Best Crepe Pan: 14 pans of different materials compared

Sale 17%
Cuisinart 10-inch Nonstick crepe pan
Cuisinart makes a variety of top quality crepe pans. This pan is lightweight, heats up evenly and has a good quality nonstick coating. Making crepes in this pan is an easy task.
  • They do not stick and the pan flips and swirls easily.
  • The handle is comfortable to work with and stays cool.
  • This pan is oven safe to 500F.
If you make crepes often, or in large batches, this is an excellent pan to use.

Crepes can be made in almost any frying pan. But using a crepe pan will take your crepe making to a whole new level. The outer wall is low, making it easier to turn the crepes than it is in a frying pan. A crepe pan has a flat surface, making it a versatile pan that can be used to fry many other foods too. The outer wall is not high enough to hold in liquids and the pan has no way to drain fat easily. It is, however, perfect for frying less juicy food items like tortillas, hash browns, and omelets.

Best crepe pan in each category

  1. Lodge 10.5-inch cast iron (Best cast iron crepe pan)
  2. De Buyer 9.5-inch carbon steel (Best carbon steel crepe pan)
  3. Cucina Pro 12-inch Nonstick Crepe Maker (Best electric crepe pan)
  4. De Buyer 8-inch Blue Steel (Best French crepe pan)
  5. Cuisinart 10-inch Nonstick (Best nonstick crepe pan)
  6. Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Steel (Best induction crepe pan)
  7. Mauviel M’Heritage 9.5-inch Copper (Best copper crepe pan)

1. Lodge 10.5-inch cast iron pan

Sale 33%
Lodge Cast Iron Griddle, Round, 10.5 Inch
  • Foundry seasoned, ready to use upon purchase
  • Use on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires
  • Oven safe

The Lodge cast iron pan is strong and versatile. It works well on the stovetop, in the oven, and outdoors on the fire. It is great for making crepes and can be used to make breakfasts, grilled sandwiches, tortillas, and even roasted vegetables. Cast iron heats up slowly. The pan should be heated on a low to medium heat. It retains heat well and cooks evenly. 

When the pan comes to heat, add your oil or butter. Always add your fat before pouring in the crepe mix. Cast iron naturally releases the cooked food when seasoned well. The pan is pre-seasoned but needs extra seasoning before first use. Cleaning this pan is quick and easy. It can be wiped out with a paper towel after making crepes. If it is washed in soapy water it must be re-seasoned. Take care to keep this pan dry and lightly oiled to protect it from oxidation. This pan is our favorite cast iron griddle pan.

2. Victoria 15-inch cast iron pan

Sale 17%
Victoria Cast Iron Pizza Crepe Pan, Dosa, Roti Tawa, Budare, 15 Inch, Black
  • ✔️ Better performance. Large round cast iron Dosa pan with loop handle was designed by our engineers for better leverage and easier handling
  • ✔️ Ready-to-use. This 15" Cast iron crepe pan is pre-seasoned at high temperatures using 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil for a natural easy-release seasoning that gets even better with time
  • ✔️ VERSATILE. You can bake a delicious pizza or cookies, fry eggs or bacon, make pancakes, Dosa, roti, also broil, Roast, or grill veggies and meats

The Victoria 15-inch cast iron pan is 5-inches bigger and makes larger crepes. This is a great crepe pan and can be used as a pizza pan. It is also versatile and can be used to make a lot of other foods. Pancakes, dosa, meat, and vegetables also cook well on this pan. It can be used on gas, electric and induction stovetops. It also works well in the oven, under the broil, and on the campfire. This high quality cast iron pan is incredibly durable. The quality is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.

3. De Buyer 9.5-inch carbon steel crepe pan

de Buyer - Mineral B Crepe & Tortilla Pan - Nonstick Frying and Pancake Pan - Carbon and Stainless Steel - Induction-ready - 10.25"
  • Tortilla Pan: Carbon steel pan is ideal for all your batters, crepes, pancakes, and tortillas
  • The Darker The Better: Signature beeswax finish protects against oxidation
  • Nonstick Kitchen Essentials: Has natural nonstick once seasoned; Follow seasoning care instructions

De Buyer’s 10.25-inch carbon steel pan is 100% natural and made of 99% pure iron. Seasoning the pan provides a natural nonstick effect. It will become darker and offer more nonstick as it is used. This pan offers healthier cooking and is built to last a lifetime. The pan does not come pre-seasoned. It is covered in bee wax to prevent oxidation. The manufacturer provides clear instructions to remove the bee wax. The pan must be seasoned before its first use.

