Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ Refrigerator Review

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  • Capacity
  • Dual-Cooling Technology
  • Low Noise Level
  • Transparent Shelves
  • LED Lighting
  • Ice and Water Dispenser
  • EveryDrop Water Filter
  • FreshFlow Air-filter
  • External Crisper Drawer
  • Fingerprint resistant exterior
  • LED Wiring
  • Loud Ice dispenser
  • Water lever position
  • Low ice capacity
  • Loud Water dispenser
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
Recommended alternatives:

If capacity and the need for a water and ice dispenser are two of the major aspects you are after, then the Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ model is the one for you. With a total capacity of 26.2 cubic feet you will have no issues fitting everything you need both in the fridge and freezer sections. The external crisper drawer is also a nice bonus feature, which not many of the other models offer. Whirlpool has really come through in this regard.

Besides the capacity the model is also stylish with an elegant design, and energy efficient to such an extent that it’s been ENERGY STAR certified living up to the extremely strict requirements set by the US Environmental Agency or the US Department of Energy. If you are looking to save some money on the electric bill while also being environmentally friendly, then look no further.


Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ design

The design of the Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ when it comes to measurements does not differentiate itself that much from other competitors besides being slightly higher and deeper compared models in the same price range.

The elegant design with a stainless steel finish will make it fit into any modern kitchen. With the long handles and the external crisper drawer it’s accessible to all members of the family, regardless of height.  


Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ storage

With just over 26 cubic feet of storage it is on the larger size compared to what you are paying for. Some of that storage space is taken up by the water and ice dispenser but there is still plenty of room left in the door to store some of your items.

The right-hand door offers plenty of space and you can easily fit a gallon jug in there, along with other bottles.

With the added crisper drawer, you have plenty of space for all types of groceries. The fridge section, including the drawer, gives you 18.4 cubic feet of storage capacity.

With the adjustable shelves you have the ability to rearrange them in an order, so the fridge fits your needs and requirements.

With 18.4 cubic feet used up in the fridge, you are left with 7.8 cubic feet for storing frozen food. The good thing with the freezer has drawers, which enables you to separate your frozen foods and dinners from your ice cream and other desserts and gives you quick and easy access.


Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ ice maker

External crisper drawer

The external crisper drawer that the WRX986SIHZ offers would be considered as one of the major features that this model has to offer and one of the two major selling points.

Ice and water dispenser

The other major selling feature is the ice and water dispenser. Here you can dispense ice or water through a simple click on the touch screen and without the need to open the fridge door. A built-in EveryDrop filtration system ensures that the water that is dispensed is both fresh and clean.

The downside with this system is that it can be considered loud both when dispensing ice and water. Also, the ice compartment inside the fridge is fairly small so it might not be suited for a larger family during a hot summer day.

Then we have the placement of the water lever which is a bit far back making it difficult to fill up a water bottle with a small neck, without spilling water.

The dispenser lacks an auto reset feature meaning you manually need to change between it dispensing ice and water, which could cause an issue if the individual doesn’t pay attention when trying to get water and the previous person had dispensed ice.

Dual Temperature Controls

The unit comes with an advanced dual cooling technology offering two separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer sections. This allows the user to keep the two separate departments at a stable temperature level but also ensure steady humidity levels.

FreshFlow Air Filter

The built-in FreshFlow air-filter keeps the air inside the fridge fresh and reduces any potential smells. It also allows for higher humidity levels in both the internal and external drawers ensuring that your vegetables and fruits remain fresh.

Excellent lighting

Then we have the lighting which is all LED and as such aluminates everything within both the fridge and the freezer making it very easy to see. One of the downsides with the LED lighting is that it is all wired in sequence meaning that if one LED goes out, they all go out. Luckily, LED lights have a long-life span, so the risk of this happening is fairly low.


The Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ has the ENERGY STAR certification meaning it lives up to the strict criteria set by the US Environmental Agency or the US Department of Energy.

For a unit to pass these requirements a certain number of federal mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency needs to be met. A unit with this type of certification is not only more environmentally friendly, it will also save you a few dollars on your monthly electric bill. The yearly estimated costs to run the Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ is expected to be $73.

Should you buy the Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ?

You are getting a great deal and value for your money if you purchase this unit. With loads of storage space, the external crisper drawer, dual cooling technology you are getting a lot of features for this mid-range price point. It might not be suitable for families during a hot summer day due to the low ice capacity, but the storage space, looks and energy efficiency gives you a great bang for your buck. 


Of course, the wallet decides what type of unit you can afford to buy. You might be looking for a more high-end unit or even a cheaper unit. As such we have compared it to two different alternatives.


The LG has a price tag that is about 30 % higher compared to the WRX986SIHZ. It has 3.5 cubic feet of less storage capacity. Instead it comes with 4-door French doors including an InstaView door. It also includes a water and ice dispenser which doesn’t take up any space from the left side door. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and in three different color options, Black, Matte Black and regular Stainless Steel. It is ENERGY STAR certified with an estimated annual operating cost of 84 USD.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then this model from LG could be a good choice. You will still get the ice dispenser but what you will have to compromise here is the storage capacity going from 26 cubic feet down to 21.8 cubic feet. It is also slightly shorter than the Whirlpool with about 2 inches. On the upside, despite being cheaper this unit does have Wi-Fi connectivity.

The look is fairly similar to the WRX986SIHZ with French doors and a large freezer in a stainless-steel exterior. However, this unit does not come with an external crisper drawer.

In terms of price this unit is about 56 % cheaper, its ENERGY STAR certified with estimated annual operating cost of 70 USD.

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