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Best Nonstick Pan: 12 models in 6 different categories


Made In Nonstick Frying Pan

Our selection for Best Overall Nonstick Frying Pan is Made In’s 10” Nonstick Frying Pan. It is less expensive than All Clad’s D5 line, but has so many similar features it is a worthwhile swap. We love that it is made in the USA and is made without the usual toxic chemicals in nonstick pans. Five ply stainless with aluminum core is great for even cooking and heating, even on induction cooktops. If you’re looking to invest in a great pan that will last, this is our choice.


Abbio Large Nonstick Frying Pan

Abbio is currently our favorite nonstick pan. 3-ply construction is enough for most of the cooking tasks, it’s sturdy, light enough to use with one hand and has very durable nonstick coating.

It’s the best value because it costs lower than Made In or other high-end brands but performs great.

Every kitchen needs a nonstick pan for quick eggs in the morning, a decadent grilled cheese or sautéing veggies with easy cleanup. There are so many to choose from, and you can truly find a pan for any budget and any need – including ceramic options to avoid the use of traditional nonstick coatings! 

When looking for a nonstick pan, keep in mind your cooking habits: is this pan for the occasional fried egg or daily scrambles? Do you need something induction compatible, oven compatible, or anything that will work for a plain electric range? Are you wanting to invest in a lifetime quality pan or just need a nonstick for camping or college? We’ve rounded up some great options for any budget!

1. ScanPan HaptIQ Fry Pan

Sale 50%
Scanpan HaptIQ Stainless Steel-Aluminum 11 Inch Fry Pan
  • Five–layer clad–aluminum construction with mirror–polished stainless steel exterior
  • Commercial–grade nonstick surface is metal–utensil safe
  • For all stovetops, including induction

ScanPan’s Stratanium coating technology provides 5 durable layers of nonstick that is guaranteed to resist scratches from metal utensils, so there is no need to coddle this pan. Made from 5 ply clad stainless and 100% recycled aluminum, it has a sturdy weight to it, even heat distribution and is induction compatible.

The thick nonstick surface is PFOA free and has a rougher texture than traditional nonstick, perfect for searing and browning while still releasing fish, eggs and other delicate foods easily, even after years of use. Reviewers said it was well worth the premium price, and is like a hybrid of the best qualities of nonstick, cast iron and multiclad cookware.


  • Multiclad stainless and recycled aluminum 
  • Compatible on all cooktops including induction
  • Can use metal utensils without scratching
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • PFOA free coating
  • Lifetime warranty


  • On the expensive side for nonstick
  • Hand wash only
  • The rough surface takes some adjustment if used to cooking with smooth nonstick
  • Cook on medium or low heat

Other options

Abbio Frying Pan 11″

There is no question that ScanPan is the most durable by far, but if it’s slightly out of budget Made In and Abbio are great alternatives, though as newer brands their long term durability has yet to be confirmed they are durable and multi-clad, therefore induction capable.  

2. Abbio Large Nonstick Frying Pan

Best value nonstick pan

Abbio Frying Pan 11″

The only nonstick skillet you’ll ever need. Abbio’s Large Nonstick Skillet is perfect for a stir fry or a delicate piece of fish. The pan is made from tri-ply steel and aluminum for even heat distribution, the ergonomic handle allows for easy maneuvering around the stove, and it’s oven safe. Abbio’s specially designed nonstick coating is the longest lasting available and will withstand years of heavy kitchen use. All Abbio products come with a high temp silicone hot pad so you can take your kitchen creations from stove top and oven to table.

While Abbio is a less well known brand of cookware, it is a great mix of affordability and quality. Part of the affordability comes from Abbio’s direct to consumer model, skipping the markups you get with a third party retailer. As a bonus, you even receive a silicone hot pad in your color of choice for free.

This pan is great value as it features tri-ply construction of stainless steel and a thick aluminum core for heat distribution and retention. Remarkably this pan is lightweight enough for sautéing with one hand despite the three layers of metal. It is roughly half the price of other clad nonstick pans offered by All-Clad or Viking, and reviewers were impressed with the quality for the price. Some even said they were going to replace their expensive All-Clad with Abbio, though with 40 years of durability behind the All-Clad name only time will tell if the Abbio lineup is a lasting alternative. 

The nonstick coating has three layers, making it durable enough for daily use- even with metal utensils. While they may scratch the coating a little, it is cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the pan’s nonstick capabilities. This pan can even cook eggs without oil! 


