Misono Knives

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Types of knives

Misono utilizes different types of steel depending on the lineup/series they offer. Here are the main series under the brand.

Misono UX10

This is Misono’s flagship series and most popular line within its collection of knives. The blades are double-edge, made of high-quality sub-zero treated Swedish steel with a hardness of 59-60HRC. They offer extremely sharp edges that are long-lasting, great rust resistance and are easy to re-sharpen. The handles are western-shaped (narrow yet flat, with a distinct comma at the end) and made of black Pakkawood that’s tripe riveted. They feature a partial, slightly long nickel silver bolster that’s rhomboid in shape, which balances well the weight of the knives and adds a stylish accent. The series offers several different knife types and sizes, including Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Sujihiki, Honesuki, and American Style boning.

Misono UX10 Hollow Ground/with Dimples

This is an upgraded version of the UX10 series. The only difference is the design of the blades. The surface of the blades has unique oval dimples/hollow grounds which function as air pockets to help reduce friction, allowing for a smooth, more precise, and effortless cutting experience. The dimples also help keep food from sticking to the surface of the blades during cutting. Misono has as well made these blades slightly thicker to give them the same total weight and balance as the original UX10 series knives. The knife types include; Petty, Sujihiki, Santoku, and Gyuto.

Misono Molybdenum Steel

The most affordable line of Misono knives. The blades are crafted using a high-carbon 13 chrome Molybdenum stainless steel that offers great rust resistance and hardness (HRC57). The blades are double-edge and have high cutting performance and are easy to re-sharpen. The knives feature a full tang construction with western-shaped handles that are made of water-resistant black pakkawood that’s and stainless steel bolsters. The handles come in two versions; double riveted and tripe riveted. The different knife types in the series include; Pairing, Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Boning, Hankotsu, Chinese Cleaver, Bread, Sujihiki, Special Slicer, Fillet, and Western Deba.

Misono Molybdenum Steel with Dimples

This is an upgraded version of the Molybdenum Steel series with the only difference being that the blades have oval dimples on their surface. The knife types are, however, limited to just four; Gyuto, Santoku, Sujihiki, and Petty.

Misono Swedish Carbon Steel

These knives feature double-edged blades that are made using Swedish carbon steel (HRC60), which is amongst the highest quality and purest form of carbon steel. It offers excellent edge sharpness, great edge retention, and is simple to re-sharpen. The blades are decorated with Japanese-style engraving of a Dragon or a Flower. They have full tang construction and plack pakkawood handles, attached by either two or three rivets. The handles also have carbon steel bolsters. The series offers the largest collection of knives of different types and sizes that include; Gyuto, Santoku, Paring, Petty, Hankotsu, Garasaki, Boning, Sujuhiki, and Western Deba.

Misono 440

For these knives, the blades are double-edged, made using Molybednum and high carbon 16 chromium stainless steel (HRC58-59). This combination offers a longer edge retention, durability, and greater rust resistance than the 13 chrome stainless steel of the Misono0 Molybdenum line. The knives feature a full tang construction and black pakkawood handles that are attached by three rivets and have stainless steel bolsters. The knife types include; Gyuto, Santoku, Petty, Honesuki, Slicer, Sujihiki, Wester Deba, and Chinese Cleaver.

Misono 440PH

This is a version of the Misono 440 series. The major difference is the handle material which is made of riveted POM plastic, instead of the black pakkawood used on all the other Misono knives. The knife types include; Gyuto, Santoku, Sujihiki, Petty, and Honesuki.

Price Range

Misono’s knives are amongst the most affordable on the market. The prices of their Santoku knives range from $50 to $350. The UX10 series is the most expensive line from the company with the UX10 with Dimples Santoku knife (180mm/7 inches) costing around $303.29 and the UX10 Santoku knife with the same blade length costing roughly $192.17.

The Molybdenum Steel series is the most affordable line of Misono’s knives. Its 180mm Santoku knife costs about $102.62 while the bolsterless version of the same costs just $69.29. However, the prices of Molybdenum Steel with Dimples series are slightly higher, with the 180mm Santoku knife from the series costing $150.51.

The prices of Misono’s knives vary too depending on the length of the blade, not just based on the series. For instance, the Molybdenum Steel series 160mm (6.2 inches) Santoku knife costs $94.72 while the 140mm (5.5 inches) Santoku knife from the same costs about $85.08. The bolsterless version of the Molybdenum Steel series 160mm (6.2 inches) Santoku knife costs $64.03 while the 140mm (5.5 inches) option is priced at just $57.89.

The same applies to the Swedish Carbon Steel series where the 180mm, 160mm, and 140mm Santoku knives cost $133.49, $121.91, and $115.77 respectively.

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