Best Kuvings juicers: 3 top models

Kuvings C7000S

The C7000S is our best overall pick because it’s incredibly versatile both in terms of performance and functionality. It’s able to handle a wide variety of produce pretty well and the yield is often high and of good quality. Besides that, it’s durable and offers a lot of accessories.

In this post, we look at the top 3 juicers from Kuvings which is a multinational company that has been producing quality juicers as from 1978. They have various models that have fared well in the market and the outstanding thing about them in comparison to other standard juicers is that they are equipped with a powerful motor and large feeding chute. Here are our 3 best picks.  

1. Kuvings C7000S Whole Slow Juicer Elite

BEST Kuvings Juicer
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S - Higher Nutrients and Vitamins, BPA-Free Components, Easy to...
  • Whole Slow Juicer: Its 60RPMs low-speed masticating technology gently squeezes the ingredients from food preserving all beneficial nutrients, prevents oxidation and allows juice to be stored up to 72 hours without degradation. Materials-Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC
  • Time Saver: The 3” wide feed chute allows for larger ingredients without cutting, means less prep time. Chrome plated drip-free juice spout helps create mixed juices and rinse between recipes. Funnel allows for smaller produce in juicer without spilling.
  • Powerful and Efficient: The 240W motor is powerful, durable and works quietly. The larger pulp outlet duct reduces pulp in the extract and makes more juice. Sieve allows you to determine the amount of pulp in your juice. What’s more, clean-up is a breeze!


  • Efficient at juicing veggies, fibrous greens and soft and hard fruits
  • Retains most of the nutrients and vitamins
  • The juice comes out with less foam and pulp
  • Fairly wide chute and large collection containers
  • Sturdy, durable build and operates quietly


  • Not that efficient for leafy greens and hard veggies
  • Heavy to carry and move around
  • The pulp outlet hole is prone to clogging
  • Assembly and disassembly are a bit tricky
  • Clean up takes much longer


  • 240W motor
  • Upgraded Ultem auger (60 RPM)
  • Pulp strainer and blank strainer
  • Reverse function 
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • 3-inch wide feeding chute
  • 33.8-ounce juice and pulp containers
  • Safety start system
  • BPA free plastic build
  • 10-year limited warranty


The C7000S is an attractive juicer with a glossy top and silver base. It looks gorgeous enough to be left on the counter throughout and it’s available in three colors; silver (C7000S), white (C7000W), and red (C7000P). 

The footprint is relatively compact (9 x 8 inches) hence it takes up less counter space. The only contention might be its height as it measures 17.5 inches high which does present some problem if the cabinets on top of your counter are low. 

Moving it around would take a bit of effort too since it’s heavy (16 pounds). The build is solid made out of durable material. The auger and other parts are equally sturdy and made from BPA-free material. The unit doesn’t wobble either during juicing. 


The juicing performance of the C7000 is quite good. It has an improved auger from its preceding models that can efficiently handle different kinds of produce. 

The yield is especially high for soft and hard fruits, fibrous greens and some veggies. The motor produces high torque which enables the auger to thoroughly crush and press them hence squeezing out most of the juice. Many attested that the pulp usually comes out dry. 

It struggles a little bit with leafy greens though. It doesn’t always extract maximum juice from them as well as horizontal juicers might. Hard veggies like carrots give average yield too unless cut into smaller pieces. 

The auger spins at a low rate (60 RPM) so the nutrients and vitamins stay intact. The juice can stay fresh for up to 3 days and it often has little foam and no pulp when dispensed. The auger has a deep recess bottom which helps restrict the pulp from ending up in the juice. 

One caveat is that pulp from stringy greens like celery and chard stems clog the exit hole quite often. You have to chop the stalks several times to shorten the fibrous strands so as to prevent clogging. 


The C7000 comes with two 33.8-ounce containers, one for juice collection and the other for pulp. That’s sufficient capacity to make juice for up to four people uninterrupted. 

Moreover, Kuvings has included an extra pulp strainer that’s customized for the juice cup to help further strain unwanted pulp in case you want a completely pulp-free juice. The juice spout has a cap to prevent dripping, so no mess is made on the counter after dispensing juice.

Another advantage is that the feed chute is relatively wide (around 3 inches wide). Whole apples and medium-sized veggies can fit in it without cutting which means less prep time. You will still have to cut some of the produce especially, large leafy veggies, fibrous greens like celery and hard produce like carrots into manageable chunks so as not to jam the motor. 

Special Features

  • Self-cleaning Function: A spinning brush has been fitted inside the juicing bowl of this unit, positioned right between the inside walls of the bowl and the juicing strainer. It’s a thoughtful feature that help keeps the strainer clean while juicing. It has silicone blades that wipe the entire inside wall of the bowl clean. At the same time, it also moves the extracted juice from the sides and the bottom of the bowl down to the juice outlet, thus there’s no accumulation of juice on the walls of the bowl. 
  • Sorbet Maker Attachment: A blank strainer has been included in the package hence you can make frozen desserts with this unit too and baby food as well.
  • Safety Lock: The safety start system is another thoughtful feature incorporated in this Kuvings C7000 model. It helps ensure proper assembly and safe operation. It won’t start unless everything is aligned and fitted correctly. 

