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Almond Ceramic Copper Frying Pan
  • The nonstick interior of the pan is smooth and works very well but for like 8 according to most users, after which food starts to stick on the surface.
  • Another gripe we had with the pan is that the bottom is bowed, not flat and as a result, the oil tends to accumulate on the edge instead of spreading out evenly.
  • It has a 3mm thick aluminum base so it’s quite solid for daily heavy use and can resist warping provided you use it on medium heat.

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Finding a good ceramic frying pan is like a gamble. There are lots of options out there and we’ve seen most models making claims only to lose their nonstick property after just a few months of use. 

We would like to share our selection for the best ceramic frying pans and give you some insight to help you determine whether ceramic is the right choice for your kitchen. 

Are Ceramic Frying Pans Safe?

Yes, they are safe primary because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals and materials like PFOA, PTFE, lead, or cadmium. At higher temperatures beyond 500oF, they won’t give off fumes that are bad for our health and the environment. No risk of something leaching into the food either as is the case with PTFE pans. 

Is ceramic nonstick coating the best choice?

Not really since the choice is more about being healthier at higher temperatures and better for the environment, rather than a great nonstick ability.

Generally, we wouldn’t recommend choosing a ceramic coated pan because they are less durable than PTFE-based nonstick coatings. The nonstick effect doesn’t last long at all and the performance isn’t as good as most brands claim. 

The only advantage they have against other pans is that they don’t use PTFE, PFOA, lead, or cadmium which are considered toxic materials.

If you want a great nonstick property, PTFE based nonstick coating is the better choice. But if you don’t care about the nonstick feature, then choose cast iron or multi clad stainless steel pans. They can last decades.

If you are still thinking of getting a ceramic pan though, then here are the best options you can consider.

Our selection of the best ceramic frying pan

Almond Ceramic Copper Frying Pan

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Almond might be a lesser-known brand in the industry but they have several quality pans under their name and this 12-inch ceramic copper frying pan is one of them. It’s amongst the few ceramic pans that strike a balance between price and performance.


The nonstick interior of the pan is smooth and works very well but for like 8 according to most users, after which food starts to stick on the surface. 

Nonetheless, of all the pans we’ve listed here , this unit has one of the most effective nonstick property though it doesn’t last long.

The depth is somewhat low, thereby you will have to watch out for potential spilling of food, especially when cooking something that requires stirring. 

Another gripe we had with the pan is that the bottom is bowed, not flat and as a result, the oil tends to accumulate on the edge instead of spreading out evenly. 

However, if you often make a lot of eggs and omelets at once, then this might meet your needs. It’s 12-inches in diameter which is enough to accommodate a modest amount of food. 

The overall construction is robust. It has a 3mm thick aluminum base so it’s quite solid for daily heavy use and can resist warping provided you use it on medium heat.

Handle and Lid

The pan’s handle is durable stainless steel but with no stay-cool fitting, it can become hot when cooking on high temperatures such that you can’t lift or move it. 

You get a tempered glass lid along with the pan. The pan is oven safe up to 420oF but we wouldn’t recommend the lid for oven use or high heat cooking. As noted by many customers, the lid is not tempered glass. It can shatter even at medium temperature. 

The one thing that makes this pan a good value for money is that it’s sturdy and durable plus you won’t be disappointed with regards to the nonstick performance but just for around 8 months. It can work on all stovetops too including induction.

Things we love:

  • Suitable for use with oven up to temperatures of 420oF
  • Works on all cooktops including induction and grill
  • The handle is solid and ergonomically shaped for easy use
  • Very durable and has a beautiful finishing as well as design 
  • You can hand wash it or put it in a dishwasher
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty

What’s not to like:

  • The handles can get hot while cooking
  • The depth is shallow and the bottom is bowed
  • Nonstick property doesn’t last long
  • Low-quality glass lid that’s prone to shuttering

DaTerra Cucina Vesuvio VFP-28 Ceramic Coated Frying Pan

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This is an Italian made ceramic-coated nonstick pan that stands out mainly because of its durability but it’s also equally functional and can give better nonstick results. 