  • This pan is can be used on most stovetops, including induction.
  • It is made from thick, durable iron and can be used with metal utensils.
  • The pan should be washed quickly in hot water and wiped with a little oil before being stored.

4. Nordic Ware 10-inch French Steel Crepe Pan

Sale 40%
Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan, 10-Inch
  • Larger cooking area than traditional crepe pans
  • Aluminized steel construction
  • Superior non-stick interior

Carbon steel is lighter than cast iron and is a good material for a natural-nonstick crepe pan. The Nordic Ware French Steel Crepe Pan has a steel bottom and aluminum layers. The aluminized steel conducts heat well and evenly cooks the thin crepe batter. The interior is covered in a superior nonstick coating and cooks great crepes. There is no need for oil or butter thanks to the nonstick coating. The pan heats up quickly and also cooks great pancakes, eggs, and grilled sandwiches. It is lightweight, making it easy to flip crepes. The stainless-steel handle is long, comfortable and stays cool. This pan should be washed by hand to preserve the nonstick layer. It is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty.

5. Cucina Pro 12-inch Nonstick Crepe Maker

Sale 22%
12" Griddle & Crepe Maker, Non-Stick Electric Crepe Pan with Batter Spreader and Recipe Guide - Dual Use for Blintzes, Eggs, Pancakes and More, Mothers Day Gift for Breakfast
  • Delicate crepes and blintzes are made quickly and easily on this 12" non-stick crepe maker and griddle
  • Five different temperature settings, you'll have precise control for perfect results
  • The aluminum plate is also ideal for using as a griddle, perfect for making stacks of pancakes, bacon and other breakfast favorites

It may be easier to use an electric pan as you have more control of the temperature. The Cucina Pro has 5 temperature settings. They offer a precise range of heat to perfect crepes. This machine has a 12-inch plate and makes a nice size crepe. The on/off light tells you when the griddle is warm enough to cook. Spread a thin layer of crepe batter on the plate and watch it cook. The batter spreader that is provided helps to spread the batter very thinly. The aluminum plate has a nonstick coating that works very well and is easy to clean. It only needs to be wiped clean.

This is a versatile machine that can be used to make pancakes, breakfasts, and even for proofing dough. It should not be used to cook anything with too much fat or liquid because there is no way to drain excess liquids.

6. Chefman Electric Crepe Maker

Sale 14%
Chefman Electric Crepe Maker Griddle:Precise Temperature Control for Perfect Blintzes, Pancakes,Eggs, Bacon and more,12Inch Non-Stick Grill Pan,Includes Batter Spreader & Spatula,Black,Version 1
  • GET BRUNCHIN’: Skip the brunch lines and whip up delicious café-quality crepes right at home! With the Chefman Electric Crepe Maker & Griddle you can quickly and easily make crepes, blintzes, pancakes, omelets, hash browns and many more breakfast favorites. This multi-functional crepe pan also doubles as a griddle, so you can use it day or night. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner will be easier and more fun than ever!
  • PERFECTLY PRECISE: Powerful 1000-Watt heating element with a precise temperature control knob gives you consistently delicious & even results every time. Light up power feature indicates that your crepe maker is heating up, while green indicator light illuminates when it has reached desired cooking temperature. Includes free batter spreader and spatula for perfect distribution & easy crepe creation.
  • SAVES TIME AND EFFORT: Large cooking area makes it easy to create restaurant style crepes in your own kitchen. Simply preheat the crepe maker, spread a thin layer of batter, and watch your crepe cook in seconds. Use the included batter spreader and spatula for perfect distribution, smooth texture, and easy flipping.

The Chefman 12-inch Electric Crepe Maker offers a nonstick surface on a cast iron griddle. It heats up quickly thanks to its 1200 watt heating element. The red light indicator tells you the pan is on. When it is heated up and ready to cook the green light comes on. This pan can be used to cook omelets, hash browns and pancakes too. It is perfect for making most breakfast options. It comes with a wooden batter spreader and spatula.

