Best 4 slice toasters: 8 brands compared

Cuisinart CPT-440P1 Touch to Toast Leverless toaster, 4-Slice, Brushed Stainless Steel


Cuisinart CPT-440 is the most feature-packed 4-slice toaster for half the price of other high-end toasters:

  • Completely automated – no levers, very convenient to use.
  • LCD display – looks great in a modern kitchen
  • Bagel, Defrost and Reheat functions
  • High-quality stainless steel body which remains cool to touch when in use

If your family has increased toast needs at breakfast, a 4-slice toaster is a great convenience that will save you time and frustration in the mornings. But there are so many brands and models out there that it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs without spending countless hours browsing and comparing features and reviews. 

We’ve done the hard work for you and we present below the best-rated 4-slice toasters in the market. We’ve looked at expert and user reviews and compared features and functions. The toasters are separated into categories to best fit your needs and ranked from best to lowest value. 

List of reviewed toasters

Best Budget Toaster

Yabano 4 Slice Toaster

Our Rating:

The Yabano 4-Slice toaster is a great choice and customers love its sleek stainless steel retro look. It has a compact design but extra wide slots to accommodate all sorts of baked goods from regular bread to bagels and waffles. 

Its 7 shade settings and dual independent controls help you make toast exactly the way you like it. It saves time and is very easy to use, something that users really appreciate. 

There are Bagel and Defrost functions, as well as warming racks to place on top with which you can warm up delicacies like croissants for an extra special breakfast. The high-lift lever makes the toast easy to remove when it’s done and also helps you check the toasting progress. 

Best Value Toaster

Cusibox Toaster 4 Slice

Our Rating:

The CUSIBOX 4-slice toaster looks great and saves time, according to users. It also comes in three different colors for the sides (black, warm cream, and baby blue) while the front has a stylish stainless steel shiny finish

Again we find the necessary dual independent controls, as well as extra-wide slots with self-centering guides for accommodating both thick and thin bread slices which users state saves time on those hectic weekday mornings. 

There are 6 browning settings and Bagel and Defrost functions with LED indicators. Not to mention a high-lift lever for easy access to your delicious evenly browned toast, though there have been some complaints that the toaster gets hot while in use. Another complaint was that its cord is too short for convenience. 

Best High-End Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-440 Stainless Steel

Our Rating:

The Cuisinart CPT-440 4-Slice toaster is an innovative product that does not feature a lever but is completely motorized and automatic, which users find very attractive. It automatically lowers the bread into the toaster when you select your preferred setting and function and automatically lifts it up when it’s ready, emitting an audible alarm to alert you. 

Users love this toaster for being user-friendly, with its modern control panel and backlit LCD display that shows the browning setting (up to 7) and also displays a countdown for when the toast will be ready. The toaster also features all the necessary functions such as Bagel, Defrost and Reheat, all housed in a sleek stainless steel body, thought this can be hard to keep clean as it shows fingerprints easily. It’s cool to the touch when in use and quiet, which users appreciate. 

One thing to note about this toaster is that it’s quite sizable, while it’s also mentioned in reviews that sometimes the bread can get caught on the toaster lip and get mangled. 

IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Our Rating:

The IKICH 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster is the only toaster on our list with 2 slots instead of 4. That means it doesn’t have dual controls but it makes it up with other cool features and its sleek compact design that users particularly love.  

Its 10” long slots make it ideal for toasting multiple slices of bread, or long slices like sourdough, something that users often mention in reviews. It also has a practical built-in warming rack for pastries. 

With its 6 shade settings and practical functions such as Defrost and Reheat it makes toast quickly and easily, not to mention it has handy LED indicators for the functions. The removable crumb tray makes it really easy to clean and users mention that in reviews. However, there are some user complaints about uneven toasting and bread getting burned. Also, the toaster doesn’t have a bagel function, so that’s something to keep in mind if you love your bagels. 

ΚΑΤΑ Toaster 4 Slice, Retro Small Stainless Steel Toaster

Our Rating:

The KATA 4-Slice toaster is another good-looking appliance that people seem to love. 

It also has dual controls and wide slots to accommodate different sizes of bread, as well as 7 shading settings and practical functions such as Bagel, Defrost and Reheat, which users really love since they can easily enjoy warm toast when they want to. However, there have been some complaints about uneven toasting, and the outside of the toaster getting very hot while it’s in use

Most users mention that the toaster is durable and easy to clean. It also comes with a warming rack, but bear in mind that it’s only one and it doesn’t fit over both slots. So while you will be able to toast 4 slices of bread at the same time, you won’t be able to do the same with pastries. 

The BUYDEEM DT-6B83G 4-Slice Toaster is a true favorite among customers. There are many things to love, including its delightful vintage look and unique minty green pastel color

It has wide slots (though at 1.4” they are a tiny bit less wide from the other toasters on the list) and a specific bagel function that users love. The Bagel function heats up both sides of the bagel and then toasts only the cut side producing perfect results every time. The same thing goes for english muffins. 

The toaster also has dual independent controlsDefrost and Reheat functions and LED indicators, as well as 7 browning controls to satisfy all toasting needs, while at the same time being fast and easy to use, according to customers. The only thing they would prefer to be different is its short cord

The CUSINAID 4-Slice toaster is another option with color details. Its sleek stainless steel front comes in black, blue or red versions that give a pop of color to the toaster that users really appreciate. 

It has the expected dual independent control panels and 7 shading settings for adjusting doneness to everyone’s separate tastes, with users mentioning that it’s easy to use and provides even toasting. It heats up fast and has Defrost and Reheat functions, as well as a high-lift lever for easy access. 

