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Staub: a high-end French cast iron cookware

Staub Cast Iron 5.75 Coq au Vin Cocotte

Staub is a perfect choice if you are looking for a dutch oven and their best product is Cast Iron 5.75 Coq au Vin Cocotte :

  • Heirloom quality
  • Even heat distribution and retention
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile for roasting, braising, baking and simmering
  • STAUB’s unique Cocotte lid for even redistribution of condensation/self braising
  • Many beautiful color options, beautiful interchangeable nickel knobs
  • Large enough for 5lb chicken, full family meals

STAUB is a French cookware brand originating in Alsace, France. Alsace is world renown for its rich culinary traditions and delicious food, so it makes sense that a brand from this region has been a reliable staple for home cooks and professional chefs alike for many years. STAUB specializes in cookware made from ceramic and cast iron, available enameled in many classic and contemporary colors, and have products ranging from traditional Dutch ovens to reinventions of ancient cookware such as woks.

One of STAUB’s most famous innovations can be found in their Cocotte line. At first glance they are a traditional enameled cast iron pot, but on the inside of the lid there are multiple, evenly distributed circular bumps that actually distribute the condensation evenly over the food, redistributing 20 times the moisture, allowing for food that retains flavour while minimizing burning, especially for roasting meats.

Each STAUB product is individually crafted, and has to undergo a 10-step production process and one hundred inspection points to ensure consistent products of extremely high quality. With so many sizes, specialties and options available, this list will help you decide which STAUB product is the right investment for your kitchen, whether you’re a new cook, seasoned amateur or professional.

Best Staub cookware products

1. STAUB Cast Iron Perfect Pan, 4.5 Quart

Sale 13%
STAUB Cast Iron Perfect Pan, 4.5-quart, Cherry
  • Oven Safe up to 500F
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops
  • Each piece is one of a kind

Though not the most iconic STAUB item, this cast iron pan is a perfect marriage of the traditional cast iron pot and a wok. Though considerably lighter than a traditional Dutch-oven, its durable cast iron construction gives it significant heft and heat retention.

The shape of this pan is unique amongst STAUB’s other offerings as it is thinner with wide, angled sides to allow for easy stirring without any spilling- perfect for stir-fries, large batch cooking or even sauces and stews. Like most cast iron cookware, this pan also excels at browning meats and would work as a roasting or finishing pan under the broiler.

With absolutely no plastic elements, this cast iron pan comes with a glass and steel lid that allows you to see the contents of the pan as they steam. This pan is also completely oven safe up to 500F, and the enamel-coated exterior ensures this pan works on any and all stovetops. The slightly rough texture of the cast iron interior allows meats and vegetables to brown beautifully.

Unlike a traditional cast iron pan, this STAUB pan requires zero seasoning and is even dishwasher safe, though it can easily be hand-washed with a soft cloth, hot water and a little soap.

When ordering a STAUB Cast Iron Perfect Pan, there are multiple colors available depending on stock. Some reviewers did not receive their desired color but had no complaints about the quality of the product itself.


  • Wok-like shape perfect for stirring, sautéing and roasting alike
  • The durability of cast iron without the heavyweight of a Dutch oven
  • Even heat distribution
  • Great heat retention
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
  • Works on all stovetops
  • No plastic elements
  • Multiple colors available


  • The desired color may not be available
  • May receive a different color than ordered
  • The shape is a less traditional STAUB offering and more expensive than typical woks on the market

2. STAUB Cast Iron Enameled Frying Pan, 10 inch

Staub Cast Iron 10-inch Fry Pan - Matte Black, Made in France
  • Made in France
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops including gas electric glass ceramic induction and halogen

This cast iron pan is a real upgrade from a traditional, camping style cast iron skillet as it has a much smoother interior without sacrificing the heft, heat retention, even heat distribution and durability of cast iron skillets.

The enamel-coated exterior means this pan can be used on all stovetops and can transfer from stove to oven easily for finishing or baking. The enamel comes in multiple colors, and is beautiful enough that you can proudly display your food right in the pan at your table- with a trivet to protect the table of course! The sides of the pan are low and curved, which makes for easy flipping and stirring- perfect for bacon and eggs, or even a couple of pancakes.

This smooth interior does require some seasoning with oil, however, it becomes nonstick with regular seasoning and will be perfect for sautéing, frying and even baking! A cast iron interior also ensures you can use any kind of utensil without fear of scratching. Some reviewers expressed frustration with sticking, but with proper seasoning and using your cast iron frying pan at a lower, consistent heat this shouldn’t be a problem.