  • Good value for tri-clad pans
  • Induction compatible 
  • Oven safe up to 450F
  • PFOA free
  • Bonus hot pad
  • The durable coating is safe with gentle use of metal utensils


  • Newer brand, so durability over time is to be seen
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Shipping can take time, frequently backlogged
  • Can get cosmetic scratches somewhat easily

3. Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan

Best Budget nonstick pan
Starfrit The Rock 11" Fry Pan, Bakelite Handle 030936-004-0000,Black
  • 3mm Thick Aluminum Base
  • Ultra-durable Rock-like Finish: 50% Harder & 40% More Resistant To Abrasion
  • Internally reinforced nonstick coatingInternally reinforced nonstick coating

Starfrit’s The Rock line of cookware is nonstick with a rougher surface for durability while still providing an easy release for stubborn foods like eggs and meat. Many reviewers were pleased that they could even use their metal utensils on this pan without much- if any- scratching after many uses. 

With a few common sense precautions, this pan can be enjoyed for 3 or more years, which is why we chose it over competitor T-fal, which comes in a bit cheaper but experiences more flaking, scratching and warping, usually needing to be replaced after a year or two. Simply use your Starfrit over medium or low heat and wait until cooled to wash and the nonstick coating should last longer than most- in fact, it comes with a 3-year warranty on the nonstick coating itself. Starfrit also has a warp-free guarantee, so though some reviews reported warping (likely due to high heat cooking), Starfrit will replace your pan if it has been used according to instructions.

Convenience is king with this pan, simply throw it in the dishwasher or give it a quick hand wash with a kitchen sponge (no steel wool of course). Keep in mind that putting it through the dishwasher may affect the finish, but the functionality is not affected so the warranty won’t cover this. 


  • Durable nonstick finish guaranteed for 3 years
  • Works on all cooktops, though mixed reviews for induction cooktop users
  • Oven safe up to 450F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Warp free guarantee
  • Coating free of PFOAs


  • A dishwasher may affect the finish
  • Handle gets extremely hot
  • Rougher surface than traditional nonstick so requires cooking oil/butter

Other options

T-fal Experience Nonstick Fry Pan 10.5 Inch Induction Oven Safe 400F Cookware, Pots and Pans, Dishwasher Safe Black
T-fal is a go-to brand for nonstick cookware, and their T-fal Professional Total Nonstick Thermo Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan, 10.5” is extremely affordable, performs well and is easy to find. Don’t expect to get more than a year or two of nonstick ability, but it's an effective and inexpensive starter pan that is induction compatible.
Sale 38%
Tramontina 80114/535DS Professional Aluminum Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan, 10", NSF-Certified
Tramontina’s Professional Aluminum Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan is higher quality and a little more money, and their professional nonstick pans are NSF certified to professional kitchen standards. Both Tramontina and T-fal are prone to flaking and scratching if you use any utensils other than silicone,

4. Blue Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan

Best Teflon free nonstick pan
Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 10" Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue
  • Metal utensil safe, Blue Diamond’s signature diamond-infused ceramic nonstick is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional coatings
  • Diamonds are 4x more conductive than copper, so Blue Diamond heats faster and cleans up easier
  • Toxin-Free: Free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium

This “As Seen on TV” pan can easily be found online, and has impressive durability and quality for the price. It is made by The Cookware Company, which manufactures other well known ceramic brands like GreenPan.

The ceramic nonstick coating is infused with diamonds for durability and is free of toxic chemicals. The surface is actually durable enough to use metal utensils and is quite slick even without using much oil for eggs and meats. 

The materials used to make the Blue Diamond pan aren’t disclosed, but it is not a ferrous metal, so it is not induction compatible. Reviewers noted that the pan heats up really fast- in fact, so fast that the pan had a tendency to overheat unless used in a low or medium-low setting. The handle also gets extremely hot.

Ceramic coating is a great alternative if you are skeptical of Teflon or chemical-based nonstick coatings (though they have improved significantly over the years to reduce flaking, toxicity and environmental impact), but make sure you treat your ceramic pans as you would a nonstick: low to medium heat, no cold water on a hot pan, and though this pan is marketed as dishwasher safe you should ideally hand wash. 

This frying pan is a versatile 10 inches in diameter, a good size for daily use. Great for eggs with minimal oil, sautéing veggies, and because it is oven safe up to a whopping 850F you can finish off your meats with a crispy, brown crust. 


