pans. This is better not only for optimal heat coverage, but also helps reduce loss of heat to the edges of the cooking device and assists in handles not getting too hot.


Value for money, or not?


The Samsung NX58K9850SS was deemed by most as a professional and stylish appliance with great functionality and technology. The double oven capabilities were rated highly by most who bought this appliance, and users enjoyed the energy saving opportunity to use just the top cavity and not the entire oven when cooking for less people.


There were quite a few issues it seems with the temperamental oven temperature, no pun intended there, with hotspots in the oven and some fan issues that required servicing or replacing.


It’s perhaps also good to remember – this model is laden with so many extra capabilities and functionalities, that it’s only obvious then that there are just so many more opportunities for things to go wrong. Overall? It seems people liked the smart technology and the host of features that the Samsung NX58K9850SS offered, and the users that enjoyed this stove outweighed those that did not. 


Cheaper model
Whirlpool WEGA25H0HZ

The Whirlpool WEGA25H0HZ  ‘smart’  slide-in gas range offers a large 5.8 cu.ft oven with voice control capabilities to control your stove even when your hands are full with either Google assist, or an Alexa enabled device. Innovative scan-to-cook technology helps confirmed bachelors get the right settings for their frozen meals – simply scan a frozen food barcode with your smartphone or tablet and send the cooking instructions straight to your Whirlpool WEGA25H0HZ oven. Not useful, however, for those that like to cook from scratch which would probably be most people who bought such an appliance.

Intuitive touchscreen that learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your family’s routines. EZ-2-lift hinged cast-iron grates allows you to wipe underneath grates without lifting or removing them. For a more thorough clean, the grates are dishwasher safe. This appliance is ADA compliant and has Sabbath mode to cater for all.

Users reported a delayed touch screen, and other touch screen issues like freezing and also knobs that turned on too easily. No middle griddle on this appliance. 

Similar price
Cafe CGS700P2MS1

The ‘smart’ Cafe CGS700P2MS1 30’ matte stainless steel slide-in range with sleek LED control panel that visually disappears when not in use, has an unusual 6 sealed burners and also convection capabilities, a delay-bake option, warming drawer and the proverbial self-cleaning mode.

ADA compliant and Star K certified, it boasts remote wi-fi connectivity and  easily syncs with Amazon Alexa or Google assist. A triple ring burner blasts out 21K BTU, and offers awesome cooking flexibility with a 15K power boil burner neatly and efficiently getting your pasta al dente in no time. 

‘Chef connect’ mode synchronizes your appliances’ clocks, surface lights and vent when a range burner is in use, and can even pair with your best over the range microwave. Users commented on the range’s sturdiness and spacious oven (which is pretty standard at 5.6 cu.ft).

GE profile PGS930SELSS

Upgrade to the GE profile PGS930SELSS  ‘smart’  range with a 5.6 cu.ft oven. Star-k Certified and ADA compliant, this model has the GE ‘Fit guarantee,’  an edge-to- edge cooktop with large continuous cooking surface, and convenient automatic oven light. A handy dual purpose central burner great for cooking flexibility and grilling toasties, and a 21,000 BTU multi ring burner great for instant searing and sauteing. Remote wi-fi monitoring, Google assist, Amazon Alexa connectivity and true European convection are also on offer with this range.

Users enjoy the reliability of this brand as well as the value they got and one commented;  “I got good bang for my buck with the GE profile PGS930SELSS”

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