Mauviel Cookware Reviews

Mauviel first started making copper cookware in 1830 and was founded by Mr. Ernest Mauviel in a village in Normandy called Villedieu-les-Poêles. Nearly two hundred year down the line they are still making superior quality copper cookware.

Copper cookware is a stunning addition to the kitchen, it really stands out and makes an impression. Mauviel cookware is both breathtaking and durable. The copper pots and pans are built to last for several generations, while being used daily, and are suitable for both home chefs and professional chefs.

Mauviel produces lots of different products including champagne buckets, cookware, butter dishes, mini cookware and serving trays. They use a variety of materials when constructing their products including copper, stainless steel and aluminum.

Copper is great at retaining and evenly distributing heat and ranks between cast iron and aluminum in comparison. Because of its excellent heat retention and distribution, copper only needs half as much heat as other metal cookware and will continue to cook even after you have switched off the hob. 

Mauviel cookware is very popular because it retains its shiny surface and is durable under high heat. Copper, however, does require more care than just washing after use. The tin layer that coats the copper needs to be polished after every dozen uses to make sure it doesn’t wear down. This can be done using copper polish, lemon juice or vinegar.

Stainless steel, copper and aluminum are all materials that work well on most hobs. You will need to purchase an interface disc for your copper cookware if you want to use it on an induction hob. Copper does not work so well on induction hobs and the disc will aid in the transfer heat.

In this article we will review several different Mauviel cookware sets and individual pieces in a variety of materials. 

Mauviel M’Cook Stainless Steel Series

The M’Cook Stainless Steel Series is both durable and beautiful. It will be a wonderful addition to your cookware supply and will look great in your kitchen. The uniquely designed handles are made to fit your hand perfectly and provide complete control when cooking. The cast stainless steel handles are firmly riveted to the pots and pans with stainless steel rivets. Although they are stainless steel, the handles stay cool while you are cooking.

This series is quite diverse and can be used in the oven up to 680F. It’s also dishwasher safe, which will save you time when cleaning up after cooking. These pots and pans cook very well and are safe to use on most hobs including induction.

The M’Cook series is available in a 5-piece, a 8-piece, a 9-piece, a 10-piece and a 14-piece. The 5-piece set offers a 1.9-quart saucepan, a 3.4-quart sauté pan, both with lids, and a 9.5-inch skillet.

The 8-piece offers the same saucepans as the 5-piece set and as well as 2.7-quart saucepan, all with lids, a 8-inch non-stick frying pan and a 10.2-inch skillet. The 9-piece is made up of a 1.2 and a 2.7-quart saucepans, a 3.4-quart sauté pan, a 6.4-quart dutch oven, all with lids, and a 9.50-inch skillet. The 10 piece is made up of: a 6.4-quart dutch oven, a 3.4-quart sauté pan, a 2.7-quart saucepan, a 1.2-quart saucepan, all with lids, and a 9.5-inch skillet. The 14-piece offers a 1.2, 1.9 and a 3.4-quart saucepan, a sauté pan, a 6.1-quart stewpan, a 9.9-quart stock pot, all with lids, a 9.5-inch non-stick frying pan and a 11.8-inch frying pan.

They are constructed in a 5-ply design, which provides optimum heat retention and even heat distribution. The 5-ply design will also help prevent the pan from warping. The cookware set has a nice thickness of 1mm-2.6mm, depending on which piece of cookware you are using, which also helps with quick, controlled cooking and even heat distribution. The pouring rims on both the pots and the pans help to prevent drips when pouring.

To top it all off, this cookware set has a lifetime warranty.


  • The pots and pans are constructed using a 5-ply design, which helps retain and evenly distribute heat when cooking.
  • They are dishwasher and oven safe up to temperatures of 680F.
  • The comfortable stainless steel handles stay cool and provide complete control when cooking.


  • A customer commented that the lids should fit more precisely and the handles on the lids should be bigger.
  • These pots and pans are quite expensive.


These stainless steel pots and pans are very durable and will last you for several decades to come. This elegantly handcrafted cookware set is designed for everyday use by home and professional chefs. This is a top-quality cookware set and its 5-ply stainless steel design ensures optimal cooking every time.

Mauviel M150S-10 Piece Cookware Set

With its copper outer layer and stainless steel cooking surface, the Mauviel M150S-10 Piece Cookware Set is breathtaking.

Copper heats up faster than other metals and provides faster, more even cooking. Copper is a great at retaining heat and evenly distributing it.  The pots and pans are constructed out of bilaminated copper stainless steel, which is a mix of 90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel. The non-reactive stainless steel preservers flavors and is quick and easy to clean.

The set includes a 6.4-quart stew pan, a 3.2-quart sauté pan, a 1.9 and a 3.6-quart saucepan, all with lids, and a 8-inch round fry pan and a 10.2 inch skillet. The set also comes with a copperbrill cleaner to help you keep your pots and pans in pristine condition. 

The set works on most hobs including electric, halogen and gas and is oven safe. If you want to use these pots and pans on an induction stove you will need to purchase an induction stove interface disc, which can be bought separately.

These pots and pans are very durable, and the pans range in thickness from 1.5mm-2.5mm. The Mauviel M150S – 10 Piece Set also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The mixture of copper and stainless steel makes these pans heat up quickly provides even cooking.
  • This set comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • These pots and pans are oven safe and easy to clean.


  • A customer said that the pots and pans are a bit heavy.
  • If you want to use these pots and pans on an induction stove you will need to separately purchase an interface disc.
  • These pots are not dishwasher safe.


This set with its copper and stainless steel design provides superior heating and even cooking. The copper outer layer looks beautiful, and the stainless steel allows for healthy cooking. The lifetime warranty guarantees a purchase that you don’t have to be worried about. These pots and pans are going to last you many, many years.