  • Claims not to use nonstick chemicals
  • Oven safe up to 850F
  • Can use metal utensils
  • Dishwasher safe, but easy to hand wash


  • Not induction compatible
  • Coating substances are not disclosed 
  • Heats up so fast that food can stick
  • Handle gets very hot

Other options

Sale 41%
GreenPan Venice Pro Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 10" Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Multi Clad, Induction, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Silver
GreenPan is a teflon-free brand also made by The Cookware Company, and their best high quality offering is their Venice Pro line. Constructed with tri-ply stainless around an aluminum core this line is induction compatible, but it costs a few times more and it is difficult to say if the coating would last longer than Blue Diamond.

Caraway Frying Pan 10.5″

Caraway is direct to consumer brand that sells ceramic cookware in beautiful colors online and is apparently induction capable though our testing has brought mixed results on induction cooktops. Both options are more expensive than Blue Diamond, so it is worth trying first.  

5. Made In Nonstick Frying Pan

Best Multiclad nonstick pan

Made In Frying Pan 11″

  • Made without PFOA
  • 5-ply construction
  • Induction compatible
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Oven safe
  • Made in the USA

While All-Clad may be the most iconic and well-loved multi-clad brand, Made In Cookware is worthy competition and is hard to beat for value when it comes to clad cookware. Their nonstick frying pan has three layers of PFOA-free coating on a 5 ply clad stainless pan with aluminum core. This means a slick cooking surface, excellent heat distribution, and induction cooktop compatibility. 

These pans aren’t cheap, but they are less expensive than their competition because of their direct to consumer model. It is made in the USA and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Reviewers compare it to All-Clad often, and some noted that they found the nonstick coating on MadeIn to be more durable than All Clad’s coating!


  • Slick nonstick coating free of PFOAs
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Induction compatible
  • 5 ply clad stainless steel with aluminum core
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA


  • Must be hand washed
  • Avoid metal utensils
  • A smaller company with smaller stock; can have long waits for items to arrive

Other options

Abbio Frying Pan 11″

Abbio is another direct to consumer clad nonstick, though it is only tri-ply clad and slightly less slick for eggs it is still quite nonstick with minimal oil.

VIKING Culinary Professional 5-Ply Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pan, 10 Inch, Ergonomic Stay-Cool Handle, Dishwasher, Oven Safe, Works on All Cooktops including Induction
Viking’s Eterna Pro 5-Ply is amazing quality clad pan with nonstick coating, but it's price isn’t necessarily justifiable for nonstick products, which will never last as long as seasoned steel pans. Unless looking to add a nonstick option to your Viking collection, it is worth trying Abbio or Made In - if you can wait for it to ship!

6. ScanPan Pro IQ 2 pc Fry Pan Set

Best Set of 2 nonstick pans
Scanpan Pro IQ 2-Piece Fry Pan Set - Includes 9.5” & 11” Fry Pans - Easy-to-Use Nonstick Cookware - Dishwasher, Metal Utensil & Oven Safe - Made by Hand in Denmark
  • NONSTICK WITHOUT COMPROMISE - Forget everything you think you know about nonstick. The SCANPAN Pro IQ Fry Pan browns, braises & deglazes like professional cookware—all on a revolutionary nonstick surface that requires little to no oil.
  • EASY TO USE - The recycled squeeze-cast aluminum construction distributes heat quickly and evenly, with no hot spots, making any cooking task a breeze. Plus, cleaning only requires soap, water, and a little effort.
  • VERSATILE - Use your Pro IQ Fry Pan on any stovetop, including induction, and get the cooking-show-worthy results you want—with or without oil! To save you space & money, it’s compatible with any 9.5” & 11” lids from any SCANPAN line.

ScanPan has one of the most durable nonstick coatings in the market, and this set is no exception. Featuring a 9” and 11” pan, this set is compatible with all cooktops including induction. It can even withstand oven temperatures of 500F. 

The pans themselves are hand-cast 100% recycled aluminum with a stainless steel impact-bonded base for eco-friendly durability. Reviewers love the value and that they can easily use metal utensils without scratching the PFOA-free coating. Dishwasher safe, though handwashing is recommended to maintain the smooth finish. 


  • The durable coating can withstand metal utensils
  • PFOA-free nonstick coating
  • 100% recycled aluminum
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Compatible on all cooktops


  • Slightly more expensive than department store brands
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher but will patina the finish

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