  • All the benefits of traditional cast iron skillets, but a more elegant appearance
  • Great heat retention
  • Even heat distribution
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Enamel coated; can be used on all cooktops
  • Oven safe
  • Versatile, classic shape


  • Can be quite heavy, so no tossing the pan for sautéing without utensils
  • The handle can get quite hot to touch
  • Can have issues with sticking if the pan isn’t oiled regularly or is too hot

3. STAUB 1102425 Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4 quart

STAUB Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4-qt Round Cocotte, Made in France, Serves 3-4, Matte Black
  • Heavy weight tight fitting lid retains moisture spikes on the lid create a rain forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C without lid Lids are oven safe up to 500F/260C
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops including gas electric glass ceramic induction and halogen

This is a classic STAUB Cocotte offering, featuring their innovative lid with raised bumps to ensure the even redistribution of condensation to ensure juicy, tender braising of meats and vegetables.

The 4-quart size is ideal for a small chicken, stews, roasting or braising veggies or spareribs, and even an excellent at-home option for baking your own bakery quality sourdough loaves. The smaller size is a good option for a couple or for cooking part of a meal for a family of four and means it is heavy without being as intimidating as much larger cast iron cookware.

This is a workhorse Dutch oven style pot is crafted with cast iron with even heat distribution. It can stand heat up to 900F (lid can be used up to 500F), meaning you can slow braise a meal all day and remove the lid before you finish it under the broiler for superb browning and flavor. The enamel coating is available in multiple colors and allows you to use your Cocotte on all stovetops. The classic design means you can always keep it on display on your stovetop, especially if you pick a color that reflects your decor and personality!

While not recommended for the dishwasher, this pot can be hand washed with soap and water, just avoid harsh abrasives.

As with most items that travel a great distance during shipping, make sure your pot arrives without chipped enamel or other damage. If you purchase through a reputable dealer you can ensure the quality of the product meets STAUB’s strict standards and get a refund if it doesn’t. A Cocotte is an investment for sure, but make sure if you’re getting a deal it is an authentic STAUB from a reputable dealer.


  • Cocotte lid with bumps for condensation redistribution allows for tender braising/self-basting
  • High heat tolerance (900F for pot, 500F for the lid)
  • Compatible with all stovetops
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors, beautiful enough to display
  • Easy to wash
  • Sturdy, heavy and durable
  • Heirloom quality, classic design


  • An expensive investment
  • When looking for a deal, make sure you are purchasing an authentic STAUB Cocotte and not a knockoff.
  • Handwashing preferred to ensure long life

4. STAUB Cast Iron Double Handle Fry Pan, 13 inch

Sale 7%
Staub Cast Iron 13-inch Double Handle Fry Pan - Matte Black, Made in France
  • Made in France
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops including gas electric glass ceramic induction and halogen

This cast iron pan has the best of both skillets and casserole dishes by combining the low sides of a skillet with the dual handles of a casserole to ensure easy stove-to-oven transfer without straining the wrists. The enamel coating makes this pan ideal for all cooktops, and won’t even scratch ceramic or glass induction stoves. It can even handle heat up to 900F, so no need to fear cracking or melting in your oven at high heat.

Durable cast iron allows for even heat distribution and heat retention, so your pan doesn’t cool off as you cook. Low sides allow for easy flipping of pancakes or chops, and this pan even has a small spout for draining fat. Perfect for bacon! This pan can eventually become nonstick if well seasoned, especially if you use a bit of oil or butter when cooking eggs. It is also the perfect vessel for upside-down cakes, allowing you to caramelize fruit in sugar and butter on the stove before adding your batter and baking in the oven.

Hand washing is recommended, and as with most cast iron pans, the regular seasoning will extend the life of your pan, making it a beautiful, classic piece of cookware you can pass through generations.

This style of STAUB pan is more expensive than it’s classic, one handle skillet, but if you feel like you have trouble maneuvering a single-handled skillet it may be a wise investment.


  • Enamel coating won’t scratch cooktops or table tops
  • Durable cast iron for even heat distribution and retention
  • Unique double handle for easier carrying and storage
  • Small spout for fat drainage
  • Can handle heat up to 900F
  • Low sides for flipping, cast iron texture for browning
  • Can transfer from stove to oven
  • Long-lasting


  • More expensive than STAUB’s classic skillet shape

5. STAUB Cast Iron 5.75 Coq au Vin Cocotte

Staub Cast Iron 5.75-qt Coq au Vin Cocotte - Turquoise, Made in France
  • Made in France
  • Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended
  • Heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture, spikes on the lid create a rain-forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food

When it comes to STAUB cookware, this is the iconic, multipurpose, heavy-duty piece that comes to mind, and for good reason. It features their innovative Cocotte lid with raised bumps that allow for even redistribution of condensation for tender, never dry meats and reliable braising of meat and vegetables alike.

It is a hefty, oval-shaped cast iron pot that withstands heat up to 900F without the lid (500F with lid) and will heat evenly and retain that heat throughout cooking. Enameled for both beauty and durability, it can be used on any cooktop without scratching, warping or other damage. Despite the large shape, the even heat distribution allows for even cooking even if the pot is larger than the burner.

The interior is a matte-black enamel, making food stick less easily and allowing for less scrubbing during cleaning. While it can technically survive the dishwasher on occasion, to ensure your STAUB Cocotte can be an heirloom for future generations it should be cleaned by hand with soap and water, or even a wipe followed by a coating of oil to season.

