The Acekool Handheld Blender: High Power, Low Price

AceKool Hand Blender BH1

The Acekool immersion blender is a very affordable, compact handheld blender. 

However, this handy little device does more than simply blend smoothies and protein shakes; it comes with various attachments that potentially make this appliance ridiculously versatile for a relatively low price point.

We got our hands on one to put it to the test.

acekool hand blender


The moment the blender arrived, we were instantly impressed by the packaging. We already knew what was inside, but despite that, Acekool managed to keep the box compact, minimizing the use of unnecessary materials. 

At KitchenFold, we appreciate brands that consider their environmental impact.

Everything inside was well protected and in perfect condition.

What’s In The Box?

  1. The 800W 12-Speed Electric Motor
  2. Blender Attachment
  3. 600ml Container
  4. Milk Frother
  5. Egg Whisk
  6. 500ml Food Chopper

Design & Construction

Frequently, a product looks nothing like the pictures you saw online or in commercials; however, the Akecool handheld blender was identical to the marketing material, which made a nice change.

We found the appliance had a decent weight after we connected the blender attachment, which lends itself nicely to higher quality. Its overall appearance was pleasing to the eye.

Unfortunately, after only a few uses, the shiny gloss plastic finish already started showing signs of wear.

Blue backlights illuminate the speed controls, giving off a satisfying glow. At the same time, the controls themselves provide feedback by making a clicking sound, so you know that you’ve engaged the appliance.

The attachment connector is the weak link in the Akecool immersion blender as it’s made of plastic that might fail during difficult tasks. A metal construction would work better, especially considering the blender’s 800W motor crammed into the small space.

The blender’s head is made from 304 stainless steel, so it should be robust and durable. However, the rest of the attachment felt very lightweight and didn’t fill us with confidence.

Having an egg whisker attachment is a huge advantage for the Akecool blender, and it felt well put together and sturdy. We had no issues with the construction of this attachment.

We found the food chopper had a two-blade system which was adequate, it won’t be able to process huge amounts of food like a good-sized food processor, but it’s handy for small portions of meat, vegetables, or fruit.

Four rubber feet are mounted on the bottom of the food chopper to stop it from sliding around our countertop, which works well.

We minced 300g of beef in the chopper, and the Acekool blender handled it relatively well. We had to stop a couple of times to scrape pieces off the sides to make sure it was ground evenly, but that was no big deal.

The milk frother does what it should. It froths milk well.

Performance & Ease of Use

As the Acekool handheld blender is fitted with an 800W motor, it can perform most daily tasks with relative ease. Making pumpkin soup was a breeze, leaving us with a smooth and creamy finish with no lumps.

However, power isn’t everything. While whisking eggs, we found that even on the lowest speed setting, the motor base was giving too much power to the whisk, and it rotated the head so fast that the eggs splashed all over the sides.

Despite the over-eager motor and the 800-watt power output, we were pleasantly surprised at how silently this handheld blend ran.

Fixing the attachments to the blend wasn’t as straightforward as we would have liked, and it required a bit of force to get them locked into place.

The rubber buttons have a nice quality feel that lets you know that they’re there, though there is a fair amount of travel between the “off” setting on the activation switch, which could prove tiring after prolonged use.

Acekool markets this blender as having an “ergonomic grip”, yet only the buttons are rubberized. While the handheld blender is by no means slippery, an ergonomic grip would be more effective with additional rubber around the area you hold in your hand.

Cleaning the Acekool blender after using it was easy. By their very nature, all the attachments are detachable and can be washed in the sink or a dishwasher.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for an affordable yet versatile handheld blender that won’t take up much space in your kitchen, the Acekool 12-Speed handheld blender could fit the bill.

Though it’s not the most attractive handheld on the market, it’s not exactly ugly either. It performs pretty well considering the low price point and is a decent choice for people who want a blender for simple everyday tasks.

If you want an appliance for more challenging kitchen jobs, then a Breville or Braun blender would be a better tool for the job. And while they are far superior, you’ll be looking at a price point that’s 2-3 times higher than the affordable Acekool handheld blender.

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