This pan has a thick profile comprising of four different layers that include a 3.7mm sandblasted aluminum base. The thick body provides the required strength for it to handle constant heavy use and abuse for a long time. 

It takes time to get hot though but the heat is distributed uniformly, so your food gets cooked properly. 

The nonstick property lasts over a year which is the longest on our list, but it isn’t pretty effective like the Almond pan above. It requires using a little oil all the time and once it starts to fade everything will stick on the pan no matter what you cook.

In terms of size, it measures 11-inches in diameter. That’s large enough for couples and families too. The depth is also generous, measuring 2.5-inches deep with a flat bottom and gently sloped sides. You can toss and flip your food in the pan with much ease.

You can ideally use it to prepare a sauce and even cook stew as it’s capable of holding up to 2 quarts of liquid. Although it has a thick profile, this pan isn’t that heavy too unless you’ve got a lot of food.

It weighs only 2.2 pounds which is less than most conventional models. The aluminum base keeps everything nice and light.

Handle and Lid

The handle is comfortable to hold and at medium temperature or below, it stays cool. 

The silicone fitting, however, is thinner and doesn’t provide enough protection from the heat when the pan is very hot. Moreover, it tends to rotate on the metal after some times which may make it hard to handle the pan. 

A lid is included in the package and unlike that of the Almond frying pan, this one is made of a good quality tempered glass. It’s safe for use only up to 350oF. It has a silicone rim that allows you to safely place it on a counter while it’s hot without risk of damage. 

The sturdy, durable construction coupled with the slightly long-lasting nonstick surface are certainly the main highlights of this pan and are what makes it worth the money, that is if you want something that can last and don’t really mind the nonstick ability.

Things we love:

  • Strong and durable, can hold up to frequent use for a long time
  • Good quality glass lid with silicone rim and handle
  • Nonstick capability can last over a year
  • Generous cooking space and depth 
  • Handle stays cool when cooking on a moderate heat level
  • You get one-year warranty backed by a one-year money-back guarantee

What’s not to like:

  • Requires constant use of oil or butter for good nonstick results
  • Not suitable for use on induction cooktops
  • Handles don’t stay cool when the pan is hot for long
  • The silicone stay-cool fitting eventually becomes loose

GreenPan CW0004157 Lima Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan

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GreenPan is a familiar brand in the nonstick cookware industry. It’s one of the pioneers of ceramic-coated nonstick cookware. Featuring in our list is their Lima CW0004157 ceramic fry pan and this is a decent option for those looking for a relatively big pan for preparing large amounts of food. 


 At medium heat, you can fry anything in this pan and it will wipe out clean without much effort. The trouble comes when used on high heat (overheat it) – the Thermolon ceramic coating stops being nonstick.

If you cook at low to medium heat, then you’ll be okay. Regardless though, the nonstick property will work well for about 6 months only and begin to disappear. It’s not the ideal choice should you need something that can last a little over a year. 

But if what you are after is a large pan for preparing family-size eggs, omelets, bacon, or other meals, this is a good choice. It gives you a 12-inch cooking surface which is enough to pull off whole chicken sears and even two large steaks. 

The biggest drawback is the weight. It’s heavy, weighing 4.21 pounds. Tossing food in it will be a hustle and you can even strain to lift it one-handed when filled with food. Another thing is that it’s not deeper thus some food can spill over when tossing or stirring. 

The built quality is nice. The base is a thick, hard-anodized aluminum material that is as tough as stainless steel and durable. 

Handle and Lid

The pan has a riveted stainless steel handle. It’s sturdy and contoured to provide a comfortable grip. It has no stay-cool fitting and for that, it can get hot on high heat. This is not a problem when cooking at medium heat. 

GreenPad has included a transparent tempered glass lid and it’s oven safe up to 420oF. Its handle is, however, a bit large. You can’t flip the lid to store it upside down in the pan.

