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Misen Cookware: great value and high quality

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Misen Essentials Cookware Set

Misen has been operating for only a few years yet has quickly established itself as a company that produces decent cookware for a reasonable price point. The ‘Misen Essentials Cookware Set’ is a multi-purpose collection that’s well designed and well made.

It does have a relatively large price point, but considering the number of pieces that come in the set, it’s not so bad if you have the budget. The pan sizes are fairly average, but it would make an ideal gift for someone starting out on their own or a newly married couple.

The Misen ethos is centralized over one core belief: Simplicity. They believe simplicity is the key to great food and that simple, fresh ingredients coupled with straightforward cooking techniques and quality tools are the foundations for a truly delicious meal.

With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Misen were able to get their start in the world of kitchen tools when they introduced the Misen Chef’s knife to the world. Their campaign was so successful they shortly after embarked on a second campaign to get their cookware range off the ground.

Misen use a direct to customer business model in an attempt to keep the retail cost down by cutting out the middleman,

Today we’re going to look at some of that range to see how well it stands up.

Misen cookware reviews

1. Misen Essentials Cookware Set

Misen has packaged together an extensive cookware set that can tackle many tasks in the kitchen.  Because there are varied pieces in this set, there’s a lot to talk about, but we’ll start with the one thing they all have in common; 5 ply stainless steel.


  • Versatility
  • Durable
  • ‘Stay-Cool’ Handles’
  • 5-Ply Stainless Steel
  • Riveted Handles


  • Large Outlay
  • Heavy Cookware
  • Heats More Slowly
  • Tricky to Clean Around the Handles
  • Hot Lids


  • What’s in the Box: 12-inch Skillet
  • 10-inch Skillet
  • 3qt Saucier
  • 3qt Saute 
  • 8qt Stockpot
  • Lids for pots
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Design & Construction

Misen has made each piece using five-ply, 3mm thick stainless steel, clad with aluminum, which makes these pans incredibly durable and tremendously efficient in retaining heat evenly throughout the pan.

Both skillets are flat-bottomed for even heating with sloped sides, which is beneficial to searing and sauteing. While there are no pour spouts, the sloped sides make it straightforward to pour out the skillets’ contents.

The saucier pan too has sloped sides, which makes it ideal for cooking more liquified contents. It’s superior to a saucepan as the rounded bottom makes stirring and whisking a more natural experience.

Unlike the skillets and saucier pan, the saute pan has vertical sides, which gives the pan a larger cooking surface area so you can cook more meat or a larger volume of sauce.

The 8qt flat-bottomed stockpot also has vertical sides and is perfect for steaming, boiling, and simmering.

All pieces come with riveted handles, which makes them extremely durable, and come supplied with lids for improved heat retention.


As the ‘Misen Essential Cookware Set’ is a collection of differently sized pots and pans, these products’ capacities are wide and varied.

The set comes with two skillets, a 12-inch pan, and a smaller 10-inch skillet to cater to all your needs. When the 12-inch pan isn’t enough for you, you can double up with the 10-inch skillet and get them both on the go.

Both the saucier and saute pans have a relatively small 3-quart capacity, which on their own are only adequate for cooking for no more than two people. Still, having the entire set on hand helps you circumnavigate the problems that accompany smaller pans.

The 8-quart stockpot is an ok size, it’s not overly large for a stockpot, but it’s in keeping with the rest of the set. 

Cooking & Cleaning

Cooking with this pan set is a great experience, though it doesn’t come without several caveats. There’s no denying that the five-ply stainless steel structure is super solid and will last for many, many years, but that solidity comes at the cost of weight.

These pans are pretty heavy when you’re cooking, especially when they’re full of meat, vegetables, or liquid. The metal thickness also means they don’t heat up as fast as other products; it’ll take a while to get up to optimal temperature. But once it’s there, you’ll have a consistent temperature, which is conducive to beautifully cooked meat.

Even though these pans’ heat retention is excellent, they still come with lids to make them even more efficient. However, while the handles are designed to stay cool while in use; the handles on the lids most certainly do not. Don’t let the pan handle lull you into a false sense of security because removing the lid without an oven mitt will most certainly burn your hand.

You can put any pan from the collection in the dishwasher for ease of cleaning. However, the rivets that hold the handles in place are a choke point for a build-up of food, which can be particularly challenging to remove. So while the rivets are positive for durability, they’re negative for ease of cleaning. 

Should you buy the Misen Essentials Cookware Set?

Except for the skillets (which are a decent size), the overall capacity of this pan set is a little on the small side, more suited to small families or a couple. You can work around it by using more of the pans in the set, but a larger piece of cookware would be more efficient for more volume.

Spending hundreds of dollars on a cookware set is not something that everyone can do easily. While it would cost a lot more to buy these pans separately, it’s still a considerable amount of money to spend in one go. Though if it’s within your budget, these premium pans will last for many years.