Mauviel M’heritage Copper Cookware Set

The Mauviel M’heritage Copper Cookware Set is very similar to the Mauviel M150S – 10 Piece Set with its bilaminated copper stainless steel construction. It also has most of the same features as the Mauviel M150S – 10 Piece Set.

Its exterior has a different look though, with a brighter, more attractive finish, which will stand out in your kitchen.  The bronze handles enhance its beauty and are very comfortable.

This cookware series is available in a 5-piece and a 9-piece set. The 5-piece offers a  3.2-quart sauté pan, a 1.9-quart saucepan, both with lids, and a 10.2-inch skillet. The 9-piece offers a 6.4-quart stockpot, a 1.9 and a 2.7-quart saucepan, a 3.2-quart sauté pan, all with lids, and a 10-inch skillet. You can use these durable pots and pans to cook an endless array of dishes including stir-fries, scrambled eggs or chicken breasts.

This luxury set is also covered by the Mauviel lifetime warranty.


  • Thanks to their extra-thick copper layer, these pots and pans heat up very quickly and retain heat very well.
  • The bright, attractive copper finish on the outside of this cookware set will make your pots and pans stand out in the kitchen. 


  • Several customers have said that the pots and pans are a bit heavy and that the lids are a bit light and can dent quite easily.
  • The pots and pans bright copper layer is prone to fingerprints and smudges.


The distinguishing features of this series are its constant 2.5mm thickness in all the pots and pans and its radiant exterior copper finish. They may be slightly heavier but the copper and stainless combination makes them incredibly energy efficient and durable. This is a very luxurious series and its price reflects that.

Mauviel M’Steel Carbon Steel Non-Stick 9.5-Inch Frying Pan

The Mauviel M’Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan is constructed out of extra thick carbon steel. It offers excellent heat conduction and can withstand high heats, which allows for a longer preheating period and makes it ideal for searing. It has an iron handle that is comfortable to use and offers complete control of the pan while cooking. The pan has been designed for maximum durability.

The pan can be used on all cooking hobs including induction, halogen, gas and electric and is oven safe. It does not have a spray on non-stick layer, but should be seasoned before use according to the manufacturers instructions for a natural non-stick layer. Once seasoned, you can start cooking with the pan and it will build up a natural non-stick layer and darken over time.


  • This pan is a healthier alternative to most non-stick coatings and can be seasoned for non-stick cooking.
  • The extra thick carbon steel conducts heat well and can withstand high heats.


  • Several customers have commented that their pan arrived rusted.
  • Others seasoned their pans according to the instructions given by the manufacturer and were disappointed with the results.


This durable carbon steel pan will make a nice addition to your cookware collection and is excellent for browning, searing and stir-frying. Made to last, the natural seasoning provides a longer lasting non-stick layer than other pots and pans.

Mauviel M’Steel Black Steel Curved Sauté Pan

This curved sauté pan is made out of extra thick black steel, which is steel that has not been galvanized. It is similar to carbon steel but it less prone to corrosion. The pan has an iron handle that is riveted firmly to the side of the pan.

Like the previous carbon steel pan, the M’Steel Black Steel Curved Sauté Pan is an excellent heat conductor and is highly durable. It also has the same features.

The majority of people who have bought this pan are satisfied with their purchase and enjoy cooking with it. This series of cookware is designed to work on most hobs including induction and is safe to use with metal utensils.


  • This sauté pan is made out of black steel, which is less prone to corrosion than carbon steel.
  • The black steel is an excellent heat conductor and provides an enjoyable cooking experience.
  • You can use metal utensils when cooking with this pan.


  • Several customers found that the beeswax coating that comes with the pan was not easy to remove.
  • Customers also struggled to find a lid that fitted the pan.


This 9.5-inch sauté pan is solid and sturdy, and lighter than cast iron. The high sides of the sauté pan make cooking foods like vegetables and pasta easy. Removing the beeswax layer that protects the pan on arrival may take some work but the non-stick option it provides is healthier and longer lasting than most pans.

Mauviel Black Steel 11.8-inch Wok

This hand crafted, 3mm thick black steel wok has excellent heat conduction properties and is ideal for stir-fries and searing. It is a valuable addition to any kitchen cookware.

The wok can be used on all hobs including gas, electric and induction. It is also safe to use metal utensils when cooking. Its 9-inch long iron handle is firmly attached to the side of the wok, providing optimum control while cooking.

This wok can be seasoned to provide healthy non-stick cooking. As with all M’Steel products, avoid washing the wok with dish soap and rather wash it with warm water by hand with a soft sponge and dry it thoroughly to retain the non-stick layer that builds up.


  • The black steel provides the wok with constant, evenly distributed heat while cooking. This ensures excellent stir-frying.
  • It is safe to use metal utensils when cooking with the wok.


  • Customers struggled to get the beeswax coating off the wok.


This top quality wok is made to be used on high heats. The effort required to season the wok is worth every effort and will enable you to take maximum advantage of the excellent heat distribution the steel offers. The black steel does not make the wok much heavier than other woks but definitely offers superior quality and long-term cooking.


Our top choice is the Mauviel M150S – 10 Piece Set. It offers beauty in the kitchen as well as a superior cooking experience. When compared against the other pots and pans we have reviewed, this cookware set provides durable cookware at a reasonable price.

 M’cook Stainless SteelMauviel M150S-10 Piece Cookware SetM’heritage Copper Cookware SetM’Steel Black Steel/Carbon Steel
MaterialStainless SteelCopper and Stainless SteelCopper and Stainless SteelBlack Steel/Carbon Steel
HandlesStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelIron/Stainless Steel
Oven SafeYesYesYesYes
Dishwasher SafeYesNoNoNo

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