7. De Buyer 8-inch Blue Steel Crepe Pan

de Buyer - Force Blue - Blue Steel Crepe & Tortilla Pan - Nonstick Carbon Steel Frying Pan with Traditional French Handle - For Use with Low to Medium Heat - 9.5", 2 mm
  • Tortilla Pan: This blue steel pan is ideal for all your batters, crepes, pancakes, and tortillas
  • Nonstick Crepe Pan: Nonstick surface and effective heat distribution ensure great results every time
  • Nonstick Kitchen Essentials: Has natural nonstick once seasoned; Follow seasoning care instructions

De Buyer is a French manufacturer synonymous with quality products. This crepe pan is shallow and perfect makes great crepes. The contoured handle is long and makes it easy to swirl the batter in the pan. It is a solid pan but is not heavy. Crepes can easily be flipped in this pan.

This carbon steel pan is protected from oxidation through the process of bluing. The manufacturer gives detailed instructions to clean off this layer. Do not skip the potato-boiling step. This will help to properly remove all residues and make the pan safe to cook with. Once the pan is cleaned it can be seasoned. The pan will become darker and more nonstick with use. Hand washing the pan in hot water cleans it well. It should never be left to soak. Do not use soap or abrasives, as this will remove your natural nonstick layer. If you do you will need to re-season the pan all over again.

8. Mauviel M'steel Crepe Pan

Mauviel Made In France M'steel Black Steel Crepe Pan, 9.5-Inch
  • Country of Origin : France
  • The Package Height of the Product is 20.0 inches
  • The Package Length of the Product is 20.0 inches

Mauviel is a French cookware manufacturer that is infamous for copper cookware. Copper heats up faster than other metals and is corrosion resistant. The combination of stainless steel and copper offers a healthy cooking surface. This pan is much pricier than other crepe pans on the market. It is a long-term investment and has a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects. It can be used on gas, electric and halogen stovetops, and in the oven. Mauviel manufactures an induction interface disc that enables this pan to be used on induction stovetops too.

9. Cuisinart 10-inch Hard Anodized Nonstick Crepe Pan

Sale 17%
Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan,Black
  • The hard anodized exterior is dense, nonporous, and highly wear-resistant for extra durability and professional performance.
  • Quantanium interior, a patented nonstick cooking surface reinforced with titanium, provides healthful nonfat cooking options and easy clean up
  • Solid stainless steel riveted handles stay cool on the stovetop: provide a safe and solid grip

Cuisinart manufactures excellent nonstick crepe pans. The hard-anodized aluminum is very light but extra durable. The titanium reinforced nonstick layer is strong and releases food quickly. Very little fat is needed when cooking in this pan and it is easy to clean. The stainless steel handle offers solid grip. It will stay cool on the stovetop. This pan is also oven safe to 500F. It is well made and will not warp. 

This crepe pan is perfectly balanced and stays flat on the stovetop. It is a heavy-duty pan that is gentle on the hands. It is the right thickness and size for perfect crepes. Swirling batter and flipping crepes is easy to do in this pan. Crepes cook evenly and quickly. Even the lip of the rim is coated in nonstick so nothing sticks anywhere. Customers also love using this pan to make tortillas and omelets. We recommend reading our full review of Cuisinart cookware.

10. Cook N Home 10.25-inch nonstick Crepe Pan

Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle, 26cm, Black
  • Made of aluminum that provides even heat conduction and prevents hot spots
  • Has a nonstick coating that makes flipping crepes/food release/cleaning easy
  • Handle is comfortable and stays cool; Lightweight for control and plating

The Cook N Home 10.25-inch nonstick Crepe Pan is made of thick gauge aluminum. The aluminum conducts heat evenly and cooks crepes well. The interior of the pan has a good nonstick coating. The nonstick coating releases food quickly and makes flipping crepes a breeze. It is also easy to clean. The soft-touch handle is comfortable and stays cool. This pan is only for stovetop use. This is a lightweight, heavy-duty pan made for everyday use.

11. Cuisinart 10-inch French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Steel

Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 10-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pan
  • 10-Inch non-stick crepe pan
  • Tri-ply stainless steel
  • Stay-cool stainless handles

This Cuisinart pan is made of tri-ply stainless steel which makes it induction-ready cookware. The tri-ply design ensures optimal heating. It has the fast heat conductivity of aluminum, with the heat retention and durability of steel. Customers find it is a pleasure to use. It is easy to clean and heats evenly throughout. This is a heavier pan with a great nonstick surface. Crepes slide and toss easily in this pan. The stay-cool handle is made of stainless steel. It is elegant and does stay cool. 