There’s a little gap between the metal rim and the glass of the lid which gets dirty and the heat burns it somehow that it sticks making it hard to clean.

Overall, we find this to be a fitting option if you need a large size ceramic pan that’s suitable for a multitude of cooking. There are concerns though from several users than the company isn’t responsive regarding the warranty if it fails. They offer a lifetime guarantee but there’s not clear info.

Things we love:

    • Durable hard-anodized aluminum base
    • Large cooking surface for making lots of food
    • Suitable for oven use but up to 600oF
    • The handle is sturdy and offers a comfortable grip.

What’s not to like:

  • Nonstick property lasts only up to 6 months
  • Handle tends to get slightly hot on high heat
  • Heavy and has a shallow depth
  • Good for handwash only
  • You can’t use it on induction cooktops.

Tramontina 80110/043DS Ceramica Fry Pan

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The Tramontina 80110/043DS Ceramica proves to be a reliable ceramic frying pan that’s both functional and durable. It’s a more basic pan but you get your money’s worth with it. 


The nonstick surface of the Tramontina 80110/043DS Ceramica is much effective and of higher quality like that of the Almond. It works great on low to medium heat and heat distribution is uniform. Food slides off it easily without sticking. 

This goes on well up to 8 months where food like scrambled eggs start to stick to the bottom. According to “consensus”, seasoning it and using a little oil helps keep the nonstick property going but only for a short while. 

The sides are tall and have the right slope for easy food release and flipping. The entire body of the pan is made from heavy-gauge aluminum. It has a strong bottom and it doesn’t warp quickly on heat. Provided you don’t do high heat cooking often and you only hand wash it, it can survive over a year. 


The handle is sturdy and offers a soft grip but we don’t understand why they fitted it with a stay-cool silicone only to leave a metal tab exposed at the end. As a lot of users noted, the metal patch does get hotter than the stay-cool silicone, defeating its purpose altogether.

The pan doesn’t come with a lid which is another downside in addition to the fact that it can’t work on induction cookers. Nonetheless, you can use it on an oven up to 350oF.

Tramontina offers a “Lifetime Warranty” on the pan. The reality is that it’s meaningless since it doesn’t cover warping, chipping, or loss of nonstick ability which are defects resulting from the pan design. 

The manufacture calls them normal wear and tear. Furthermore, you have to ship it to them at your own cost for them to determine whose fault it is.  

On the whole, most ceramic cookware gets worn out pretty fast but this Tramontina pan proved that with proper usage care, it can serve you well a bit longer with regards to cooking performance and durability. It’s worth the money.

Things to love:

  • Nonstick property is reliable and can last for a while
  • Sturdy and durable construction with a heavy bottom
  • Relatively high sloped sidewalls for easy flipping of food
  • Safe to use in an oven but up to 350oF
  • Very lightweight, weighing just 1.58 pounds.

What’s not to like:

  • Does not comes with a lid
  • Not suitable for high heat cooking
  • Not designed for use on induction cooktops
  • Nonstick surface needs seasoning for a long-lasting effect.

Gotham Steel 5 Piece Ceramic Coated Pots and Pan Set

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If you need a set of ceramic cookware that works well on induction cooktops and can deliver better nonstick effect, then this set of Gotham Steel pots and pans may be of interest. 


There are mixed reactions regarding this set’s nonstick performance. Some work fine as nonstick while some don’t. The skillet and fry pan seems okay. 

Their nonstick property is effective for at most 8 months. The pot, on the other hand, works better as nonstick when you use a little oil or butter.

In terms of size, the frying pan and the 2-quart pot provide large capacities that can meet everyday cooking needs for a medium-sized family. They have deep depths that make flipping and stirring food easy. 

Like we said earlier, the strength of this set lies in their ability to work on any stovetop, especially the frying pan. 

The base of each unit is aluminum, but quite substantial and many users agree that the heat distribution, when placed on induction cooktops, is uniform due to the solid aluminum construction and the stainless steel induction plate fitted on the bottom.

