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Anolon vs All Clad Cookware

While All Clad has been on the market for roughly 13 years longer than Anolon, both cookware brands have been manufactured for almost 40 years. All Clad manufactures all their bonded cookware in the US, while Meyer Corporation US uses affiliated companies in the USA, China, Thailand, and Italy to manufacture their cookware.

Anolon has a wide range of cookware in various materials from hard-anodized aluminum to glass, cast iron and stainless steel. Over time they have combined the aluminum with metals well known for their ability to hold and evenly distribute heat. Over the years the adverse effects aluminum can have on one’s health have become known and Anolon was the first aluminum cookware manufacturer to coat their cookware with non-stick interiors. Anolon uses their signature SureGrip rubber handles on a lot of their cookware and they are very comfortable to cook with.

All Clad specializes in bonded cookware, finishing all their cookware in a stainless steel layer. Multiple layers of various top quality metals are used to make All Clad strong, durable and popular among cooking enthusiasts. All Clad uses stainless steel handles and securely rivets them on all their cookware with their signature branding style.

All Clad is generally much more expensive than Anolon and that is because of the quality it offers. All Clad is extremely durable cookware. Anolon is a cheaper purchase and offers many of the benefits of All Clad cookware but does not offer the same longetivity.

Let’s look at a couple of sets and see how they compare to each other:

Anolon Nouvelle VS All Clad Copper Core

 Both sets offer 8 and 10-inch fry pans, 3-quart covered saute pans, 2 saucepans, and a stockpot. The difference is in the sizing of the pans and pots. The Anolon set comes with 1 ¼ and 2 ½ quart saucepans and a 6 ½-quart stockpot, all with lids. All Clad offers 2 and 3-quart saucepans and an 8-quart stockpot, all with lids. The All Clad set would be better suited if you’re cooking in larger quantities.


The core feature of both these sets is the additional copper layer which is known to respond quickly to changes in temperature and is an excellent heat conductor. The biggest difference in design is that the Anolon set is stainless steel, bonded with a 5-ply layered base. The copper and aluminum are only in the base of the set, while the sides and handles are made of one layer of stainless steel.

All Clad’s patented 5-ply design, on the other hand, has the 5 layers of metal running uninterrupted from base to rim. This makes the set stronger and the heating benefits of the thick copper core and aluminum are spread throughout the whole pot.

Both sets are finished off with a layer of stainless steel, making them ideal for use on induction hobs. 


Both sets are sturdy and strong, made of good quality 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Even though the Anolon set only has the copper and aluminum layers in the base of the pots and pans they are quite heavy. Because the sides of the pots and pans are thinner than the base they often heat up quicker, especially when used on high temperatures. It is best to wait a little longer for the base to warm up on a medium heat rather than turn up the temperature and try and rush the process. Cooking in this set is a pleasure because heat is evenly distributed across the base of the pan so that food cooks uniformly. 

While this set looks beautiful, a common complaint is that the stainless steel tarnishes quite easily and that the copper ring fades, and even disappears, after just a few uses.

All Clad is a superior product all round. The base-to-rim design creates a strong, heat efficient product which is built to last. The stainless steel interior has a starburst finish which provides superior stick resistance and is easy to maintain. The quality of the materials and the specific design ensure that this set is not just pleasing to the eye but also able to withstand rigorous use.

The Anolon pots and pans are oven safe till 500F. The All Clad set on the other hand is oven safe till 600F and can also be used under the broiler. Both sets are dishwasher safe but All Clad does warn that using a dishwasher may cause the copper band to tarnish.


The Anolon set is elegantly designed, is stylish and the highly polished pots and pans have a beautiful curve to them. The beautiful dome-shaped lids are unique and add a dimension of height to the pots. The handles on the lids are designed a generous curve providing considerable clearance so that you don’t burn your fingers on the lids when using them. The cast stainless steel handles on this set are sizeable, all have a nice groove for a thumb hold and are designed for confident grip. Customer feedback is that the pots are heavy and the heavy handles are too long. The small saucepan’s handle is too heavy and it falls over easily if not balanced by the lid. Some customers commented that the handles get hot when used on the stovetop.

This All Clad set is beautifully designed with its flared edges and copper coloring at both the base and rim. The copper core has been exposed at the base adding a stylish touch. The stainless steel handles have been contoured for a comfortable grip and the heat choke design reduces heat transfer along the handle. Customers are often pleasantly surprised that the handles really do stay cool when cooking. These pots and pans are heavy but well designed and secondary handles are provided on the lip of the pots than can be difficult to work with.

