Samsung RF260BEAESR Refrigerator Review

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The Samsung RF260BEAESR is a French door, stylish looking refrigerator, and compared to other similarly priced appliances, has a ton of storage space. 

To offset the high storage space to low-cost ratio, it appears Samsung has used cheaper materials for the interior build, as reports of failures of the plastic used for the drawers and bins are rife.

  • ‘CoolSelect’ Deli Drawer
  • ‘EZ’ Handle System
  • ‘AutoPull’ Freezer Drawer
  • ‘Twin Cooling+’
  • Humidity-Controlled Crispers
  • Tons of Space for Relatively Small Cost
  • Cheap Plastic Materials
  • Reliability Issues
  • No Water Dispenser
  • Possibly Loud
Recommended alternatives:
Haier HRQ16N3BGS
Amana AFI2539ERW


Samsung RF260BEAESR design

As refrigerators go, the RF260BEAESR is pleasant enough to look at. The exterior has subtle curves that are pleasing to the eye and an understated design that will help the appliance blend seamlessly into most kitchens. 

It comes in three colors, stainless-steel silver (model RF260BEAESR), stainless-steel black (model RF260BEAESG), which are both ‘fingerprint resistant, and white (model RF260BEAEWW). It’s worth noting the white appliance is marginally cheaper in price. 

At first glance the interior is fairly mediocre, however, upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see why the RF260BEAEWW is relatively low cost given it has a bland look and cheap, thin plastics for the storage facilities.

Score: 3/5


Samsung RF260BEAESR storage

If you’re looking for a large appliance with lots of storage space, the RF260BEAESR has enough to hold groceries for a decent sized family. With 26 cubic feet of space split between the fridge (17.5 cu.ft) and freezer (8 cu.ft), this refrigerator skews in favor of fresh produce over frozen goods.

The fridge interior is broken up by a 5-shelf system which includes two humidity-controlled crispers, for better storing fruits and vegetables, and a ‘CoolSelect’ deli drawer. The lack of an exterior water and ice dispenser gives more storage space in the doors which are comprised of 6 adjustable door-bins for all your mayonnaise, drinks, and gallon jugs of milk.

Space in the freezer is made up of a two-tier basket system housed in a single drawer. There a four simple compartments to organize your frozen goods, however, one of those is used for ice storage.

Score: 4/5


Samsung RF260BEAESR drawer

‘AutoPull’ Freezer Drawer

To complement the freezer ‘EZ’ handle system, the ‘Autopull’ freezer drawer system brings the upper tier of the organizational system forward as you open the freezer drawer for ease of access to your frozen goods, but it’s a good idea to keep the products you use more often in the top drawer because of this.

‘CoolSelect’ Deli Drawer

The ‘CoolSelect Pantry’ is a deli drawer that spans the width of the appliance and is perfect for storing trays of party foods, fish, and meat. Because it has separate temperature controls to the rest of the unit it makes it ideal for defrosting frozen goods.

The only draw back to this feature is that because the drawer spans the width of the refrigerator both French doors need to be open to be able to access the contents of the ‘CoolSelect Pantry’.

‘EZ’ Handle System

This innovative device makes opening the freezer so much easier. Because modern freezers have a seal to maintain the integrity of the internal temperature, they can sometimes be difficult to open. To operate the ‘EZ’ handle, just pull it upwards to break the seal and the freezer drawer will open effortlessly. Genius.

Samsung RF260BEAESR filter

‘Twin Cooling+’

Samsung’s cooling twin cooling system claims to use two separate fans to ensure humid air is used in the fridge and dry air is used in the freezer to avoid oddly tasting food and ‘freezer burn’, keeping your groceries fresher for longer.

Score 3.5/5


The electrical performance and reliability appears to be decent with this appliance and the 620kWh it uses annually, equates to around $80 per year in 2020 energy prices, giving it a monthly running cost of under $7. 

The performance of the interior materials, however, is not so great. There are multiple reports of plastic drawers and bins cracking under minimal pressure, and handles snapping off or feeling loose. With the low price-point, it does seem to be a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. 

There are conflicting reports of loud “popping” sounds coming from the refrigerator from some customers while others claim their appliance runs very quietly.

Score: 3.5/5 

Should you buy the RF260BEAESR?

If you’re on a lower budget and have a big family, then this Samsung model should be near the top of your list of appliances to check out. The generous storage space, relatively low cost, and generally decent reliability could out-weigh the poor performance of the interior materials.

Overall Score: 14/20


Cheaper model
Samsung RF260BEAESR

If the Samsung refrigerator isn’t for you then this appliance could be worth considering. With a similar price-point, the Amana has slightly less storage space due to the built-in external ice and water dispenser. It also features many of the same options as the RF260BEAESR.

Similar price
Amana AFI2539ERW

If the Samsung refrigerator isn’t for you then this appliance could be worth considering. With a similar price-point, the Amana has slightly less storage space due to the built-in external ice and water dispenser. It also features many of the same options as the RF260BEAESR.


The old saying “more is less” is not always true. In the case of the GE GNE27JYMFS more is actually more. It costs more money but comes with more space, adjustable shelving with many different positioning options, similar features to the Samsung and an internal water dispenser, which are incredibly popular amongst refrigerator customers.

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