The plate allows both the pans and the pot to react pretty well to the induction cooktop plus they are safe for oven use up to 500oF.

Handles and Lids

It’s somewhat disappointing that the handles are not the stay-cool type. They are entirely plain metal handles that get hot on medium or high heat making it hard to handle the pan when cooking for a prolonged time. 

As for the lids, they are heavy-duty,  so they can hold up to frequent use and abuse. But again their handles can’t stay cool. They get so hot that you can burn yourself removing them. 

There’s small print on the products that states that the assortment is dishwasher safe, but it’s not true since the nonstick surface will deteriorate with dishwasher use.

With that said, we liked the overall quality of the set. They can indeed give you years of use and the manufacturer offers a longer 10-years limited warranty although there are any mentions whether or not they honor it in case of defects. In general, for use primarily on induction cooktops, this is a set you can consider.

Things to love:

  • Pans have a fairly effective nonstick surface
  • Performs well on induction cooktops with even heat distribution
  • Relatively thick and strong construction that can last for years
  • Safe for use on oven up to 500oF and features heavy-duty lids 
  • Comes with a long 10-year limited warranty.

What’s not to like:

  • The pot’s nonstick effect requires a bit of oil or butter to work best
  • Handles don’t have a firm grip and get so hot when cooking.

GreenLife Soft Grip CW000529-002 Fry Pan Set

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Next up we have the GreenLife Soft Grip Open Frypan set which is another alright pick for those that want more than one ceramic frying pan for daily cooking. The set includes one 10-inch and one-7-inch ceramic coated pans. 


The nonstick ceramic surface of both pans is slick and releases food easily as long as you don’t cook beyond medium heat. The coating faces the same durability challenge as the rest and will begin to fade after a couple of months, actually after 3 to 6 months. 

They do take longer to heat up too compared to the other pans which means it will take you much longer to cook your food. Limiting you to medium heat only also means that they are not ideal for searing meat, but for omelets and crepes, they will do fine.

Heat distribution is good and they are not likely to warp quickly with regular use since the base is hard anodized aluminum. Unfortunately, several users noted that the bottom and the top edges of the pans get some discoloration over time. 


The major problem with this set is the handle. They have a rubberized grip that extends too far towards the pans and the heat source. Expect them to get burnt very easily and melt off the handle when the pans are centered on the flame or when the flame is so large. 

The other downside is that lids are not provided with the pans and you can’t use them on induction cooktops. 

What we were pleased with despite all the downsides is that the manufacturer offers a good warranty service. They are responsive and are willing to provide a replacement in case of defects in workmanship or material. They won’t cover any defects on the nonstick coating unless it’s within the first early months after purchase. 

Due to the good warranty service and the fact that you get two pieces of pans for the price of one, we can say this set is not a bad option to consider.

It’s a nice fit for a small family of two or three since you get small and medium-sized pans to cook different recipes and different size portions.

Things to love:

  • Even heat distribution 
  • Durable construction that doesn’t warp quickly
  • Oven safe but only up to 350oF
  • Two pans offered at a great price
  • Lifetime warranty with good customer service.

What’s not to like:

  • Nonstick surface wears with use over time
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Rubberized grip that mars easily on high heat
  • Can’t use the pans on induction cooktops
  • Lids not included with the set.

WaxonWare Granite Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

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If you are after something a bit different from the other common ceramic frying pans, then you can check this WaxonWare frying pan. It looks and feels different from the rest, but you may like it for its durability more than the nonstick effect.


Apparently, the nonstick coating of the WaxonWare is substandard and there are many cases of food getting stuck on the cooking surface after several weeks. Even the company states that it can last only for 3 to 6 months which is an overstretch, to say the least.

You can’t get it too hot either as it will lose its nonstick effect quicker than you can expect. If you are after a nonstick pan that can last for a reasonable time, look elsewhere. 

However, if the nonstick property is not your priority and you just need a sturdy ceramic pan that can last several years, you might as well consider it. 

