Cuisinart Toasters Review

Take Breakfast to the Next Level with These 5 Great Cuisinart Toasters

So you’ve decided to get a Cuisinart toaster. Whether you’re getting a new one or replacing a broken appliance, you want to make sure you’ll pick the right model for your needs.

Cuisinart is a leading manufacturer of home appliances that has been bringing excellent design and quality to our kitchens for decades. They’re known for bringing the first food processor to the US market, but their range now extends to other appliances, as well as cookware and dinnerware.

We’ve analyzed the 5 most popular Cuisinart toasters and we present them below ranked from the best to the lowest value based on a variety of factors. We went through user and expert reviews to make your life easier and to save you endless scrolling and researching.

4 Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (CPT-142)

This unique-looking 4-slice compact toaster is great if your home has increased toast needs in the mornings. It’s also the best from our list, combining great features with a really affordable price.


While boasting 4 extra wide slots, the CPT-142 remains compact and will save space on your counter. Due to its white color and elegant stainless steel details, it can blend seamlessly in your kitchen décor.

According to users, it’s very easy to clean as it doesn’t show fingerprints, though the plastic material may make the toaster feel cheaply made compared to other models with stainless steel or chrome finishes. The toaster is also available in black, if you’re looking for a more classic look.

With a 7-setting shade dial as well as Reheat, Defrost, and Bagel controls, this toaster will suit every taste in the family. What’s more, users are loving the dual independent controls which let you make two different kinds of toast simultaneously, saving valuable time and effort.

Reviewers also mention that the appliance heats up fast but the toaster body remains cool to the touch, which is an advantage over other toasters on our list that can get very hot when in use (for example the CPT2400). On the flip side, some users are concerned about inconsistent toasting results and also mention that the crumb tray is inconvenient to slide out and clean.

The CPT-142 is a value-for-money toaster option that will save you time, effort, as well as space in the kitchen.

The Bakery™ Artisan Bread 2 Slice Toaster (CPT-2400)

If you love artisan bread, sourdough, hearty breads with chunky or long slices but it’s a hassle to toast them because you need to cut the slices in half or they won’t fit in the toaster slots, then look no further!


Though on the pricier side, the Bakery™ Artisan Bread 2 Slice Toaster (CPT-2400) is specially designed to toast these seemingly unwieldy breads and produce great results every time. It has two extra-long and extra-wide self-centering slots that can accommodate thick or long bread slices, as well as more conventional options such as regular sliced bread or bagels.

Customers love its versatility and mention that its long slots mean it’s good for toasting 4 slices of regular bread as well. It may not have dual independent controls like the CPT-142 or the CPT-180, but it can function just as well as a 4-slot toaster.

It’s easy to use with large buttons that light up when pressed to indicate whether you’ve picked a special function such as Defrost, Reheat, or Bagel. The slide lever has 7 settings to control browning, as well as a lever with extra lift for easier access. However, some reviewers mention uneven browning and that the sides and top of the toaster get very hot when it’s in use. Users also mention that the lever needs some force to stay down.

The CPT-2400 is a really versatile option that you will surely make the most out of if you like variety in your toast options.

2 Slice Compact Stainless Toaster (CPT-320)

This compact 2-Slice toaster is a great choice if you don’t have a lot of counter space but you don’t want to sacrifice functions or style.


Despite its compact size, the CPT-320 has wide toasting slots that let you enjoy more than simple sliced bread, such as bagels, waffles or toaster pastries. Customers who’ve bought this toaster love its retro design and compact size. They also comment on how it’s sturdy, easy to use and inexpensive, as well as how it toasts bread really fast.

No matter how you prefer your toast, the 6-setting dial helps you control browning though there are customers that complain about uneven browning. The toaster boasts the Bagel, Defrost and Reheat controls that all the other toasters on our list have, but users are not satisfied with the Bagel function, as we mentioned in the previous section. The Reheat function is especially handy as it simply warms up the toast without toasting it further and it’s great if you are busy or get distracted.

