Kube advanced water filtration system

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Kube Advanced Water Filtration System

The Kube Advanced water filtration system is a unique under sink water filter that’s built for convenience. It’s faucet-less and has a modern design. However, the easy installation and reliable filtration performance are two of its greatest selling points.

Kinetico is a global company that manufactures water treatment systems for both residential and commercial use as well as for OEM markets. They make whole house filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and filters. The Kube Advanced water filtration system is one of their top under sink water filtration systems and below we’ve shared our review of it to help you get to know how it performs and what it offers.

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System Review

Kinetico KUBE Advanced Water Filtration System
  • Compact Design: Kube fits neatly under your sink, leaving space for cleaning supplies and other items.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Kube's Filter Life Indicator measures usage, not time, to maximize filter life.
  • Bypass Knob: Kube's convenient bypass knob allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water without shutting off the main water supply.


  • Very effective at removing lead and chlorine
  • Removes also other common contaminants
  • Large filtration capacity of 1,665 gallons 
  • You can choose between filtered and unfiltered water
  • Easy to install and to change the filters
  • Compact and has a unique and pleasant modern design
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


  • Water flow rate drops significantly over time
  • There are reports of water dripping from the fittings


The design of this Kube Advanced filtration system is quite unique and modern compared to the normal cartridge-style under sink water filters. The filters here are inserted horizontally into a special housing which keeps them out of sight – there are no filter cartridges hanging around.

The whole unit is compact, measuring 6.2” wide x 13.1 “ high x 18.5” deep. It can fit under most sinks but it’s actually longer than other under sink water filter systems, so you could be forced to place it sideways if the depth of your under sink cabinet is small.

Filtration Performance 

The Kube has been certified by the WQA and has met NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53. It also has NSF standard 372 certification which means it has been made using lead-free materials.

The system utilizes a dual-carbon filtration process which does a great job at clearing out most of the common contaminants found in municipal water. It’s able to get rid of 99% of lead and chlorine (taste and odor). 

It also removes other heavy metals like mercury, pharmaceuticals, gasoline additives (like MTBE, benzene and toluene), industrial pollutants (TCE and EDB), pesticides, and herbicides. It equally clears out microbial cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia), and particulates like sand, silt and rust. 

Users attested that the filtered water comes out clear with no smell or aftertaste. There were those that mentioned that it does have a slight aftertaste, but it does wear off within the first 10 days. 


The Kube can process up to 1,665 gallons of water before the filters require changing. It’s a larger capacity than other under sink water filters which makes the Kuber ideal for most families. One filter can last 6 to 12 months in a household of four people provided though the quality of the source water is not too bad.

The average flow rate on this system is 1.25 GPM which is decent but still you will experience about a 40% drop in pressure on the cold water line which is expected since the water goes through the filters. The biggest downside, however, is that the water flow doesn’t remain stable throughout the life of the filters. 

There are several complaints that it drops significantly after two months of using the system and continues to slow down afterwards such that it’s no longer useful for anything else other than filling a glass or teapot – this is a major issue considering that it’s connected directly to the cold water kitchen faucet

Installation and Maintenance

Installing this unit is quite straightforward. There’s no drilling of holes in the cabinet or on the drain pipe like other filter systems because the filters sit in their own case. Plus, it comes with all the things you need for the installation.

Another advantage is that it hooks up to an existing faucet underneath the sink hence it doesn’t require a secondary faucet or drilling a hole in your sink. 

Moreover, the unit comes equipped with a bypass valve which is a convenient addition as it allows  you to switch between the filtered and unfiltered water – you don’t have to shut off the main water supply or go to another tap in case you want to use the unfiltered water for something else like washing the dishes. 

The only problem is that it appears to be susceptible to leaking as there were users who reported that water tends to drip from the fittings. It’s not a wide-spread problem but it’s worth noting. 

Changing the filters is quick and easy due to their twist and lock design – you just twist the filter and pull it out to remove it, no wrenches required or crawling under the sink to access them. You won’t have to guess when to replace the filters either because the unit features a filter life indicator that displays the remaining capacity and also alerts you when a filter needs changing. 

Should you buy the Kube Advanced Filtration System?

This is a great choice for improving the taste of water and eliminating lead, and other common water contaminants. It has a bit more filtration power than most under sink water filters and offers a high filtration capacity. It’s equally a suitable choice for small families or anyone on the move. 

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