Set-Up and Cleaning

Assembly seems a little tricky at first since there are lots of pieces to put together but after you figure it out and do it a few times, it’s pretty easy. Taking it apart might be a bit of a challenge because the juicing bowl gets tight during juicing and becomes very difficult to unscrew. 

Clean up is not that hard but it’s time-consuming considering that there are many parts that need to be cleaned and also plenty of small spaces where pulp get stuck. 

Should you buy the Kuvings C7000S?

The Kuvings C7000S is a great option to consider if you are looking for a reliable and versatile vertical masticating juicer. It’s efficient for juicing soft and hard fruits as well as several types of veggies and fibrous greens like kale, spinach and celery. You will also probably like it for the fact that it’s really sturdy and durable.

2. Kuvings B6000S Whole Slow Juicer

Sale 7%
Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer
  • Silver Pearl
  • Extra wide feeding tube
  • Fits whole fruits and vegetables

The B6000S is our pick for the best Kuvings juicer for hard produce mainly because the majority of users have attested that it juices them more efficiently than other produce. It has a strong auger and powerful motor that crush the tough produce pretty well. It’s also versatile as you can process a couple of different foods with it. 


  • Very effective at processing hard produce and citrus fruits
  • Nutrients and vitamins stay intact in the juice
  • Large collection containers
  • Less prep work required before juicing
  • Small footprint and less noise during operation
  • Relatively simple to assemble, disassemble and clean


  • Gives low yield when juicing soft fruits, leafy greens and stringy produce
  • Leaves a lot of pulp in the juice
  • Tends to clog and jam often


  • 240W motor 
  • Ultem auger (60 RPM)
  • Juicing and blank strainer 
  • Reverse function
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • 3-inch wide feed chute 
  • Safety start system
  • Drip-free smart cap
  • Juice and pulp containers
  • Plastic BPA-free parts
  • 10-year limited warranty


Like its successor, the C7000 above, this B6000 model is an attractive juicer with a sleek silver-smokey look. It can blend in well in any modern kitchen. The unit comes in 3 distinct colors too; silver (B6000S), white (B6000W) and red (B6000PR). 

As for the size, it has a small footprint that fits nicely in smaller countertops. You will, however, need sufficient vertical space to accommodate it since it’s 17.6 inches tall. 

It’s heavy (14 pounds) although not as much as the C7000 model – carrying it will be challenging because it doesn’t have a handle. It does remain still when juicing.  

The quality of construction is not that badly off. The base, auger, juicing screen and motor are solidly built. Some parts are no durable though. We found reports that the juice bowl and the chute can ware-out and even break after a year or two, especially if you frequently put many ingredients together. 


The Kuvings B6000 was quite efficient at extracting juice from hard fruits and vegetables. The auger crushes apples, pears and carrots completely and manages to squeeze out plenty of juice, leaving behind dry pulp.

It does a good job too with citrus fruits and several types of greens like wheatgrass and cabbage. The yield is fairly high with a minimal quantity of dry pulp left behind. 

There’s very little froth produced after extraction and loads of nutrients are retained in the juice due to the minimal oxidation and slow rotation of the auger (60 RPM) which generates less heat. 

Soft, fleshy fruits like ripe mango, pineapple and peaches are not juiced well. You get some juice, but a large amount of wet pulp is left behind. Extracting leafy greens, stringy and fibrous produce such as parsley and celery also results in a lot of un-juiced pulp. 

Another downside mentioned is that the strainer is not effective. A significant amount of pulp gets through hence you end up with pulpy juice almost every time. It’s even worse when juicing carrots as you repeatedly get thick pulpy juice.  

Moreover, the unit tends to clog and jam frequently when juicing carrots and other stringy produce like celery or parsley. You have to cut them into very tiny pieces to avoid clogging. 


The juice jug offered along with the B6000 is considerably large (32 ounces). It can hold up to 4 cups of juice which allows you to process more produce at once. The pulp container is equally large and there’s no mess after dispensing the juice since the outlet has a cap to stop dripping. 

Prep work is minimal for most produce as it has the same 3-inch wide feed chute. However, considering that it’s prone to clogging you will still have to cut fruits in half and pre-chop some vegetables. Large leaves often wrap around the screw thereby not getting juiced completely.

Special Features

  • Sorbet Maker: This juicer comes with a blank screen so apart from juicing, you can use it to make frozen desserts, nut milk and nut butter. 
  • Dual safety system: A dual safety system to prevent overheating is the other special feature you get with this unit. It turns off immediately if it becomes overheated.

Set-Up and Cleaning

Users found the unit to be relatively easy to set up and take apart. There are six parts to assemble and they have dots to help align them correctly. 

Cleaning it is also not that difficult except for the juicing screen which takes longer to clean. It’s cumbersome to clean though when juicing celery and other fibrous produce – you will have to stop frequently in the middle of juicing to unclog and clean it.  

