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The Samsung RF28R7351SR is a well-designed modern French-door refrigerator that has received a significant number of positive ratings and mentions for its functionality and the large interior storage capacity it offers.

Majority of the users were also very pleased with some of the useful features it comes with like the food showcase door, FlexZone drawer and the auto-fill water pitcher. However, its ice maker doesn’t seem to fare well as there are many negative criticisms about it with most customers claiming that it jams quite often.  


  • Fridge and freezer sections are spacious
  • Very useful FlexZone drawer and food showcase door
  • Fingerprint and smudge resistant stainless steel finishing
  • A convenient autofill water pitcher 
  • Wi-Fi and Bixby enabled 


  • Ice maker freezes up quite often and tends to leak
  • The dispenser is slow to dispense both water and ice
  • No drip tray underneath the dispensing area
  • Lacks an air filter


The Samsung RF28R7351SR has a simple yet appealing design with a nice stainless steel finish that makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen. 

The model is available in three colors, stainless steel (Samsung RF28R7351SR), black stainless steel (Samsung RF28R7351SG) and Tuscan stainless steel (Samsung RF28R7351DT). All three models are sleek and stylish in appearance. 

Measuring 36-inch wide, this RF28R7351SR model is a fairly large unit although users said it doesn’t take up much floor space. It’s bound to stick out past the counter though because it’s not a counter-depth refrigerator. 

Its stainless steel finish has a fingerprint and smudge-resistant coating, so cleaning its exterior easy, even the interior too as the shelves are spill-proof. 

Score: 3.5/5


What stands out the most about the Samsung RF28R7351SR as pointed out by users is the fact that it’s very spacious and has extra special compartments to help keep food well organized and easy to access. 

Fridge Section


The fridge section (15 cu. ft.) is not that huge but it houses 5 adjustable glass shelves that users said are deep and stable enough to accommodate a good number of items. They particularly liked the half sliding shelf which folds up to make more room for taller items. 

Below the shelves are two crispers that have enough space for fruits and vegetables. What stood out for a lot of users though is the FlexZone drawer mainly because it’s spacious (3.8 cu. ft.) and provides easier access to food items without opening the fridge section. 

It also offers 4 different temperature settings (meat/fish, cold drinks, deli/snacks and wine/party dishes) which makes it ideal for storing various everyday food plus there’s an adjustable smart divider to help you keep them organized. 

Door Storage

The two fridge doors of the Samsung RF28R7351SR offer six storage bins which include three that are large enough to hold full gallons of milk. 

The right door as well has a glass door-in-door storage (known as food showcase door). It’s a handy feature that users were really impressed with as it has sufficient room to store frequently used items and lets you grab them quickly without letting the fridge’s cold air out. 

Users liked too the glass design of the door since it makes the food items all visible in one glance. Some did mention though that it does get stuck sometimes and doesn’t open easily.

Freezer Section

With this unit, you also get a roomy freezer section (8.3 cu. ft.) that’s very organizable according to users’ comments. It has a useful pull-out drawer that users said puts frozen items in easy reach, plus allows you to easily see what’s in the freezer. The lower portion under the drawer equally offers sufficient room for larger frozen food items 

Score: 3.5/5


Samsung RF28R7351SR ice

Twin Cooling System

Many users had no issue with the cooling performance of the Samsung RF28R7351SR. They all agreed that it preserves food well and maintains a consistent temperature in both the fridge and freezer thanks to its twin cooling system.  

The unit has stainless panelling which equally helps keep the temperature consistent in all areas of the fridge. On top of that, users liked the inclusion of the power cool and power freeze options which they found useful when trying to get a meal or dish cold quickly – they increase the cooling effect of the fridge and freezer, respectively.

Single Ice Maker

The RF28R7351SR model comes with only a single ice maker installed in the left door. It’s designed to produce cube and crushed ice but unfortunately, it seems not reliable at all as there are a lot of complaints and negative feedback about it. 

Many users mentioned that after just a few months of use, it starts to freeze up quite often to the extent that you can’t dispense any ice at all hence becoming completely unusable. They also said it’s hard to remove the cover to unblock it once it’s frozen.

For those that didn’t freeze up, users said that they either leaked water or the crushed ice came out as whole cubes of ice half the time. They mentioned too that the ice maker’s motor is quite loud when making the ice and when dropping them into the bin.

External Water and Ice Dispenser

The external dispenser works fine according to the general consensus. The water comes out chilled and tastes fresh as it goes through a core alkaline filter first before it enters the reservoir for dispensing. 

The downside though as noted by users is that the dispenser seems very slow to dispense both water and ice. Another issue is that the spouts continue to leak after dispensing and there’s no drip tray underneath the dispensing area, so water runs down to the floor. Moreover, you can’t continue dispensing water/ice once you open the right door. 

Samsung RF28R7351SR water

AutoFill Water Pitcher 

One of the most welcomed features of this Samsung RF28R7351SR is the auto-fill water pitcher placed in the fridge door. It’s a feature that was appreciated by all users because it keeps a large supply (48 oz) of chilled water, negating the need to stand at the dispenser and wait to fill a couple of glasses in a row. 