2. Misen Carbon Steel Pan

The pan is made from ‘carbon steel,’ which is a material with a higher carbon content than standard steel, so it’s durable and has a more efficient and even heat distribution, which is critical when cooking food.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Lighter than Cast Iron
  • Naturally Non-Stick
  • Removable Silicone Handle


  • Seasoning Takes Time
  • High Maintenance
  • Lengthy Heating Time


  • Options: 8 Inch
  • 10 Inch
  • 12 Inch
  • 10 + 12 Inch
  • 8 + 10 + 12 Inch
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Oven Safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: No


Misen has put a great deal of thought into the technical design of this pan. From the shape to the materials used to produce it, right down to how it feels in your hands.

Misen’s carbon steel pan has gently sloped walls that make it easier to pour out the contents of your pan, though be careful if you’re mixing ingredients that it doesn’t spill out over the sides.

Each pan comes with its own removable silicone handle, so you won’t burn your hand when cooking; you can take the handle off if you want to put your pan in the oven, and it’s much easier to clean than a fixed handle would be.


The largest pan in this range is 12 inches in diameter, which is a decent size for a piece of cookware of this caliber. There are also 8 and 10-inch options available, ideal for single folks or cooking smaller meals.

Alternatively, you can buy combinations of the pan sizes. You buy the 10 and 12-inch pans together or buy all three together. The more pans you buy, the cheaper the overall unit price.

Cooking & Cleaning

This piece of cookware’s central selling point is that it has all the best attributes of a cast iron pan, yet it’s light and more durable. And while this is true to an extent, it still needs to be appropriately maintained.

Before you can even use your pan, you’ll need to clean and season it following the manufacturer’s instructions; this process is quite time consuming and a little confusing if you’re unfamiliar with seasoning and cast iron pans.

Even if you follow the instructions to a tee, you still might encounter a little food sticking to the pan for the first few uses. It might be wise to go through a few extra seasoning cycles before you put it into your cookware rotation to ensure sticking is eliminated.

However, once it’s fully seasoned, this pan is super non-sticky and has a superb heat distribution for near-flawless cooking. Though you must keep up with the seasoning of this pan, or you’ll encounter issues. It’s a consistent process that is more suited to people who love cooking rather than just whipping it out for family meals.

If you stick to the seasoning regimen, cleaning will be super easy. In some cases, a little hot water and a rub with a towel will be enough, or a small amount of dish soap and a soft brush for harsher foods. It’s important not to be too aggressive when cleaning, or you’ll destroy the seasoning coat, and you’ll be required to start all over again.

Neither should you put it in a dishwasher. Though if you maintain the pan properly, cleaning is super easy anyway.

Should you buy the Misen Carbon Steel pan?

This selection of carbon steel pans from Misen is an affordable way to get some relatively premium cookware. They are high-maintenance and require a lot of love and attention, but if you’re dedicated to cooking the best meals you can, that little bit of extra effort is worth your time.

3. Misen Non-Stick Pan

Misen offers the exact same capacity for these pans as they do with the carbon steel, with the same 8, 10, and 12-inch configurations. However, the non-stick products are marginally cheaper. 


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ergonomic ‘Stay-Cool’ Handle
  • Easy to Clean
  • PFOA-Free


  • Undetermined Longevity


  • Options: 8 Inch
  • 10 Inch
  • 12 Inch
  • 10 + 12 Inch
  • 8 + 10 + 12 Inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Oven Safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher Safe: No


Misen has quickly established a brand aesthetic, which is instantly recognizable. Their non-stick pan has a remarkably similar base to the carbon steel piece in design and shape. Aside from the material used in production, the only visible differences are the color and the shape of the pan handle.

The Misen official blurb states their unique non-stick coating is a PFOA-Free 3-layer Dupont platinum coating, which is infused with titanium, which is 2.5 times more effective than traditional non-stick surfaces.

The ergonomic stay-cool handle is comfortable in your hand, and the silicone handle cover is removable, so you can put the pan in the oven if you so wish.


Though the Misen Non-Stick pan range is aimed at a completely different demographic to the carbon steel collection, both pan-styles’ overall design is very similar.

Cooking & Cleaning

Non-stick pans are ideal for cooking, as Misen calls them, more delicate foods. You need an excellent non-stick surface that allows food to move around freely while using minimal oils and fats. 

The heat distribution is excellent, which ensures your food is cooked quickly and evenly.

The non-stick coating on this pan is very good. It works as described and is PFOA-Free, so it’s healthier for you and your family. The only problem (and it potentially isn’t a problem) is that Misen only came into existence a couple of years ago, and mediocre non-stick pans tend to fail after a couple of years of prolonged use. So, we’re not really in a position to talk about the longevity of this pan.

Cleaning is an absolute breeze, thanks to the non-stick coating. In most cases, simply running hot water over the pan will remove any remaining food, and drying it with a towel will be enough to get your pan clean. For more stubborn food, you’ll still be able to get it off with a small amount of dish soap and a non-abrasive sponge.

Should you buy the Misen Non-Stick pans?

The Misen Non-Stick pan is a no-nonsense pan that is for more everyday use. It doesn’t have the high-maintenance of the carbon steel product and is more affordable too. Of course, it won’t last as long as the more robust material, but it’s so much easier to use.

At the time of writing, we have no idea how long the non-stick coating will last, but it works really well in the early stages of the pan’s life.

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