The large 5.75-quart volume can accommodate more than this pot’s namesake dish- it can be used for all stews, soups, meats and veggies you can imagine. It can accommodate a chicken up to 5lbs in weight, and some reviewers even used it for making fudge and candy thanks to its even heat distribution and heat retention!

All STAUB’s offerings are beautiful thanks to the enamel coating available in multiple colors, and this particular Cocotte even comes with interchangeable nickel handles: one is a simple, knob style, and the second is an adorable nickel rooster as an homage to the coq au vin.

The only downside to an enameled cast iron pot such as this is that it can be quite heavy, which increased the odds of dropping and potentially cracking on a hard surface, which isn’t covered by their warranty. So always use extreme caution and strength when transferring this pot from stove to oven or to the sink for washing! Another note, if for some reason you want to return your STAUB, you will have to pay the shipping, which can become expensive for a Cocotte of this size.


  • Heirloom quality
  • Even heat distribution and retention
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile for roasting, braising, baking and simmering
  • STAUB’s unique Cocotte lid for even redistribution of condensation/self braising
  • Many beautiful color options, beautiful interchangeable nickel knobs
  • Large enough for 5lb chicken, full family meals
  • Works on all stovetops
  • Can transfer from stove to oven
  • Can withstand heat up to 900F without a lid, 500F with lid.


  • Very heavy
  • Can crack if dropped/banged on a hard surface, which isn’t covered by warranty
  • Returns must be shipped at customer’s expense
  • An expensive initial investment

6. STAUB 11721618 Cast Iron 1.5 quart Petite French Oven

Staub Cast Iron 1.5-qt Petite French Oven - Graphite Grey, Made in France
  • Unique debossed design, designed by Staub French artists, creates a unique finishing effect thanks to the signature majolica enameling
  • Lid features self-basting chistera spikes create continuous condensation for flavor-enhanced food
  • Enameled cast iron is easy to clean and doesn't require seasoning, textured black matte enamel interior ensures exceptional browning

This is the perfect little pot if you are wanting to try out a cast iron pot from STAUB, are limited in storage space, making individual servings or want to add to your collection! It is excellent for cooking smaller meals, soups or stews for two people, and is especially perfect for cooking rice, oatmeal and other grains. It features the signature Cocotte lid, with small raised bumps that redistribute moisture throughout the cooking process, so your rice will be fluffy and perfectly cooked, and meats and veggies will be braised to tender perfection.

It features the signature STAUB enameled exterior (in multiple beautiful colors!), which means this little dish can be used on any stovetop, including induction, without damage to the pot or stove. Like most STAUB cast iron pots, it can withstand the heat of up to 900F without the lid, and 500F with the lid in place. Cast iron is durable and has excellent heat retention and distribution, so your food cooks evenly throughout the cooking process.

The interior of STAUB cookware is a textured enamel coating, which means seasoning is not necessary but can be helpful if you are having issues with sticking. While technically dishwasher safe, it is recommended that you hand wash with a little soap and hot water to extend the life of your STAUB petite oven.

Make sure when you receive your pot there are no chips in the enamel, especially around the rim and this can promote rust.


  • Size perfect for single or two servings
  • Cocotte lid perfect for self-basting meats or for cooking grains like rice or oatmeal
  • High heat tolerance up to 900F (without lid)
  • Even heat distribution
  • Retains heat throughout the cooking
  • Many colors available, beautiful enough to serve at the table
  • Durable cast iron
  • Easy to clean


  • Can chip around the rim
  • Sometimes difficult to return items to STAUB

Final thoughts

STAUB cookware is a perennial favorite French cookware brand used by professionals and home cooks alike due to its durability, functionality and beauty. Their Cocotte line’s lid with moisture redistribution capabilities is truly unique and makes a huge difference in braising, ensuring tender meats and vegetables.

STAUB has a cookware option for every possible need, though many of their products are extremely versatile so one piece will serve many purposes in its lifetime, from roasting meats to simmering stews to baking bread and desserts.

STAUB is made from high quality, durable enameled cast iron that promotes even heat distribution and retention and can endure seemingly unbearable temperatures up to 900F without the lid. Plus, the enamel comes in many colors, from classic apple reds, matte blacks and royal blues to funkier shades like pink, orange and turquoise.

If needed, most of their items can go in the dishwasher occasionally, but will become heirloom pieces passed from generation to generation if properly hand washed as needed.

STAUB can be a little difficult to reach when it comes to returns and exchanges, and their warranty doesn’t cover cracking or breaking from hitting hard surfaces so be careful not to drop your STAUB pot! Returns are also shipped at the customer’s expense, which can add up quickly with heavy cast iron, so if a small chip in the enamel doesn’t affect the cooking capabilities it might be best to just keep the item.

Overall, the majority of customers haven’t experienced these issues and are absolutely in love with their STAUB purchase. It is quite an investment up front, but can bring you (and your children and grandchildren) many years of delicious cooking!

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