The best part is that it refills automatically each time you close the door (taking roughly about 1 minute) which is very convenient if you take tons of water or need to fill large water bottles constantly. 

Besides that, it comes with an infuser which gives you the option to add fruits, herbs or a flavor of your choice to create a delicious and refreshing beverage. 

Door Alarm

You get a door alarm with this Samsung unit but the interesting part is that It’s equipped with an alarm indicator too that causes the internal lights to blink repeatedly for 10 sec every minute when you leave the door open for long. 

It’s a useful feature especially for alerting hearing-impaired users that the door is open. You also get two additional alarms – an Auto Water Fill overflowing alarm (alerts you in case the pitcher overflows) and a water filter replacement alarm (alerts you to change the filter). 

Wi-Fi and Bixby Enabled

Samsung has incorporated Wi-Fi connectivity and Bixby virtual assistant in this unit to allow you to monitor and control some of the functions from their app using your smartphone.  

You can set the temperature of the fridge, freezer and flex drawer via the app, or turn on/off the ice making function, power cool, power freeze or the Sabbath mode. You can also get notifications when the doors are open or closed via the app.

Reliable LED Lighting 

The fridge, FlexZone drawer and freezer are all fitted with LED lighting and based on users’ comments, the LEDs light up the three sections from edge to edge making everything easy to see. However, the dispensing area has no lighting which means dispensing water/ice at night will be a little tricky.  The unit lacks an air filter too, so the air inside the fridge is likely to get stale. 

Score: 3/5

LG LRFDS3006S feature


From the comments of users, the fridge and freezer of this Samsung model do function well. Unfortunately, the performance and reliability of its ice maker is a whole different matter as there are so many negative criticisms surrounding it. 

It appears that it’s highly prone to jamming and this has been a common issue for several of Samsung’s refrigerators that have an in-door ice maker. The only good thing though is that it’s covered under warranty which means you can replace it should it fail. 

As for energy consumption, the RF28R7351SR is an energy star certified model. Samsung’s energy guide states that it consumes around 755 kWh/year (about 98$ annually), so it’s a fairly energy-efficient unit.

Its digital inverter compressor is backed by a 10 years parts and 5 years labor warranty while the sealed refrigerator system is covered under 5-years parts and labor warranty.

Score: 3/5

Should you buy the Samsung RF28R7351SR?

The Samsung RF28R7351SR is a decent unit if you are after high capacity interior storage and also need a refrigerator that can give you a good amount of chilled, filtered water. But, if having a reliable ice maker is of priority to you, then it’s an option you may want to avoid.

Alternative Options

Although the Samsung RF28R7351SR is not such a bad unit, there are a few other nice alternative options you can check out if you are not so certain about it and some good examples include:

Cheaper model
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS

If you have a limited budget and need a functional French door refrigerator, then Frigidaire FFHB2750TS might suit you well. It’s a cheaper option but has several desirable features that make it worth considering.

It doesn’t come with the door-in-door storage and the FlexZone drawer, but it has a large capacity fridge (18.48 cu. ft.) and the freezer section is equally spacious (8.7 cu. ft.). 

Another advantage is that it features a Fresh Air filter and a powerful water filtration system that’s able to eliminate lead and cysts from your household water. You also get the option to install a second icemaker in the freezer section with this unit. 

However, there are a lot of other useful features you will miss out on such as door alarm, door lock, spill-proof shelves, and fingerprint/smudge-proof finish. 

Similar price

Coming in at the same price as the Samsung RF28R7351SR, the GE Profile PFE28PYNFS is yet another well-built refrigerator that offers some extra special features. 

One of these special features and perhaps the most liked is the Keurig K-cup brewing system which allows you to brew coffee, tea, or hot cocoa at your fridge. The other one is the hot water scheduling that lets you schedule hot water via the GE Kitchen app. 

Besides that, the unit comes with an advanced filtration system that can remove most common chemical contaminants include pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, its external dispenser is equipped with LED lighting and has an autofill option. 

The storage capacity of its fridge (18.6 cu. ft.) and freezer (9.2 cu. ft.) is slightly large too because it has no extra separate storage drawer like the FlexZone drawer. It does have a special drop-down tray though. All the other features are similar to those of the Samsung RF28R7351SR, however, one thing it does lack is the door-in-door storage option. 

Cafe CQE28DM5NS5

If you are willing to spend a little extra money on a quality and very reliable unit, then the Cafe CQE28DM5NS5 is the option to go with. It’s more expensive, but it has a much better design and more flexible storage options – it strikes a perfect balance between style and phenomenal functionality. 

The fridge (15.62 cu. ft.) and freezer (5.92 cu. ft.) capacities are rather small compared to the other options but you get a unique four-door design that provides great flexibility when it comes to organizing and accessing food items. 

What you will miss out though if you choose this unit is the door-in-door storage and air filter. It comes with all the other standard features that the Samsung RF28R7351SR has plus extra ones like the autofill dispenser function and a more advanced water filtration system. 

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