However, take note that it doesn’t have a Bagel function and some users have mentioned that bagels or wider slices of bread don’t fit well in the slots. Furthermore, it’s probably the only toaster from our list that has symbols and not words on the buttons, that might make it confusing when it’s early and you haven’t had coffee yet. It has also been mentioned in some reviews that the numbers on the dials are too small and difficult to read.

KitchenAid Kmt4115cu 4-Slice Toaster

Our Rating:

The KitchenAid Kmt4115cu 4-Slice Toaster has a few unique features compared to the other toasters on the list. 

But let’s start with the basics: the color options are similar to the rest of the list, with this toaster being available in brushed stainless steel finish, silver, red, or black on the sides. Users really like its minimal design and quality but are wary of its hefty size that takes up a lot of counter space. 

The toaster has a simple look since it only has two buttons, levers and the browning dial. It has dual independent controls and only 5 shading settings, compared to other toasters that usually have 6 or 7. Furthermore, users mention that it runs hot and can easily burn the toast if you select a higher setting, so that’s something to keep in mind. It does produce a sound when the toast is ready, which is a welcome feature for most users. 

It only has a Bagel and Cancel function, no Defrost or Reheat like the other toasters. That doesn’t mean you can’t defrost or reheat bread on it, but it might take a bit of guesswork with the dial to get it right. 

Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Our Rating:

Customers really love the Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster and we saw many reviews saying that this is well-worth its price as it performs perfectly

It has dual independent controls and extra-wide slots, all with motorized automatic controls without a lever. All functions have LED indicators and the browning setting slider LEDs act as a countdown indicator. There are the ever-present Bagel and Defrost buttons (no Reheat though), as well as the Breville specific “A Bit More” and “Lift & Look” features: the former toasts the bread for a little bit more without you having to initiate a new toasting cycle, while the latter pauses the toasting cycle and lifts the bread briefly for you to check the doneness. 

All these functions take the guesswork out of making toast and produce consistent results, as reported by customers. However, there is a downside to all the automated features, as these can malfunction easily. Customers complained about the toaster’s heating elements not working correctly and the lowering mechanism getting stuck. This can be overcome by “rebooting” the toaster, unplugging it and plugging it back in.  

Dualit 40415 Stainless Steel, 4-Slice Toaster

Our Rating:

The Dualit 40415 Stainless Steel, 4-Slice Toaster has love or hate reviews but it’s a very interesting product. It has a long tradition of being handbuilt in the UK and a truly vintage look and solid stainless steel insulated body.  

But no buttons, no LED indicators, no fancy screens and automated controls. And it’s the priciest model on our list by a long shot. So why would you invest in it compared to the other shiny modern toasters we reviewed?

Well, mainly because it is a blend or simplicity and elegance with a great look and consistent, reliable results. It’s designed and assembled with durability in mind, with users loving its retro stylesturdy construction, and mentioning that it produces perfect toast without drying out the bread. It also comes in a whopping 20+ color options and styles. 

There are accessories sold separately, such as a warming rack and a sandwich cage with a drip tray that lets you make grilled cheese sandwiches right inside the toaster. There is no lever, as such, but an ejector knob that you raise when you’re ready to take the toast out. This means that it will stay warm longer. Take into account that some users complain that the slots are too short and it sometimes toasts unevenly.  

You can choose whether you want to use 2 or 4 of the slots, though there are no dual independent controls on this one, while the users who end up not being fans of this toaster mention that the tech is outdated without reason.

Artisan 4 Slice Toaster by Homeart

Our Rating:

The Artisan 4-Slice Toaster by Homart has an amazing vintage look that customers really love. It comes in three cool colors, cream, black, and red, to suit any taste and kitchen decor and has excellent style and quality, which is not lost on customers. 

The has wide slotsdual controls and 6 shading settings (operated by a vintage-looking dial), as well as all the necessary functions like Bagel, Defrost and Reheat. Most reviewers love the appliance and say that it works perfectly though there have been a few comments about uneven toasting and the appliance getting hot while in use

Another unique aspect of this toaster is that also has safety protection features such as anti-overheat and anti-leakage protection, something we have not often seen mentioned in other product descriptions and reviews. 

The West Bend TEM4500W is a true breakfast multi-machine! Apart from a 4-slice toaster with dual independent controls and Bagel and Defrost functions, it also features an egg cooker for poaching or boiling eggs. It also includes a meat tray for heating up meat or vegetable slices for the perfect breakfast. Users love that it saves time and makes breakfast so easy, though there are concerns about its quality and reliability

Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster (WGTR104S)

Our Rating:

The Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster is a heavy duty toaster with extra wide self-centering slotsdual independent controlsBagelFrozen, and Keep Warm settings. The latter is especially appreciated by users. It also comes in 3 accent colors, black, red, and stainless steel. Users mention its consistent results and sturdy construction, though again there are some issues about quality and reliability.  

The Verdict 

If you view toasters as a necessary kitchen appliance but don’t want to spend a fortune for a good one, you can’t go wrong with the Yabano 4-slice toaster, its retro look and great functions.

For a bit more versatility in terms of design and functions, you can go for a best value toaster and the most efficient one is definitely the Artisan 4-Slice Toaster by Homart with its unique vintage look.

Finally, if you want to invest in an impressive appliance that gets the job done and offers innovative features, the leverless, fully automated Cuisinart CPT-440 is a great choice. 

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