The stainless steel handles in both these sets are permanently riveted to the pots and pans. 


There is a huge price difference between these two sets with the Anolon set costing at least a fifth of the price of the All Clad set. The Anolon set is a good purchase for a first set if you’re starting out and is one of the cheaper copper core cookware options on the market. Remembering that you get what you pay for, if you are looking to make a long-term purchase that guarantees a quality product then the All Clad set is worth the purchase.


Anolon has taken short cuts in the design of this set by only incorporating the copper, aluminum and stainless steel in the base of these pots and pans and this is not as durable a design as the All Clad which uses the composition of metals throughout. The upper part of the All Clad pots and pans, right to the rim, is stronger and longer-lasting because of the thicker metal construction. They also offer better heat distribution and retention throughout.

Anolon customers have been hugely disappointed at how quickly the stainless steel tarnishes and the copper band fades. The copper band on the Anolon set is just for aesthetics while All Clad cuts away at the first two layers of metal to reveal the actual copper core. Dishwashing detergents will tarnish the copper layer so that copper polishes are unable to restore it, so hand washing of these sets is advised if you’d like to keep them looking pristine.


All Clad’s design and durability is fantastic! If you consider your purchase of this set an investment then buying the All Clad would be real value for money. Purchasing the Anolon set would be purely for aesthetics and the limited advantage of copper in the base of the pots and pans, but would be a short-term purchase for sure.

Anolon Hard-Anodized Aluminum VS All Clad HA1 Hard-Anodized


Both of these sets offer 8-inch skillets, 3-quart covered saucepans and 8-quart stockpots with lids. Additionally, Anolon offers a 3-quart covered sauté pan, a 12-inch covered deep skillet and a 1.5-inch covered stockpot. Additionally, All Clad offers a 10-inch skillet, 2-quart covered saucepan and a 4-quart sauté pan with lid.


 Both sets are made of hard-anodized aluminum, well known for its ability to provide even and efficient heat when cooking. Both sets are covered with a triple layer of high-quality PFOA-free non-stick on the interior that is safe to use with metal utensils and offers easy cleanup. The additional handle both manufacturers have provided on the larger pan makes lifting and working with the pan so much easier and is an excellent idea.


Both sets are made from strong, quality aluminum and offer good non-stick protection. Hard-anodized steel is stronger than stainless steel making it a good heavy-duty solution for rigorous use in the kitchen. The All Clad set has a stainless-steel bonded base which is warp-resistant, making it induction friendly too.

The Anolon pots and pans are oven safe to 400F while the All Clad set is oven safe to 500F. Both sets have glass lids and both Anolon and All Clad customers have enjoyed that the lids fit firmly and lock in moisture while cooking. The Anolon lids are advertised as shatter-resistant and oven safe to 400F. The All Clad lids are not made for oven use.

Both sets are advertised as dishwasher safe, but All Clad recommends handwashing the set. The non-stick layer of the sets will definitely last longer if it is not exposed to the various chemicals in dishwasher detergents. Anolon offers a lifetime warranty on their products but not all their customers have been happy with how fairly that has been honored. All Clad, on the other hand, offers a limited lifetime warranty.


This Anolon set comes with their signature SureGrip handles which are dual-riveted to the pots and pans. The handles provide a comfortable, sturdy grip and customers have been pleasantly surprised to find that the handles stay cool when cooking. Some customers have commented that the handles are too long. The handles on the pot lids have a gentle curve on the inside, which fits very comfortably on the hand when lifting them.

All Clad also securely rivets their stainless steel handles to their pots and pans. The handles are contoured and designed to ensure a comfortable grip when cooking.


The All Clad set costs only a little more than the Anolon set, making them very similar in price.


Both these sets offer durable construction and good quality non-stick coatings. The added feature of All Clad’s stainless steel warp-resistant base makes the set tougher and more durable. Customers have found the non-stick coatings on both sets to be quite durable, especially if used correctly and hand-washed. Only a small number of customers have had complaints about the non-stick layers tarnishing with general use.


These sets are incredibly similar in price and design. While the lids are not oven-safe, the All Clad’s stainless steel bonded warp-resistant base offers greater strength and durability, and also make it induction friendly. The small difference in cost is worth paying for those additional benefits.

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