It has a rigid construction consisting of 5-layers of ceramic/granite coating and a hardened 3003 aluminum alloy base that’s further reinforced by an electromagnetic induction bottom.

It’s really thick and practically scratch resistant hence can last for a while. You can use it on all stovetops including induction due to the electromagnetic induction plate added to the aluminum base. 


The handle a firmly riveted to the pan and has a secure grip. It’s fitted with a silicone layer to keep it cool which doesn’t do so effectively. It’s likely to melt when exposed to very high temperatures. 

You have to use the pan on low to medium heat to protect the handle. It’s not oven safe at all either and it does not come with a lid which is rather disappointing.  

You get a table mat instead. It’s a useful addition that enables you to place the pan on your table while it’s hot without getting it burned. 

The pan comes with a 3-year limited warranty but it seems from the many complaints that the company doesn’t honor the warranty. They have turned down several genuine claims even when the pan becomes defective after a month of use. 

All in all, the one advantage you may get by purchasing this pan is its durability provided you don’t use it on high heat. Other than that, it’s not an option we would recommend with regard to nonstick performance.

Things to love:

  • Rigid and durable product with a warp-resistant base
  • Electromagnetic induction bottom safe for all stovetops
  • Includes a table mat for placing the hot pan on a table.

What’s not to like:

  • The nonstick effect doesn’t last at all
  • Not safe for oven or high-temperature use (handle can melt)
  • Doesn’t come with any lid
  • Poor warranty service.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Ceramic Frying Pan

The Nonstick Surface

The nonstick effect of ceramic coated pans doesn’t last long at all even with caution and care. Most can barely last over a year. Therefore, for extra durability, go for a unit that features at least 3 ceramic nonstick layers, not the usual 1 to 2 layers.

The Base Material

Note that ceramic is only used for the interior of these pans but the base is usually either aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum base pans are excellent heat conductors and lightweight.
They allow even cooking. The downside is that they warp easily on high temperatures and are not induction cooker compatible. Anodized aluminum pans, however, are stronger but they can’t as well work on induction cookers.
Stainless steel ceramic pans are the strongest and last longer. You can use them on induction cookers but are susceptible to hot spots. Therefore, a suitable option here is picking a unit with aluminum/stainless steel construction like the Gotham Steel set.
You will get the effective conduction qualities of aluminum plus the strength of stainless steel which will also make the pan suitable for use on induction cooktops.


We recommend choosing a pan that’s at least 2 to 3mm thick. These are more preferable because a thin pan means that your food will be too close to the heat source and as such, it may stick on the surface and burn without cooking. Moreover, a pan with a thick base will last longer.

The Size and Depth

Your choice when it comes to pan size will solely depend on your family size as well as what you intend to cook. The size of ceramic pans often ranges from 7 to 14 inches.
If you are cooking for 4 to 5 people, a 12 or 14-ich pan is ideal. For a family of two, a 10 or 11-inch pan would be a good fit and if you live alone, the small 9 or 7-inch pan is ideal.
Look too for a pan that has high sidewalls that are slightly flared, instead of those where the sidewalls are at a 90-degree angle. These are better because they allow for easier, less-drippy pouring and stirring or flipping of food.

The Handle

A frying pan must have a secure handle. This ensures your safety when using the pan. Therefore, look out for handles that have the anti-heat feature as they are safer. Wood handles are a better choice since they are easy to grip and safe to touch. A stainless steel handle with a stay-cool fitting is a good choice too.

The Lid

You can buy a lid separately, but it’s better to select a pan that comes with its lid to ensure the right fitting.


You should consider a flexible frying pan, a pan you can use on all stovetops because some don’t work on induction cooktops. If you use an induction cooktop or even if you don’t have one, you should pick a pan that can work on any stovetop as you might need it later on.


The rule here is simple, the longer the better. However, make sure to check reviews about the warranty service as we’ve seen a lot of companies offering good warranty periods but fail to honor claims in case of defects. So, be on the lookout.

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