12. Woll Diamond Lite 10.25-inch Induction Ready Crepe Pan

Sale 18%
Woll Diamond Lite Nonstick Induction Ready Crepe Pan, 10.25 Inch, Gray
  • Extremely cut and scratch resistant, ultra hard coating with embedded diamond crystals and totally non-stick thanks to superfine nanoparticles
  • Cast handle for safe lifting and handling with an integral, threaded brass insert for sturdy, firmly affixed handles
  • Additionally reinforced edge offers high level of shock resistance and no-mess pouring of sauces

The Woll Diamond Lite 10.25-inch Induction Ready Crepe Pan is made of cast aluminum. The nonstick layer is embedded with diamond crystals and has superfine nanoparticles. This makes it scratch resistant and very hard. It is also PFOA-free. The handle is not riveted to the pan. It is designed for safe lifting and handling. It is affixed with a threaded brass insert. This pan is also oven safe to 500F.

13. Mauviel M’Heritage 9.5-inch Copper Crepe Pan

Mauviel M'Heritage M150C Crepes Pan 24cm/" with Cast Stainless Steel Iron Eletroplated Handle
  • MADE IN FRANCE. Mauviel cookware products bring performance and pleasure to successful chefs, and to all those who aspire to become chefs. Guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE Copper heats more evenly, much faster than other metals and offers superior cooking control
  • 90% COPPER, 10% STAINLESS STEEL. Copper offers superior control, heats evenly and much faster than other metals. Stainless Steel interior preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods

The French manufacturer Mauviel makes the best copper crepe pans. They are extremely durable and guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects. The M’Heritage range combines 90% copper with 10% stainless steel. The copper heats up quickly and evenly. The stainless steel provides a healthy cooking platform. These pans must be hand washed. The copper exterior oxidizes when exposed to the gas flame. Use a copper cleaner to restore its beautiful shine. These pans are expensive but are value for money. They look beautiful and will last for many years.

The 9.5-inch pan is specifically designed with a low rim for turning crepes. It has a sturdy stainless steel handle. The handle stays cool during use. The pan can be used all gas, electric, halogen and induction stovetops. Mauviel makes a separate induction disc that can be bought for this purpose. This pan is also suitable for oven use. 

14. Mauviel M’Heritage 12-inch crepe pan

Mauviel Made In France M'Heritage Copper M150B 12-Inch Crepe Frying Pan with Bronze Handle
  • 12-inch flat bottom crêpe pan with shallow sloped sides
  • Efficient 2 mm copper exterior conducts heat quickly
  • Non-reactive stainless interior lining holds up to heavy use and cleans easily

The Mauviel M’Heritage 12-inch crepe pan is made of the same copper and stainless steel. It has a limited lifetime warranty. This pan has a bronze handle that is long and thin. It is not as comfortable to work with. The bronze handle also gets very hot when used on the stovetop. You will need a mitt or silicone handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crepe pan?

A crepe pan is a round pan with a flat bottom and low, straight sides. It is designed to fry thin crepes. The low sides make it much easier to get a spatula under the crepe to turn it over.

What is the best size for a crepe pan?

The best size for a crepe pan is around 10-inches. The size of your crepe will depend on the size of your pan. If you prefer smaller or mini crepes then an 8-inch pan would be good. 

How to use a crepe pan

It is easy to use a crepe pan. Heat your pan up slowly on medium heat. You don’t want the pan to get too hot. Add a tiny amount of butter to your pan when it is hot. Once the butter has melted and evenly spread across the pan you are ready to add the batter. Lift the pan and tilt it to one side as you put in a few tablespoons of batter. Swirl the pan to spread the batter across the whole pan. The thinner the batter the better it will do the job. If your batter is too thick, add a little more liquid to it.

Once the batter starts to dry the crepe will release from the pan. It is ready to be flipped, with or without a spatula. Crepes cook quite quickly. Soon it will be cooked on the other side and you can slide it out the pan onto a plate. Cover the crepes to keep them warm until you’re ready to serve them. They don’t need to be eaten hot.

How to season a crepe pan

If your pan is not pre-seasoned, wash it first in hot, soapy water. Dry it thoroughly and heat it up on medium heat. Add about a tablespoon of oil to your pan. Grapeseed, Canola and Peanut oil are all excellent oils for this task. They have a high smoking point. Use a paper towel or pastry brush to spread the oil over the entire surface.

Heat the pan on medium heat on the stovetop. This will take about 15 minutes. When the oil begins to smoke remove the pan from the heat. When the pan has cooled completely, wipe off any excess oil. Your pan is now seasoned and ready for use. This process can be repeated if necessary.

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