Should you buy the Kuvings B6000 juicer?

If you are going to juice mostly hard fruits and vegetables, then this is worth considering. However, you might need to get an additional strainer if you prefer your juice pulp free because the one it comes with does a poor job at filtering out pulp.

3. Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer

Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver
  • Quiet, low-speed (80 rpm) operation with a reliable 170 watt motor
  • Masticating technology for higher nutritional value
  • Auto-feeding design for quick and convenient operation

While it’s not in the same class as the other Kuvings vertical juicers, the NJE-3580 is quite an impressive model and it comes at a lower price tag. It’s very easy to use and more versatile than the other juicers on the list. This is why it’s our best budget pick. 


  • Effective at juicing wheatgrass, vegetables and hard fruits 
  • Good juice quality and taste
  • Multi-purpose – can process different foods
  • Automatically pulls down ingredients without the help of a pusher
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Not hard to set up, take apart and clean


  • Low yield for hard veggies, leafy greens and soft fruits 
  • A significant amount of pulp makes it into the juice
  • Small juice cup and low juice outlet
  • Requires more prep work and may not last long


  • 170W motor
  • Single-gear juicing screw (80 RPM)
  • Reverse function
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Auto-feeding mechanism 
  • 6 different nozzles
  • Juice and pulp containers
  • 5-year warranty


The NJE-3580 is more stylish than the other units when it comes to design. The dark smoked plastic finish would look quite elegant on any countertop. It comes in three colors: silver (NJE-3580U), white (NJE-3540U) and chrome (NJE-3570U). 

It takes some counter space (14.1 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches) but not much. It can fit in small countertops.  It’s also not that heavy (weighs 14.11 pounds) and has a handle – it’s easy to lift and move around. The base is very stable – the unit doesn’t move around when juicing. 

The main concern is its quality and durability. Most of the parts seem can’t hold up to years of use. There were numerous complains that the auger, drum, feeding chute and the housing for the screen wear off or break within a short time if you use the unit frequently.


The response of users to this juicer regarding its juicing performance is largely favorable. Many mentioned that it’s able to obtain high yields from a variety of produce. 

It does a great job especially at juicing wheatgrass and veggies. The auger crushes them effectively and presses out almost all the juice with pulp often coming out dry.  Hard fruits (apples) and fibrous greens (celery) are equally juiced well. The yield is usually above average. 

Hard vegetables such as carrots and leafy greens like spinach and kales give below average yields leaving behind a very damp pulp. It struggles a bit too with soft fruits like banana, watermelon and plums – they normally turn to mush. 

The quality of the juice is okay. Less heat is produced and not much oxidation takes place hence the extracted nutrients remain intact and the juice can last up 72 hours without degrading. The auger creates less foam but leafy greens like kale and cabbage tend to produce much froth.  

You will also probably have to sieve the juice again every time you collect it because it appears to always come out with a significant amount of pulp in it. The strainer is small and doesn’t catch all the pulp, plus it gets clogged quickly particularly by soft fruits and fibrous greens.  


The juice cup has a small capacity (20 ounces). You have to stop juicing frequently to empty it – it’s not ideal for juicing large quantities of produce. Another issue is that the juice outlet/spout is too low which limits you from using a big container to collect the juice. 

The good thing is that the included juice container has a lid which helps to prevent splashing of the juice onto the counter when dispensing. The pulp container is large though (40 ounces) – you won’t be emptying it a lot. 

Unlike the rest, this model has a really narrow feed chute (1.5 inches) which is another setback because it means more cutting of produce into pieces that can easily fit in the tube which results to longer prep time. 

Special Features

  • 6 Different Nozzles: The NJE-3580 does more than just juicing. There are 6 nozzles included in the package; 4 different pasta nozzles, a rice cake nozzle and a mincing nozzle. You can extrude pasta, make minced meat, grind coffee beans, make nut butter or baby food using the nozzles. It’s a versatile juicer – much more than the other models above and even other juicers within the same price range. 
  • Auto-feeding Mechanism: This model features Kuvings’ improved auto-feed mechanism which doesn’t require you to use a pusher to push produce down into the extracting chamber. It automatically pulls down the produce when you drop them in the chute and then the auger starts masticating them. It’s a handy feature that saves you the time and effort you would otherwise spend pushing produce into the chute. 

Set-Up and Cleaning

You will have no difficulties when it comes to assembling this juicer. It may be a little tricky the first time but once you do it twice, you can put it together in under 5 minutes. Taking it apart is not challenging either. 

Clean-up is easy. The only part that might give you trouble is the strainer. If you process soft produce mostly, then you will have to stop juicing every few minutes to unclog and clean it. 

Should you buy the Kuvings NJE-3580?

This is a decent option if you are on a budget and want a good starter juicer that can handle a considerable variety of produce. It’s a suitable option too for processing different kinds of food other than juicing. Two major issues that would be of concern are durability and pulp in the juice. You may have to invest in a separate strainer.

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