As with all the other Cuisinart toasters that we examined, this one too has a removable crumb tray that makes clean-up super easy.

All in all, the very affordable CPT-320 has most of the functions and advantages of the other toasters on our list combined with a compact stylish design and retro elements that will look great in any kitchen.

4 Slice Metal Classic Toaster (CPT-180)

This toaster would look great in a restaurant, but it will look amazing in your kitchen and bring you great toast every morning.


The CPT-180’s sleek stainless steel body with polished chrome details is the only one on the list that comes in four different color options. There’s the brushed stainless finish that’s simple and shiny, the red that pops, as well as two options that combine white and black accents with stainless steel. The design aspect is a big hit with customers, who comment on its retro elements, convenient size and great price.

The wide slots are especially convenient for accommodating different types of baked goods and users mention that the toaster offers even toasting without drying the bread and does the job fast. The independent dual controls mean that everyone can enjoy their toast the way they like it. There are 6 settings for browning as well as the ever functional Defrost, Reheat and Bagel options with LED indicators. The Defrost button is especially convenient as it defrosts and then toasts without you needing to press another button.

However, customers have concerns about the bagel function, something that we found is mentioned often in regard to the Cuisinart toasters. While customers expect the bagel function to mean that the bagel will be toasted only on one side, the Cuisinart toasters simply add a few seconds to the toasting time to accommodate for the thicker size of the bread.

The lever has extra lift to help you remove toast without burning your fingers and there’s also a convenient cord wrap that helps avoid unsightly cord tangles on the counter. On the flip side, though, some users are concerned that the appliance feels cheaply made, is lightweight and makes a tinny sound.

With its sleek, classic design and practical functions, the CPT-180 is a great choice.

Touch to Toast™ Leverless 2 Slice Toaster (CPT-420)

This premium toaster option will bring a new level of comfort to toast-making.


The Touch to Toast™ Leverless 2 Slice Toaster (CPT-420) is the priciest appliance on our list but it’s also the most innovative. It’s breakthrough feature is that it has no lever to pull down to start the toasting process. This is particularly impressive for customers, who mention that it’s very user-friendly.

It’s all motorized using buttons and it’s the only toaster on our list to have a backlit LCD display. The display is part of the toaster’s modern control panel and it shows the shade setting (goes up to 7) as well as a handy countdown for when the toast will be ready.

You simply have to add the bread to the toaster, select your preferred setting and any other option from the control panel (such as Defrost, Reheat, or Bagel) and watch the bread get lowered automatically into the toaster. When the toast is ready, the toaster has an audible alarm feature which – according to users – is extremely useful for avoiding being startled by the bread popping suddenly. Users also mention that the toaster is quiet and cool to the touch when in use. The toaster boasts a sleek stainless steel body, as well as a removable crumb tray and a cord wrap for easy storage.

For all its innovative advantages, there are some issues with this toaster, as mentioned by reviewers. Firstly, there are some concerns about the toaster’s size as it is not compact, as well as issues with keeping it clean, since the stainless steel body shows fingerprints easily. Another issue mentioned by users is that sometimes the bread can get caught on the toaster lip and get mangled.

The leverless design of the CPT-240 will definitely make a difference to your breakfasts, taking all the guesswork out of making toast.

The Verdict

In the impressive array of toasters that we reviewed above, there are options to suit every taste and need in the kitchen, making your mornings run smoothly and helping you enjoy your breakfast without hassle.

When it comes to specifics, we believe that the best 2-slice model is the Bakery™ Artisan Bread 2 Slice Toaster (CPT-2400) as it’s a really versatile option that lets you toast various types of breads and baked goods with great results. With its extra long slots, it can also act as a 4-slice toaster if you use regular bread, which is a definite win-win!

If your breakfast routine needs toasting 4 slices of bread at once, the 4 Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (CPT-142) is a winner, since it combines a slew of functional features but is also compact in size and very affordable. Not to mention the independent dual controls that let you make different types of toast at the same time.  

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