Anolon Advanced Review

Anolon has been manufacturing cookware for decades and they are always looking to provide the best technology to their customers. The Advanced Collection has cutting-edge features and a wide variety of cookware for all your kitchen needs. From pans and pots to griddles, dutch ovens and roasters, Anolon has the needs of the modern home cook covered. What’s more, the collection boasts a range of trendy colors and premium materials that make it truly versatile. 


Anolon’s Advance Collection cookware features hard-anodized construction that makes the items truly durable. All the items have Anolon’s signature triple-layer sapphire-reinforced nonstick coating both on the interior and exterior. This prevents food from sticking and makes clean-up super easy. Anolon claims that its nonstick cookware can be used with metal utensils. 

The cookware items also feature SureGrip handles, comfortable stainless steel handles with silicone covers that are really sturdy and ergonomic. The collection’s lids are made from tempered glass that helps monitor the food while it cooks. Finally, all items in the Advanced Collection are oven safe up to 400°F.  

Quality and Durability 

Anolon places great importance on the quality and durability of its items, and that is why the company offers a lifetime warranty. The items in the Advanced Collection are well-made and use premium materials, something that customers are appreciating. Customers are especially fond of the triple-layer nonstick coating, signing its praises as it does make the pots and pans really easy to clean. 

Despite the really good reviews for the products, there are some customers who are not so impressed: they mention that while the products are advertised as safe to use with metal utensils, this is not, in fact, the case. The nonstick coating does scratch and there were also some issues with warping.  

Colors and sets 

The Advanced Collection cookware items come in many shapes and sizes, which means you are likely to find exactly what you need. The Collection also features a few sets -mostly with 11 pieces each- that are great for equipping a new kitchen or if you like to have matching cookware.

The Advanced Collection items also come in a variety of trendy colors, including Umber, Bronze, Graphite, Onyx, and Indigo. 


  • Wide variety of items in the collection
  • Triple-layer nonstick coating that makes the items easy to clean
  • Oven safe up to 400°F.
  • Affordable


  • Not safe to use with metal utensils as advertised 
  • Not suitable for induction hobs 
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Notable Picks from the collection

  • Advanced Straining Saucepan: a really versatile small saucepan that can be used in so many ways. It has the signature Anolon triple-layer nonstick coating, along with a spout for pouring and a straining lid. 
  • Advanced Frying Pan Set: the signature nonstick coating is present in this set of pans as well, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. The pans come in practical sizes to suit every need in the kitchen and they also have high sides that make them even more versatile.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 


All in all, most customers really like the products in the Advanced collection, for their practicality, ease of cooking and cleaning and variety. Despite some issues with durability, this collection comes with good sizes and shapes for the cookware and the items are versatile and affordable. 

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